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The Art of Vampire Hunter D

This is a 56-page hardcover book of images from the second Vampire Hunter D movie. (Don't believe the publicity that says it contains concept images. It doesn't.) See publisher IDW's page on The Art of Vampire Hunter D for sample pages.

Posters and T-shirts with two different images have been licensed by Urban Vision. Thumbnails of the posters are shown at left. The T-shirts have the same artwork but less text. One source for the T-shirts and the D closeup poster is Right Stuf.

D mini-bust

Meier mini-bust

Leila mini-bust

D statue

Meier & Charlotte

Mini-busts of Meier, D, and Leila designed by Susumu Sugita have been produced by Hardpac. All three busts were offered in regular and signed editions. (Thanks to Mark Moore for the VHD bust scan and to Crystal for the Meier bust scan.)

Kotobukiya has released statues of D and of Meier and Charlotte, both sculpted by Kenji Ando. (Images are from the statues' boxes.) These are available from U.S. retailers and Japanese sources, including Hobbylink Japan. Images can be viewed at Kotobukiya, aka Koto, Inc. The D statue is also available as a kit; one source is HobbyFan.

This wall relief of D designed by Susumu Sugita was listed in the November 2002 issue of Diamond's publication Previews. It is 11 inches high, with a suggested retail price of $99.99. (Thanks to Laura at Tyche's Games for the scan from Previews!)

Epoch has released action figures of D and Leila (with her bike). The figures are about seven inches high and are extremely poseable; Leila can ride her bike, which has a rolling wheel. The D and Leila figures are available as a set of two from Entertainment Earth. They also sometimes show up on eBay.

In addition to the regular figures, there are variant figures (one of each per case of 12): "Bloodlust D" with bared fangs and "Battle-Damaged  Leila" with bandaged torso. Figures.com has great information and images of these figures, including the variants. Point to the News menu, click on "All Categories," and in the scroll box, choose Epoch and click "go." Closeup images of the variants are on the 8/21/2002 update. Sellers don't always realize that they have a variant, particularly of Leila. Look for the extra-long visible neck and the communicator on her face. Regular Leila lacks the communicator.

A twelve-inch action figure of D was released by Epoch in mid 2003.

Suncoast gave away a VHD:B cybercel with pre-orders for the VHD:B DVD. These cybercels sometimes appear on eBay.

A big thanks to ghostfire for the figure images from the DVD and the cyber cel scan!

At the 2001 Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con, Urban Vision gave away promotional items and sold merchandise in conjunction with VHD: Bloodlust. Promotional items included six collector cards (front and back images), keychains, and mini-posters of the U.S. theatrical poster. Items for sale included T-shirts, the official theatrical poster, imported key art posters of the Japanese theatrical movie poster, and imported postcard sets. (Source: http://umjams.animedream.org/an.html) The Urban Vision keychain (U.S. logo in clear plastic) should not be confused with the Japanese keyholder (cross or sword and coffin). A special postcard and other promotional items were also available at the official U.S. theatrical premiere.

In 2001 Urban Vision sent a cool promotional Christmas postcard (front and back images), to folks who entered the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust trivia contests. (Thanks to Kay for scanning this!)

At the 2004 San Diego Comic Con Urban Vision distributed a 24" x 18" VHD:B poster with art by VHD:B character designer Yutaka Minowa and an inflatable red VHD:B beach ball. (Artist for the poster was previously incorrectly identified as Geof Darrow [The Matrix]. Sorry, Mr. Minowa!)

English-language publications with articles on VHD2000 include Animerica vol. 9, no. 1 and Protoculture Addicts 63. These may be available from AnimeNation.

Discontinued U.S. merchandise

Diamond's publication Previews in April 2001 solicited a black VHD:B T-shirt. The art shows the influence of the VHD video game. This T-shirt has been sold through comics shops and other outlets.

The official "fan appreciation" merchandise available through a link at the official VHD: Bloodlust site has been discontinued. Here is an image of the Cafe Press fan appreciation merchandise.

A hard-to-find postcard promoting the new movie. This image is of one signed by director Yoshiaki Kawajiri and character designer Yutaka Minowa.

Goods from Japan

The Japanese Warner Mycal Cinema chain raffled off a special limited edition of the D statue by Kotobukiya. On the special edition, D's cape had a red lining. I don't know if there were other differences. The "red lining" edition has shown up in at least one box that supposedly contained the regular version.

A special-event "blood" edition of the D action figure was released only in Japan. D has a red-lined cape and the "Bloodlust" face, and his pedestal has streaks of red.

Some other merchandise, mostly discontinued, that is available only in Japan can be viewed at ishop .

