Humorous and Silly Fanfic

Funny Fics

Things You'll Never Hear by Gaallo is exactly what it sounds like. Learn the secret behind Mashira's macho looks and the fate of Carmila's makeup—NOT!

Brown Stakes by Perky Possum is a parody of "Red Stakes" and "Red Stakes 2" (in the erotic fics section). WARNING: Male-on-male sex, scat play, bad words, and needless destruction of a hamster are just a few of the reasons this fic is as tasteless as it is funny. Like the works it parodies, it is for the over-18 crowd.

D's Answering Machine by Yami no Eyes. An irreverant inside look at the life of our favorite vampire hunter.

Vampire Hunter D's Flying Circus by Yami no Eyes. Just when you thought it couldn't get more off the wall, it does.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Outtakes by Yami no Eyes. A behind-the-scenes look at the latest movie.

Vampire Hunter D Outtakes by Yami no Eyes. In which we do not learn the answer to the question "Where do dhampirs come from?"

          Stories by Yami No Eyes are also available at her web site.

The ironically titled There's no sex in here by Elizabeth Switzer, aka Bunny Ninjin ( or is in fact a self-proclaimed "Semi-Continuity-Based Greco/Rei Kinda-Yaoi Moderately-Hentai Parody Fanfic" You have been warned. ^_^ It was originally posted to on or about 18 December 2000.

Slight of Hand, a ficlet by Shinotenshi Maxwell. D's symbiot speaks for its — err, himself in this short fic originally posted to the e-mail discussion list on 28 Nov 2000.

Who Censored Vampire Hunter D? by Cathy Krusberg. A humorous look at TBS's hack 'n' slash editing job of our favorite anime.

Vampire Half: A Vampire Hunter D-Dragon Half Crossover by Cathy Krusberg. It looks like D will have a chance to become human — but only if he does something really sneaky.

Silly Fics

D's Most Famous Interview by Lil' Nymph. A TV interview with D has unexpected and outrageous consequences. Warnings: A little bad langauge and some absurd violence.

"Fanfic by Nathan: Foolin' Around" was submitted by Evil Knuckles after too many hours of video games.

Interview with D and some black guy by Derek L. Baker, in which we learn that more than D's hand can talk. This is a truly tasteless fic with some bad language.

How to cook fruitcake by Reiginsei! No, really, it's by Amberly Yannatone, who has unearthed a side of Rei that most of us would be afraid to imagine existed. Find out what bandages and Extra Strength Advil can do!

Vampire Hunter D by Jenny has one goal: silliness. It is absolutely not recommended for anyone in a mood for taking Vampire Hunter D (or anything else) even remotely seriously. Anyone who wants to comment on it can contact Heather, who submitted it to this site with Jenny's consent and will pass comments along to the author.

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