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Yoshitaka Amano Merchandise

Many items of VHD merchandise are not tied specifically to either movie but are based on work by Yoshitaka Amano, the artist who created the "look" of Vampire Hunter D. So much merchandise has been created based on Mr. Amano's work that I will probably never learn about all of it.

Yoshitaka Amano: The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D

Slated for release from Dark Horse as a slipcased trade paperback October 24, 2007, 392 pages, $29.95. This collection of paintings, line drawings, and photographed works by Amano is for the most part a reprint of Yoshitaka Amano Art Book Vampire Hunter "D", published in Japan in 2000. This book will also include Kevin Leahy's translation of a VHD short story by Hideyuki Kikuchi, "A Village in Fog," available in English nowhere else.

Coffin: The Art of Vampire Hunter D

Released in October 2006 by DH Press, this is a reprint of Yoshitaka Amano's VHD artbook Kan'oke. Printed in Japanese and English, it features 113 images in black and white and 72 in color, as well as Hideyuki Kikuchi's Vampire Hunter D story "Portrait of Ixobel." This is a slipcased softcover edition priced at $39.95 -- far more affordable than its Japan-published counterpart. Full information is available at the DH Press page on Coffin.

Imaginatorium carries many jigsaw puzzles from Japan, including those based on works by Yoshitaka Amano. Some of these feature Vampire Hunter D. Imaginatorium will also special-order puzzles from Japan.

Two postcard books (16 postcards plus chibi D stickers) by Yoshitaka Amano.

"Kyuuketsuki Hantaa D 1 posutokaado bukku"; "Kyuuketsuki Hantaa D 2 posutokaado bukku." Book 1: ISBN 4257769920; Book 2: ISBN 4257769939; 952 yen each. These are not the same as the postcard set promoting the new movie. Since they have ISBNs, they can probably be obtained through any Japanese bookstore. The publisher has hinted that supplies of this book are limited.

Here are images of Postcard Book 1 and Postcard Book 2.

"Nightmare" from Kotobukiya. This figure is based on Yoshitaka Amano's painting "Swordsman in Sable." The figure has been available as a resin kit, a vinyl kit, and an assembled, painted resin figure. It appears from time to time on eBay.

Mr. Amano has published two art books of Vampire Hunter D works. Kan'oke was released in 1997 and was reprinted in December 2000. It is big, elaborate, expensive, and once again out of print. :-( (Note, however, that it has been reprinted for USA distribution as Coffin from DH Press.) Kan'oke is reviewed here. In 2000 Yoshitaka Amano Art Book Vampire Hunter "D" was released; it is a thick, slipcased paperback with lots of pictures - many of them also in Kan'oke, but cropped or otherwise modified in this later book. My review of this book is here.

A CD-ROM of Mr. Amano's VHD art was released in early 2000. Here is a review of it with a link to the (Japanese!) publisher's web site.

A number of Mr. Amano's other art books also contain VHD-related art. Titles containing a few VHD works include Biten, Genmukyu, Hiten, Imagine, Maten, Mono, and Think Like Amano. Imagine includes character designs for the 1985 movie. There are both U.S. and Japanese editions of Think Like Amano. The Japanese edition has a different cover and fewer pages.

Mr. Amano has also done a number of superdeformed portrayals of D. Merchandise based on this chibi D includes a phone strap, as well as a bandanna and a diary.

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