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Much of the information and a number of images related to merchandise were furnished by Kevin Leahy. Thanks, Kevin!

Where can I get new merchandise?

Sources of new VHD merchandise include:

AnimeNation will special-order most of the VHD novels and a number of other related books. They sometimes stock VHD merchandise also.

Animate USA. (On hiatus as of June 2004.)

House of Anime. Some merchandise is not licensed (i.e., bootleg).

For books, another good source is Sasuga Japanese Bookstore, where you can order many titles through the web. I have also had favorable reports of Kinokuniya. If you can read Japanese, check out Amazon Japan.

Some other sources of merchandise are listed with merchandise descriptions. I will add links to sources as I learn about them.

Where can I get discontinued merchandise?

Merchandise that is not commercially available — out-of-production items, and promotional items that were never actually offered for sale — can be found not only on U.S. auction sites such as eBay, but on Yahoo Japan Auctions. If you wish to bid on items offered on Yahoo Japan Auctions, bidding deputy services will deal with Japanese sellers on your behalf. Some of these services will purchase from stores or other online auction sites as well as Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Bidding services:

Shop around and compare to see which fits your needs best. At the moment, Rinkya is the only service that allows viewing of completed auctions: paste in the URL at

You can use these links to search Yahoo Japan auctions for the phrases kyuuketsuki hantaa D, banpaia hantaa D, vanpaia hantaa D, banpaiya hantaa D, vanpaiya hantaa D, Hantaa D, and Amano Yoshitaka. Searches for "Vampire Hunter D" on bidding services may give different results.

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