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An interview with Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi appeared in the July 2010 issue of Previews. Images of the two-page item were scanned by Sean at Tyche's Games. If you are on a slow connection, be warned that each image is about 1.7 MB.

      Kikuchi interview, page 1       Kikuchi interview, page 2

Reviews of VHD novels by Kevin Leahy.

      Novels 1-7 plus "Kurai Nokutaan"      Novels 8-11      Novels 12-15 and short stories

Reviews of the VHD Books-on-Tape by Kevin Leahy. The earlier VHD novels were released in audiotape versions. Read about some of them here!

Other Reviews

Yoshitaka Amano Art Book Vampire Hunter "D".
The Yoshitaka Amano artbook Kan'oke.
The Yoshitaka Amano Vampire Hunter D art CD-ROM.

Kevin Leahy's reports on Hideyuki Kikuchi's "Talk Live" get-togethers include information on the new movie and other fascinating D-related topics:
June 1999
September 1999
December 1999
February 2000
May 2000
September 2001
December 2001
July 2002
September 2002
February 2003
May 2003
July 2003
October 2003
July 2005
November 2005 ("D Day")
December 2007


VHD script The Dayton Animation Club's translation of the VHD script that was distributed with the original Japanese laserdisc.


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