Fan Poems and Songfics

Memories of the Past by Gwenyth Mercury. A songfic of images set to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2.

Two songfics by Talia of Eragon, "His Blood Is Flowing Like a River" ("His Love Is Flowing Like A River") and "My Body Lies over the Meadow" ("My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean").

VHD2000 trailer — verse adaptation by Cathy Krusberg. As if a verse adaptation of VHD1985 weren't enough, I wrote a verse adaptation of the narrative for Urban Vision's first trailer for the new movie. Here it is — followed by the transcript, in case you've not been exposed to the trailer.

Vampire Hunter D: A Verse Adaptation by Cathy Krusberg. You can read the electronic form here — and learn how to order a paper copy!

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