One Last Look
by TS/Fistula2002

          I saw her. She was alone. She was standing quietly above the bluebells, bending down occasionally to pick at the flowers.
          It's rare for me to have feelings towards another person but I missed her. She was the first I ever knew who loved me. She loved me.
          She didn't know who I was or where I came from but she took me in. Into her home, into her life...into her heart. She knew I was alone and I knew she could feel my loneliness. God, how lonely it's been.
          I left her with her brother after the destruction of the Lee House. I didn't want to leave but it is my duty and honor to help others in need and I could hear their summons.
          I didnt want to leave Doris and Dan alone, but they weren't alone after all. They had each other. I know I told Dan to be srong but I didn't want to leave. The trouble was over. They could be happy and worry free. But still, I didn't want to leave.
          After a few long years of battling vampires I had decided to take another route back towards the mountains.
          I knew she wasn't much older now. Perhaps she married and became a mother. It's selfish, I know, to think that she would wait for me. Why should she wait? She wouldn't have known whether or not I would've come back. She couldn't know because I didn't know either.
          But, here I am, watching her, waiting for her to look up. I just want to see her blue eyes one last time before I leave her forever, utterly.

          As the sun showed brightly in the sky, the clouds cascaded in and out of the yellow rays. the blue sky was illuminated like a light reflecting into a mirror. The fields below were alive with the calm sway of the tall dark blades of grass. The wind was cool and the day was pleasant.
          A young blonde girl stood in the middle of a bluebell patch between two small maples. She was holding freshly picked flowers and smilely at them gayly.
          Ahead of her only a few yards was a lone dark masculine figure standing ever so still. The cool wind brushed his hair slightly sending the long auburn strands in waves down his black armored shoulders.
          He was waiting. One could tell by the look in his eyes. He was yearning for something. His eyes were fixed on the young girl.
          He didnt not come here to threathen but only to remember.

          The young girl threw the long skirts of her gown forward forming a lavender canopy over the bluebells. She sat down stroking the soft delicate blue petals.
          Something moved in the corner of her eye and she lifted her head only to se the lone dark figure standing far from her. Watching. The flick of his long black cape in the wind disrupted her concentration on the flowers.
          A gasp of breath left her soft pink lips and she stood up fast. She held a hand to her mouth and held her chest tight. She was startled but a sigh of relief swept over her. Her bright blue eyes were calm as they rested easy on the dark stranger.
          Standing there, the two of them held each other in their eyes. Her in his grey. He in her blue. A smile crept along her face and she dropped the small flowers. The silence, like the distance between them, was long but easily overcome. Her bottom lip dropped and from her mouth a single breath etched a whispery "D".
          The lone figure was gone and a tear, drowning with memories, fell from her cheek.


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