VHD1985 Merchandise

Japanese Merchandise

The soundtrack CD, available as a special order import from AnimeNation.

Shitajiki (Pencil Boards)

Movic A
Front: "Nuclear family" image.
Back: Character designs.
Detail: Text from back
Movic B
Front: Thus the "Vampire Hunters" are born.
Back: Crossword puzzle.
Movic 0790
Front: "Wanderer" by Amano
Back: Amano self-portrait
Front: "Hunter" by Amano
Back: 1986 calendar
Front: "Hunter," red tint at top
Back: Leda
Movic 1189
Front: Novel #5 cover image
Back: Arislan novel #2 cover image



Poster A

Poster B

"Best Character"

The "Best Character" poster by T. A. Shida appeared in the June 1986 Anime V. Another poster with a painting by Amano was offered in conjunction with the home video release.


Other Japanese Merchandise

In about 1986, Volks released a kit to make this Vampire Hunter D figure (image is from original packaging). It is very hard to find. The figure is about ten inches high when completed.



     Metal pen case





Other Japanese merchandise includes a set of three postcards, a metal pen case, a notebook, a T-shirt, cassette indexes, patches, the settei (character designs), a mechanical pencil, and a 3-ring binder. I hope to add images of these items.



Publications related to VHD1985 include the theater pamphlet and Fantastic Collection 53, a collection of art and information about the movie and the works of Hideyuki Kikuchi.

Articles on VHD1985 have appeared in a number of Japanese anime magazines.

U.S. Merchandise

Streamline Merchandise




Streamline issued a postcard, a pinback button, and a poster in conjunction with its release of VHD1985.


Urban Vision Merchandise

Urban Vision released two posters using Amano's "Hunter" painting, one of for the VHS release and one for the Special Edition DVD. A third poster, distributed only to dealers, uses the cover art that appears on Urban Vision's release of VHD1985.



The January 2004 Newtype USA includes a 4-page article by Troy Brownfield on VHD1985. This is the first in an "Anime Essentials" article series.

Newgrave #3 includes an article on Vampire Hunter D (mostly the 1985 movie) by the maintainer of this site. Newgrave is not available online, but you can order copies of the magazine from its web site.

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