Vampire Hunter D Archives: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this the "official" VHD site?

A: No. Rights to Vampire Hunter D are owned by Hideyuki Kikuchi (author of the Vampire Hunter D novels), Asahi Sonorama, EPIC/Sony, Studio Madhouse, and other entities.

Q: Is there a VHD comic book (manga)?

A: Yes! Saiko Takaki is adapting the VHD novels into manga. These are being published in a number of languages, including English. See the Vampire Hunter D Manga page of this site for more information.

Q: Are the Vampire Hunter D novels available in English?

A: Yes. Kevin Leahy's translations of novels are being published by Dark Horse. More information is on the Vampire Hunter D novels in English page.

Q: Is there a Vampire Hunter D TV series?

A: One is the the works! Plans for Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection were announced July 2, 2015, at Anime Expo. US-based Unified Pictures and Japan-based Digital Frontier are collaborating on it, with the approval of author Hideyuki Kikuchi. Anime News Network published an interview with Unified Pictures' Kurt Rauer and Scott McLean regarding the project.

Q: How can I tell which version of the first VHD movie is which?

A: Vampire Hunter D (VHD1985) was originally released on VHS and laserdisc by Streamline in 1992, and subsequently by Orion Home Video on VHS. Manga Video released the movie on VHS in the UK and Europe (using the PAL broaadcast standard). Urban Vision used original art on the cover of its VHS and DVD releases of VHD1985.

Here are images of earlier VHS English-language releases. Click the thumbnail or the caption to see a larger image.

Original Streamline release

Orion Home Video

Manga Video (UK and Europe)

Urban Vision release, subtitled version

This movie has also been released in other languages, including French and Italian.

Q: What language(s) do the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (VHD2000) DVDs include?

A: Only an English-language version has been released in America. Japanese (Region 2) DVD releases have included both Japanese and English languages. The original Japanese release was English-language only. A Japanese-language Japanese DVD was released in 2003. A boxed Japanese "Perfect Collection," including English-language and Japanese-language versions on separate DVDs, as well as a DVD of extras was released in February 2004.

Q: Is there a blu-ray version of these movies?

A: Sentai Filmworks has released VHD1985 on DVD and blu-ray. Discotek Media has released VHD2000 on DVD and blu-ray, dubbed in English only. (According to an announcement at Anime News Network, the licensor will not permit release of the Japanese-language version outside Japan.)

Q: Where can I buy the Japanese VHD novels?

A: Any Japanese bookstore will special-order them for you. If you can understand Japanese, you can probably get them cheaper from Amazon Japan.

Some anime merchandise stores can also special-order the novels. Try asking your local anime merchandise source or web-based anime retailers.

Q: What about a Vampire Hunter D video game?

A: A VHD video game for the original Playstation was released in Japan on December 9, 1999. It has been released in the UK, Europe, and the USA. See the Miscellaneous Merchandise page for more information.

Q: A roleplaying game?

A: See the roleplay sites section on the More Links page.

Q: Where can I talk about VHD?

A: See the "Places to Discuss VHD" section on the Links page.

Q: Is the maintainer of this site also the owner of the e-mail discussion list

A: No. That list is owned by Edward Toy, who created it.

Q: May I use pictures from this site?

A: Please try other sources first. The older images are poor quality and have been used on many other web sites (and on bootleg merchandise!). Many of the newer images have been difficult and expensive to get, and I would like them to be a distinctive feature of this site. That goes double for the doujinshi images.

If you still want to use images from this site, please e-mail me, Catherine B. Krusberg, to ask permission.

If you wish to use fan art from this site, please contact the creator. Where possible, I have included contact information with fan art.

Q: May I use reviews, fiction, or other content from this site?

A: All written content of this site is copyrighted by its creator. If you would like to use any written content of this site, please ask the writer's permission. Most material includes contact information for its creator. If a creator is not indicated, assume that it was written by me, site maintainer Catherine B. Krusberg. Please ask my permission if you would like to use it.

Q: So where did all these pictures come from?

A: Various places. Some are scanned from anime magazines or other publications. The jacket art from the novels was scanned from the jackets of the novels (surprise!). Parr, who created this site, grabbed some right off the TV screen with her Snappy Video Capture System. Most pages with images from the new movie also include the source of the image.

Q: Can I link to your site / will you link to mine?

A: Feel free to link to this site. I don't have time to maintain the links page as well as I would like and will probably link mostly to sites with relatively hard-to-find content.

Q: Who's responsible for this site, anyway?

A: The site is maintained by Catherine B. Krusberg (sometimes aka The Certifiable Vampire Hunter D Fanatic).

It is hosted by

The original Vampire Hunter D Archives site was created by Parr Hesia, who had to stop maintaining it because of health problems and schedule conflicts.

The images contained within are copyright by their respective owners.
No infringement on the rights of Hideyuki Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Amano,
Asahi Sonorama, the Vampire Hunter D Production Committee,
Studio Madhouse, Urban Vision Entertainment,
or any other entity is intended.
The sole purpose of this archive is to foster interest in Vampire Hunter D.

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