Various goods were released in conjunction with the second movie's theatrical release in Japan:

Playstation game re-release, soundtrack CD
phone strap, key holder, poster, postcard set,
phone card/pin set, phone card, Zippo lighter and package

Here are a images of some items. Click on the link or the thumbnail to see a larger version. The Zippo lighter is shown with its packaging. The postcard set consists of three postcards and a cover image.

  Phone strap  

  Key holder  

  Zippo lighter  

  Postcard set  

The following Japanese anime publications include articles related to VHD2000:

The May 2001 issue of AX (also known as Sony AX) includes a DVD with the Urban Vision version of the trailer for the new movie (not the Japanese version). Note that this DVD is REGION 2 -- it will not work in regular USA DVD players. This issue also has a nice illustrated article on the movie.

Other Japanese anime magazines with coverage include:

Newtype April 2001 cover article
Animage April 2001 cover article

Newtype May 2001 cover article
This issue also has a some nifty character designs. Here is the image labeled in English. Left to right and top to bottom (more or less) are: D; Carmila; Carmila (full figure); Charlotte; Leila; Kyle; Alan Elbourne; Meier Link; Leila; Polk jii-san (old man/grandfather Polk); Nolt; Mashira (werewolf); Grove; John Elbourne; Benge; Caroline; Mashira (in werewolf form); Borgoff; Old man of Barbarois; "Vampire Hunter D."

Animage May 2001cover
Stills 1
Stills 2
Publicity image

Animedia May 2001 also has a two-page spread on the movie.

Issues of these magazines may be available from AnimeNation.

Soundtrack, "Vampire Hunter D"

The first pressing of this soundtrack, AVCA-14161, is now out of print. The standard version, AVCA-14214, is still available. Possible sources include CD Japan, Game Music Online, and AnimeNation.

VHD2000 soundtrack first pressing liner notes image.

Do As Infinity has recorded a single that includes their theme for the movie, "Tooku made" ("Going Far Away"), AVCD-30241. It includes four tracks: 1) Tooku made, 2) Signal, 3) Tooku made (instrumental version), and 4) Signal (instrumental version). (The instrumental versions are karaoke versions, not different arrangements.) "Signal" is music for a shampoo commercial.

Anime Lyrics has a transliteration of the "Tooku Made" lyrics. Akiko from Japan has kindly provided a translation of these lyrics. Thanks, Akiko!

The "soundtrack album version" of "Tooku Made" is shorter than the version that plays over the credits on the Japanese version of the movie. The transliterated lyrics at animelyrics.com and Akiko's translation are of the longer version.

A 20-page theater pamphlet, aka souvenir program, in extra-large format (365 x 257mm / 14.6 x 10.3 inches) also was offered at theaters showing the new movie. It includes stills from the movie and images of Japanese production personnel.

Storyboards book:

Director Yoshiaki Kawajiri's complete illustrated continuity of the new movie, 648 pages, 2,476 yen, ISBN 4257036338. This can probably be ordered from any Japanese bookstore, and is also available as a special order item from Anime Nation (which calls it "Vampire Hunter D Conte Book"). The title is "Kawajiri Yoshiaki Banpaia Hantaa D e konte shuu." In addition to many, many storyboard pix, it has designs for characters, objects, and settings, and even a few full-color backgrounds.

Although it is a guide to the VHD Playstation game, the Vampire Hunter D/Banpaia Hantaa D kyuukyokuhon ("ultimate book") has designs for the new movie -- not only characters but D's horse, Meier's carriage, the Markus clan's tank, and Leila's monocycle. There are of course also picures of some of the critters D has to defeat in the game, architectural-looking designs for gameplay areas, and screen shots of the game and maps of various areas. And at the front is a fold-out of the coolest poster of D on his horse!

The kyuukyokuhon is 95 pages, the first 18 of which are devoted to character-design-type stuff. It is of course all in Japanese. The publisher's name has eluded my best efforts to interpret the kanji, and for that matter, Amazon Japan is convinced that it is published by Best Geemu Kouryaku Series. ISBN is 4-584-16513-0, cover price is 1300 yen; my copy special-ordered from Sasuga Bookstore set me back a cool $20.80. It is also available from AnimeNation, which calls it "Vampire Hunter D Ultimate Book."

Information on the "dokuhon," a guide to the VHD universe and more, is now on the Miscellaneous Merchandise page.

The book Mad about Madhouse (Japan: Oakbook, 2001; ISBN 4-87278-769-2; 2800 yen) includes eleven color pages of stills from the new movie. The first few pages of the book are in color; most of it is devoted to interviews and descriptions of movies from Studio Madhouse. The text is entirely in Japanese. An image of the cover is at the DMD (formerly Books Nippan) web site. The book is available from AnimeNation.

The Playstation game re-release (Victor Horror Collection: Vampire Hunter D) is available from NCSX. Please note that this is a Japanese game and will not work on an unmodified American Playstation. Information on the regular VHD Playstation game is on the Miscellaneous Merchandise page.

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