Memories of the Past
by Gwenyth Mercury

Disclaimer: The song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" belongs to U2 and the 'Joshua Tree' album. I am using this song and the characters from VHD without permission, and am in no way profiting from this songfic. "Vampire Hunter D" all characters therein belong to their respectful owners.


The scene opens up to a lone figure traveling on horseback, his long cape billowing out behind him.

I have climbed the highest mountain

We see D riding his horse over mist-covered mountains, his cloak pulled over his aquiline profile to mask his expression.

I have run through the fields

The image fades, to be replaced by D riding head-on towards something, the grass flying underneath his horse's thundering hooves as he whips out his sword. There is a flash of steely metal, and an enraged howl is heard, then silence.

Only to be with you

His head resting against a towering oak tree, D closes his eyes, remembering a woman with long, flowing golden hair and bright blue eyes.

Only to be with you

Now the memory shimmers, and the woman's figure is replace with that of a small boy, smiling and wavy at someone from atop a cliff. Like the woman, he too has tears in his brown eyes, but they are of happiness.

I have run

A carriage tears through the forest, passing under a bridge as a figure leaps onto the roof. From the other end, a tall man turns, his face half hidden by the shadows.

I have crawled

D puts a hand to his throat, gasping as he sways under the sweltering heat of summer. He staggers, then rolls out of danger as a torrent of razor-sharp stakes rain down on him.

I have scaled these city walls

A looming wall, dark with decay, greets a man on horseback as he approaches the city. He says something, and the gates slowly open to grant him entrance.

Only to be with you

He opens his eyes as the memory fades, and mounts his horse and continues traveling. The dhampire halts his horse at a wooded valley, where ancient stone ruins cover the ground for miles. He appears to hesitate, then slowly dismounts his steed.

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

D stops when he reaches what appears to be a flight of stone steps, and kneels down to pick up something, brushing away the grime that covers it.

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

It is a picture frame, old and worn, depicting a hand-painted portrait of an older woman. She is quite lovely, with a tall stature, and long, wavy black hair that frames a pale face and large, dark eyes.

I have kissed honey lips

The scene flashes to the past, where the same woman in the portrait is laughing as she is chased by a young boy, already tall for his age. He has his mother's wavy hair and pale skin. The woman laughs with delight as the boy catches her and commences to tickle her unmercifully.

Felt the healing in her fingertips

Finally, though, the boy allows the woman to get up, and before he can run away again, she gathers him into a motherly hug, kissing his white cheek as she does so. There is a hint of sadness in the woman's eyes, but her son doesn't notice.

It burned like fire

D tucks the picture in the folds of his cloak, his eyes closed as if something pained him. He whistles to his horse, and swiftly rides away, as if the very hounds of hell were in hot pursuit.

This burning desire

He is standing in a house, with a young girl who has her face pressed against him, crying softly. D shudders, beads of sweat beginning to appear on his white skin as his eyes lock onto her slender neck.

I have spoken with the tongue of angels

The girl whispers something, and the hunter drops his sword, his hands instinctively pulling her closer. D's eyes glow with an inhuman, blue light, and his fangs are struggling to elongate. Finally, though, he manages to push her away, his breath coming out in ragged gasps.

I have held the hand of a devil

The girl vanishes like a wisp of smoke, to be replace by a towering figure. He is a tall man, with aristocratic features and tapered ears. His hair is just as dark as the boy's he is walking with.

It was warm in the night

The man says something to the boy at his side, who stubbornly shakes his head and continues down the path alone. His companion watches him, his scarlet eyes both troubled and hesitant as he watches the lone figure go on alone.

I was cold as a stone

Now we see the same boy, only older, staring at something burning in the distance, his eyes filled with more pain than a child of his age should have to bear.

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

The boy slowly stands up and picks something up from the ground. It is a long sword, meant for fighting. He holds it in both hands, gripping the scabbard so tightly that his knuckles turn white.

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Now a grown man in his early twenties, the warrior stands silent as another man talks to him, gesturing towards an empty grave in the churchyard. He say something, then waits expectantly. D doesn't reply, but instead takes the sack of gold offered to him and sweeps out the door.

I believe in the kingdom come

Rain pours down, and thunders rumbles like a caged lion as a storm passed through the forests. A woman sits in the hollow of one particularly massive tree, her eyes staring at the falling drops of water.

Than all the colors will bleed into one

Behind her, a man buried up to his chin says something, his voice low and tinged with sadness. The woman turns to him in surprise at what he just said, her eyes losing some of the bitterness they held earlier.

Bleed into one

A clash of steel is heard, and D appears, battling with a vampire, both eyes boring into each other, crimson fire staring into grey ones like flames.

Well yes I'm still running

Laughter sounds through a large room, and the dhampire turns to see a woman perched on the wall, smiling cruelly at him. He says something to her, his face impassive, but his voice low and deadly.

You broke the bonds and you

Huge torrents of wind buffet D as he walks forward, face held low. A bolt of lighting strikes him, and he throws back his head in a roar of pain. His eyes roll, the soft grey hue disappearing as red orbs take their place.

Loosed the chains

D is outside in the bright morning air, mounted on his horse. At his side is the blond-haired woman, who is staring at a ship that is struggling to break free of the earth's hold.

Carried the cross

The dhampire reflects on these past battles, recalling old enemies and the few but wonderful friends he had.

Of my shame

He rides for many days, and soon comes to a small but prosperous town out in the country. However, he takes no interest in the buildings as he urges his horse further away from them.

Of my shame

Snow covers the ground in glittering blankets, and his breath emits in vaporous clouds of frost as D approaches what appears to be four graves placed underneath a rowan tree.

You know I believed it

The vampire hunter stares at the cold stone that marks the grave closest to him, then he slowly goes down on one knee before it.

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

A pale hand reaches forward and carefully, almost lovingly, brushes snowflakes away from the inscription on the stone. He stares at it, and a look of tenderness comes into his eyes that few, if any, people had seen before.

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

D says something, but whether he is speaking to himself or to the person lying in the ground, it is hard to say. He then slowly unsheathes his sword, holds it below the hilt, and kisses the blade, as if making a solemn vow.

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

He then stands up and sheathes his sword, his face still unreadable, but a certain amount of peace in his eyes.

But I still haven't found what I'm looking for...

As he mounts his horse, a voice says something to him, and D almost, but not quite, smiles and rides off. Behind him, a flurry of snowflakes brush past the grave he had just left. The letters gleam in the light of the sun. 'In loving memory of Doris Lang.'

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