Fan fic submitted and written by Amberly Yannatone.
First I will start off by saying this charachter Is not mine I am merely boroing him from the glorious people who made up Vampire Hunter D.

To who ever the hell this may concern........."Hello, my name is Reiginsei and killing ....Oh forget it! You know the speech! Remember me?! You know that mutant whos head blows up?...Oh yeah, sure, NOW you remember me...You all thought I was dead did'int you?!Well it turns out that a few bandages and some extra srenght advil are very useful things. has become boring.. And ya know what else sucks that dumass Vampires hunters hand stole my purple eye shadow and now I have absolutly no point in life!Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Anguish!!!( sorry cant find prozac.) Anyhow you being the wierd people who have just started following me I might as well teach you how to cook fruitcake!! Yes thats right! Fruitcake!!! Got a problem?
Anyhow step 1. First get a large bowl,even a toliet or a bodybag wiil surfice.
Step 2.Next, get a mixer or a spoon,if niether one are handy use your tounge.
Step 3.Scratch yourself.
Step 4.Now you add the fruit!!!No not me you dumbass!!The mangos!!!
Step 5.Add water,or if none is avalibale use gasoline.
Step 6.Bang your head on a wall until you pass out.
Step 7.Add sugar, or if you have non use kittylitter.
Step 8.Die.
Step 9.Take out the biggest freakin crowbar you can find and SMASH everything in sight.
Step 10.Stir fruitcake.
Step 11.Attack fruitcake with scented candle.
Step 12.Oh shit,theres gasoline in there.
Step 13.Burst into flames.
Step 14.Scream like a dumbass,and fall on the floor and flayal about wildly.
Step 15.Through fruitcake out the window into a crowd of inocent pedestrians.
Step 16.Laugh as they burst into flames.
Step 17.Get high off scented candle.
Step 18.Eat some pudding.
Step 19.Thats not pudding, thats yellow snow.
Step 20.Pass out.

     Well now you know how to make fruitcake.I guess I'll have to kill you now since I cant have you following me ....Bu By..."

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