Links to other VHD Sites

Places to Discuss VHD

Unfortunately, most of these sites are currently inactive.

     E-mail lists The oldest VHD e-mail discussion list.
The Vampire Hunter D (formerly a Yahoo Club), also for discussion
VampireHunterD_Pics, for sharing graphics
VHD_Fanfic for posting and discussing Vampire Hunter D fanfiction

The LiveJournal VHD Community
      Comunity Information page

Big, Multi-Universe Fan Fic and Fan Art Sites

Media Miner Fanfic page Click on Anime/Manga, V, Vampire Hunter D, or click here for a direct link to the VHD page. includes adult/NC-17 fanfic. In the Anime section, click on S to Z and scroll to Vampire Hunter D.

Fanlisting Site

Star+Crossed, a Meier and Charlotte fanlisting.

Major Japanese Vampire Hunter D Sites

Unknown-san's D-Nix has a variety of information in Japanese, or go direct to the fan art ("gift") section. Worth checking out for the fan art even if you can't read Japanese.

VHD2000 character designer and animation director Yutaka Minowa lists merchandise related to the movie Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust at There are no images or links to information on most items (which are listed in Japanese). The page does include some links.

General English-Language Vampire Hunter D Sites

The Vampire Hunter D Vault of Knowledge
Sailor Raven's site has a little of everything, including an FAQ, images, fan fiction, and several Winamp skins (just download them into your Winamp's "skins" directory).

ghostfire has created a beautiful site, city of distant stars, devoted to Meier and Charlotte. See the lovely fan art. Read the eloquent descriptions. ("Charlotte and Meier, your love is safe here, and will be until the last of the distant stars vanishes into the night.") More of her excellent art is at ghostfire's site.

The City of the Barbarois includes fan art (with credits to source sites), images, .avi and .wav files from VHD1985, information about the Playstation game (including a walkthrough with Gameshark codes and some useful hints!).

Fanfic and Fan Art Sites

Sites by L. S. Teneshi:
      Fanfic: Vampire Hunter D Stories
      Fan art: Vampire Hunter D Artwork.

Roleplay Sites

Lonesome Travels: The Hunters of Darkness PBeM RPG, gamemastered by Samael.

Miscellaneous Sites

"File 14", owned by Stephanie G. Folse, includes a page on her Charlotte Elbourne costume worn at A-Kon 2001.

Make your own fabric D doll! There are separate pages for the body and the clothes.

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