Vampire Hunter D Archives: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this the "official" VHD site?

A: No. Rights to Vampire Hunter D are owned by Hideyuki Kikuchi (author of the Vampire Hunter D novels), Asahi Sonorama, EPIC/Sony, Studio Madhouse, Urban Vision Entertainment, and probably other entities I'm unaware of.

Q: Is there a VHD comic book (manga)?

A: Yes! Saiko Takaki is adapting the VHD novels into manga. These are being published in a number of languages, including English. See the Vampire Hunter D Manga page of this site for more information.

Q: Are the Vampire Hunter D novels available in English?

A: Yes. Kevin Leahy's translations of novels are being published by DH Press. As information becomes available, it is posted to and added to this site. Check the Vampire Hunter D novels in English page for anticipated dates of publication and other information.

Q: Is there a second Vampire Hunter D movie?

A: Yes. Vampire Hunter D (2000), aka Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, was shown at film festivals throughout 2000; it had its official theatrical release in Japan on April 21, 2001, and in the US on August 24, 2001. It has been released on VHS and DVD in Japan, the USA, and Australia.

The official US web site for this movie is Check it out for images, production info, a discussion forum, and more!

The Japanese web site for the movie,, became inactive as of August 30, 2004.

We have a page devoted to the second movie with links to screen captures and more.

Q: Where can I get official news about Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust?

A: Check out the "News" section at the the Urban Vision Entertainment site.

A good source of unofficial news is the e-mail discussion list I try to make the VHD Archives a good source of news also, but I don't update the site often as I would like.

Q: Where can I buy the original VHD movie? I can't find it locally.

A: In January 2000 Urban Vision re-released the original (1985) movie on VHS in subtitled and dubbed formats. The dub is the original Streamline dub; the subtitled version is a new translation but uses the Streamline print, complete with original Streamline credits. If you have trouble getting this title locally, check out the links to retailers at Urban Vision's site.

Urban Vision has also released the original VHD on a "special edition" DVD that includes a number of cool extras: "making of" footage for the original movie (contrary to the hype, it is not "never before seen"; it was included with a Japanese VHS release of the movie), trailers for the 1985 movie and the new movie, a teaser for the Playstation game, and a much-too-small Amano art gallery.

The original Streamline release of VHD is often offered for auction at the online auction site eBay. If you are looking for a particular edition, investigate carefully. The Streamline VHD was released in at least three different packages: the original version from Streamline Pictures; the Orion Home Video version; and the version released by Manga video in Europe (using the PAL broadcast standard).

Here are images of different VHS English-language releases. Click on the thumbnail or the caption to see a larger image.

Original Streamline release

Orion Home Video

Manga Video (UK and Europe)

Urban Vision release, subtitled version

Non-English-language editions have also been released, including French and Italian.

Availability of the Urban Vision subtitled version means that fansubs of the original VHD will no longer be available, since ethical fansubbers (yeah, yeah, some people say that's an oxymoron) don't compete with legal releases. If you don't know what fansubs are, a good source of information is Particularly recommended is "The Fansub World," which includes an excellent FAQ (in both HTML and ASCII formats) about the pros and cons of the wonderful world of fansubs.

Q: Where can I get the second movie?

A: The USA release to home video (VHS and DVD formats) was on February 12, 2002. It is available from many retailers. There are also Japanese-release (Region 2) DVDs. A Japanese "Perfect Collection," including English-language and Japanese-language versions, as well as a DVD of extras, was released in February 2004. More information on the movie itself is on the Second Movie page.

Many bootleg versions of this title are also available. For reasons to avoid buying them, check out Anime Digital's The Pirate Anime FAQ.

Q: What language(s) do the VHD2000/VHD: Bloodlust DVDs include?

A: Only an English-language version has been released in America. Japanese (Region 2) DVD releases have included both Japanese and English languages. The original Japanese release was English-language only. A Japanese-language Japanese DVD was released in 2003. The boxed perfect collection includes Japanese and English languages on separate DVDs.

Q: Where can I buy VHD merchandise?

A: More information is on links at the merchandise page.

Q: Where can I buy the Japanese VHD novels?

A: Any Japanese bookstore will special-order them for you. I have bought quite a few from Sasuga Japanese Bookstore, where you can order many titles through the web. I have also had favorable reports of Kinokuniya. Most of the novels are available from AnimeNation. If you can understand Japanese, you can probably get them cheaper from Amazon Japan.

Some anime merchandise stores can also special-order the novels. Try asking your local anime merchandise source.

Q: Are there other Vampire Hunter D movies or series episodes?

A: No. The OAV series Vampire Hunter (also known as Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge) is sometimes confused with Vampire Hunter D because of the similar titles. The universes and characters are not related.

Q: What about a Vampire Hunter D video game?

A: A VHD video game for the original Playstation was released in Japan on December 9, 1999. It has been released in the UK, Europe, and the USA. See the Miscellaneous Merchandise page for more information.

Q: A roleplaying game?

A: See the roleplay sites section on the More Links page.

Q: Where can I talk about VHD?

A: See the "Places to Discuss VHD" section on the Links page.

Q: Is the maintainer of this site also the owner of the e-mail discussion list

A: No. That list is owned by Edward Toy, who created it.

Q: May I use pictures from this site?

A: Please try other sources first. The older images are poor quality and have been used on many other web sites (and on bootleg merchandise!). Many of the newer images have been difficult and expensive to get, and I would like them to be a distinctive feature of this site. That goes double for the doujinshi images.

High-quality authorized images are available from the Urban Vision site. Some sites have used screen capture software to obtain excellent images from the movies and the Playstation game, or have scanned them from various paper sources. Check out the Links and More Links pages for sites with some great images.

If you still want to use images from this site, please e-mail me, Cathy Krusberg, to ask permission.

If you wish to use fan art from this site, please contact the creator. Where possible, I have included contact information with fan art.

Q: May I use reviews, fiction, or other content from this site?

A: All written content of this site is copyrighted by its creator. If you would like to use any written content of this site, please ask the writer's permission. Most material includes contact information for its creator. If a creator is not indicated, assume that it was written by me, site maintainer Cathy Krusberg. Please ask my permission if you would like to use it.

Q: So where did all these pictures come from?

A: Various places. Some are scanned from anime magazines or other publications. The jacket art from the novels was scanned from the jackets of the novels (surprise!). Parr, who created this site, grabbed some right off the TV screen with her Snappy Video Capture System. Most pages with images from the new movie also include the source of the image.

Q: Can I link to your site / will you link to mine?

A: Feel free to link to this site. I don't have time to maintain the links pages as well as I would like and will probably link mostly to sites with relatively hard-to-find content.

Q: Who's responsible for this site, anyway?

A: The site is maintained by Cathy Krusberg (aka The Certifiable Vampire Hunter D Fanatic).

It is hosted by

The original Vampire Hunter D Archives site was created by Parr Hesia, who had to stop maintaining it because of health problems and schedule conflicts.

The images contained within are copyright by their respective owners.
No infringement on the rights of Hideyuki Kikuchi, Yoshitaka Amano,
Asahi Sonorama, the Vampire Hunter D Production Committee,
Studio Madhouse, Urban Vision Entertainment,
or any other entity is intended.
The sole purpose of this archive is to foster interest in Vampire Hunter D.

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