VHD2000 trailer -- verse adaptation

When fallen is night and the sandman is nigh,
And prayers lifted up at the foot of your bed;
When thoughts drift to silence and cares skyward fly,
In darkness and quiet awake the undead.

Their bloodthirst is ceaseless as Earth's trek toward night.
One hope palely shines for the living who hide:
One being whose nature is darkness and light --
The hunter in black on his unending ride.

He travels a world filled with dangers untold.
What pilgrim would seek for such sins to atone
As must drive a creature to actions so bold
As to battle the darkness: imperfect, alone.

     Can beauty live in such a place?
     Can darkling wings bring hope or cheer?
     A lonely girl; a lovely face;
     An outcast to assuage her fear.

He holds their weird powers and their secrets as well,
But more must he learn ere the end of the day.
Unceasing he travels the long road to hell,
And our hopes rest upon him: kneel, mortal, and pray.


VHD2000 trailer transcript

Before you go to sleep,
say your prayers and hope for pleasant dreams.
When darkness falls,
when all is quiet and peaceful and you are almost asleep --
the undead wake.

Late at night, the undead prowl and search for blood.
No one is safe.
There is no way out.
There is only one hope.
One man, who rides alone.
He is both good and evil, darkness and light.
He is the vampire hunter.

In a world of hidden dangers,
in a time of great unrest,
one imperfect man battles the darkness --

A place of beauty.
A time of evil.
A lonely girl.
A sweet seduction.
Outside, outcast, he is her only hope.

He has their power.
He knows their secret.
He seeks an answer.
He must keep moving.
He is the only hope for survival.

Close your eyes and pray.

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