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Official Sites

Vampire Hunter D Blog. Sponsored by Digital Manga Publishing. Includes news about the Vampire Hunter D manga, as well as publicity about author Hideyuki Kikuchi and manga creator Saiko Takaki.

Urban Vision Entertainment re-released the original VHD OAV in January 2000 on VHS and as a special edition DVD in October 2000. The second movie, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, was released on VHS and DVD on Februrary 12, 2002.

The official U.S. site for Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust has lots of goodies, including several image galleries.

Web Ring, Fanlistings

The Web ring Circle of Slayers is open to all vampire slayer fandoms.

Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting. Get added to a list of proud fans of Vampire Hunter D!

Star+Crossed, a Meier and Charlotte fanlisting.

Places to Discuss VHD

     E-mail lists The oldest and most active VHD e-mail discussion list.
The Vampire Hunter D (formerly a Yahoo Club), also for discussion
VampireHunterD_Pics, for sharing graphics
VHD_Fanfic for posting and discussing Vampire Hunter D fanfiction

     Message boards

Vampire Hunter D forum hosted by Digital Manga Publishing. Discuss all topics related to Vampire Hunter D.

Urban Vision Official Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Forum hosted by ezboards

Talk to the Hand, hosted by Midnightingale

The LiveJournal VHD Community
      Comunity Information page
      Community posts
You must be a LiveJournal member to post in this community.

     Chat Room

Vampire Hunter D Chat, sponsored by Midnightingale

Big, Multi-Universe Fan Fic and Fan Art Sites

Media Miner Fanfic page

Media Miner Fan Art page. In the Browse Anime/Manga box, click the arrow and scroll to Vampire Hunter D or Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Click on Anime, Vampire Hunter D, or click here for a direct link to the VHD page. Note that you must click on the "Rated K -> T" box arrow and select "Fiction Rating: All" in order to see all fanfics in the universe. Click on Anime, Vampire Hunter D. includes adult/NC-17 fanfic. In the Anime/Cartoon section, scroll to Vampire Hunter D.

Major Japanese Vampire Hunter D Sites

Hideyuki Kikuchi Fan Club site.

Unknown-san's D-Nix has a variety of information in Japanese, or go direct to the fan art ("gift") section. Worth checking out for the fan art even if you can't read Japanese.

You can see covers of the Vampire Hunter D novels published to date at Amanote. If you are not using a Japanese-friendly browser, click on the third item on the left. This site has many other works by Amano as well.

VHD2000 character designer and animation director Yutaka Minowa lists merchandise related to the movie Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust at There are no images or links to information on most items (which are listed in Japanese). The page does include some links.

Translation Sites

Babelfish will translate Japanese web pages or pasted-in text. Note that it works only with "text as text" Japanese — not Japanese text displayed as graphics.

The translator at will also translate Japanese to English. Select the lower area in the small middle box, paste the Japanese text into the big window on the left, and click the square button in the middle.

Because of limitations that my own Real Life places on me, the VHD Archives links pages will probably stay limited to only a few distinctive sites. However, if you'd like me to consider adding a link, please submit it.

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