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Audio Drama Collection Vampire Hunter D

Asahi Sonorama, publisher of the VHD novels, has released a boxed set of five audio drama CD adaptations of the novels. These are the same audio dramas that were originally released as audiocassettes: adaptations of Kaze Tachite D, D—Yousatsukou, and D—Hokkaimakou (one work on three CDs). The set includes a booklet (with a new D story!) and an "art cloth" with a painting of D by Yoshitaka Amano. The box itself also features Amano art. An image is at the publisher's official page.

Hobbyfan is offering a VHD bust kit for preorder.


Asahi Sonorama has published a VHD dokuhon, a guide to the world of Vampire Hunter D: A5 size, 207 pages, ISBN 4-257-03546-3; 1,143 yen. The official title is "Kyuuketsuki Hantaa D doku hon," and it is of course entirely in Japanese. It contains:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at how Mr. Kikuchi writes the books
  • A large glossary of characters and items that appear in the series (including a few explanations of where they were borrowed from)
  • Commentary on the series by critics and essayists
  • Several VHD short stories: "D—Armageddon," from Maten; "D—Portrait of Ixobel" from Kan'oke; "D—Village in the Fog" from Yoshitaka Amano Art Book Vampire Hunter "D"; a story Mr. Kikuchi gave away at the Talk Live New Year's party this past December; plus a special new short piece
  • a discussion between Mr. Kawajiri and Mr. Kikuchi
  • a color section in the middle of the book, devoted to highlights from VHD2000 and an article by Kevin Leahy on recent vampire movies, with lots of color pics from Buffy, Blade, Vampire$, Captain Kronos, etc.
Kevin's article is titled "Dorakyura no D, danpiru no D / D for Dracula, D for Dhampir." Note that "dhampir" is spelled correctly. Score one for the good guys!

Ren Manalang has scanned a few sample pages of the dokuhon.

Information about the Playstation game

On December 9, 1999, Victor Interactive Software released — in Japan — a Vampire Hunter D Playstation game related to the forthcoming Vampire Hunter D movie. The game has been released in Europe and the U.K., and was released in the U.S. by Jaleco in September 2000. Victor also released a special "VIctor Horror Collection" Japanese edition of the game.

Game FAQs offers a long walkthrough/FAQ, mini-FAQ, Game Shark codes, a review, and more. Be warned that the FAQs contain a few inaccuracies, such as saying that the second movie was released in Japan in 1999, and that the novels are a trilogy. But the walkthrough/FAQ does call D a dhampir. ^_^

Merchandise Related to the Playstation Game

Victor Software has released a stunning poster for the Playstation game. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

A publicity poster for the American Playstation game has also been released. It is apparently a promotional item that was given away. This has also shown up on eBay. It has substantially the same art as full-page ads for the game that appeared in some video game magazines.

There is also a Japanese guide to the VHD Playstation game, the Vampire Hunter D/Banpaia Hantaa D kyuukyokuhon ("ultimate book"). Because it has character designs for the new movie, it is described more fully on the new movie merchandise page. It includes a fold-out version of the Victor Software poster.

I have been told that there is also an English-language strategy guide for the Playstation game, but I have no further information on this item.

Unofficial Merchandise

Unlicensed VHD wall scrolls and posters are available from various dealers. These items often show up on eBay. Be aware that some of the posters labelled Vampire Hunter D are not depictions of D. Wallscroll HC101 is "Albino Warrior" by Yoshitaka Amano (probably Elric); HC102 is "Temptation" by Yoshitaka Amano; B95 is "Flowers and the Knight" by Yoshitaka Amano — note that the hat doesn't have D's trademark decoration.

A 2003 Japanese-style calendar featuring works by Yoshitaka Amano. It covers November 2002 through December 2003 and has seven images by Amano.

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