Serious Fanfic

Meier's Marble by Cathy Krusberg. A brief interlude in Meier and Charlotte's early days. Better if you've read "Meier and Charlotte: A Beginning" (on the Long Fics page). Safe for all ages.

The Woman in White, the Hunter in Black by TS/Fistula. A mysterious woman confronts D during his stopover in a small town. Why is he drawn to her, and how can she always evade him?

Ties That Bind by Talia of Eragon. Hellsing crossover. D revisits his past when he renews the wards confining an old and powerful vampire.

D: The Most Beloved Child by Adela Anaszkiewicz. When D's mother realizes what her son may become, she vows to protect him from that fate.

Desert Sage, Roses & Healing by Ashley Sinstar. While traveling to fight a vampire lord, D and his horse find shelter and succor with a mysterious but kindly woman. This story includes sexual content.

Vampire Hunter D: Demons & Angels by Michelle Schanzenbach. When a mysterious woman hires him to destroy a child-stealing vampire, D encounters older, darker powers — and his own nature is an obstacle. This story includes sexual content.

Unbearable Darkness of Being by Kemurikat. A gentle interlude in the often harsh existence of D and Left Hand.

Lost in the Light by Chaotic Serenity. Meier mourns Charlotte's death.

White Roses by Chaotic Serenity. Charlotte's brother reflects on her life and her loss.

Left-Handed Complement by Kitt gives insight into the very special relationship between D and his Left Hand. Kitt's site, Stargarde, includes this story, as well as excellent fan art (including pics of D!) by Crystal Gronnestad.

Ride With the Devil by TS/Fistula takes place immediately after the end of VHD: Bloodlust, as D takes Leila away from Castle Chaythe.

One Last Look by TS/Fistula. A series of vignettes provide one fan's answer to the question "What does D think of Doris?"

Blood Guilt by C. Gryffin. D faces not only another danpiru, but human hunters that his foe has turned against him. Cosette and Mikonyasha return in this sequel to "Blood Frenzy."

The Baby by Nanaka Mayoza. D saves a girl from her vampire father, but he can't control everything in her life.

Prey by Karen Koehler. What if D was not the white knight we naturally assume he was? What if he had some other reason for becoming a hunter? This story contains violence that some readers may find objectionable.

Blood Frenzy by C. Gryffin. When two danpirus pose a threat to the human race, D is hired to hunt them ... and his employer is a vampire.

The Endless Rabble by "Cheser`e Borgia". The story of D's early life, as confided to an old — a very old — friend. This fic is set in the Forgotten Realms universe and influenced by White Wolf's World of Darkness.

The Hunt for Signiss Hell Drake by Derek Baker is an adventure story in which D encounters a vampire who just might be more powerful than Count Lee.

Have you ever wondered about D's past? "Vampire Hunter D: Memories of the Past" by Maverick holds some answers. How did he come to know what he was, why and how did he become a hunter?

Unforgiven by Karen Koehler is a fanfic from the author of the vampire novel Slayer (more info at The Covenhouse). D must venture into a supernatural realm and battle a foe who is not what he seems.

Werewolf Tears by Darkpaws shows a gentler side of the werewolf who briefly appears in the first VHD movie.

Jaded by Darkpaws is a coming-of-age story for Valerian, who learns about her unusual ability when D rescues her from a harrowing adventure. Paws' illustrations for "Jaded" are on the second Fan Art page. "Dark Mind, Dark Heart" is the sequel to "Jaded" and is in the Long Fics section.

Time and Completed Circles by Cassa Dellinger is a short fic from Doris's perspective when D leaves — and when he returns.

Memories, Chess, and New Travels by Cassa Dellinger is a gentle slice of life during D's visit with his father.

Unrequited by Winona Whitener. D briefly appears, changing a young girl's life — and sharing a tiny sliver of his own.

Partners by Amberly Hess. Pursuing an elusive noblewoman, D teams up with another — and very different — vampire hunter.

Temptation Waits by Elizabeth Wilde/Gabrielle Collins aka Gabby Spike. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. Buffy is always ready with a quip, but is she ready for Dracula's return? A certain vampire hunter has come to help, but will he stay to be romanced?

Remembrance by Winona Whitener. What happens when D comes back to see how Doris's life has gone on without him?

A Tale of Two Hunters: A Vampire Hunter D-Vampire Princesss Miyu Crossover by Cathy Krusberg. A vampire hunter encounters a shinma hunter in Japan of the far future.

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