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Feathers on the Wind
Chapter 6 Brothers

Kale had woken several times during the trip, but always returned to sleep 
soon after he'd given her the pills, or passed out from the pain she'd cry 
about.  Edo was finally in sight, thankfully, the bottle of medicine long 
empty, at least she would soon have the care she so desperately needed.

He stopped at the town's new limits, a sign near a new stable catching his 
attention.  "No horses in the city?" he said aloud.  "Kale can't walk that."

"Nor can you carry her all that way," said the sym.  "You're strong but not 

D rode up to the stable, just as a blond man was immerging.  "The price to 
board a horse is outrageous!  Where's my taxi."

"Adrian?!"  The blond man turned and smiled broadly.

"D! My brother!  It's good to see you!  Oh, and who is this lovely creature?"

"Help me with her." Adrian's smile quickly faded as the girl was passed to 
him.  "She needs a doctor."  And he explained what she was experiencing.  D 
stabled the two horses in the same stall as Adrian's horse.  All being cyborg 
horses, they wouldn't fight, and the cost could be shared between them, 
despite the grumbling from the barn's keeper.  "We've ridden straight from 
Ransylva.  She's steadily gotten worse."

A horn sounded outside.  "The taxi is here," said Adrian, as D took Kale from 
him.  "Come on. You'll ride with me.  I've been waiting more than an hour."

"Thank you."

The cab driver was well known to Adrian, who called him Alucard.  He seemed 
to understand about the urgency of the situation and sped back to the city, 
heading straight to the nearest clinic to their hotel.  "D, I'd like you to 
meet Castle; (pronounced Cessel); he's a very unusual mutant.  His body over 
produces blood, and aside from donating it to the clinics every week, he 
allows Vampires, or Dhampires like us, to feed from him."

"You always did embrace that side of you, didn't you?" said D, the thought of 
biting a human or, mutant no matter what their gift was, turned his stomach.

"Moos!" Kale called out.

"Easy Kale.  Easy.  It won't be long."

"Where did you find her, brother?"  Adrian asked.

"Not now," D pressed his cheek to her forehead.  "She's burning up.  Can't 
this crate move any faster!"

"Not when we're slowing to enter the clinic parking lot," said Castle.  
"Don't worry about the fare.  Alucard takes care of that."

"Thank you."

"See to it that my usual room has an extra bed put in.  I'll be having my 
brother stay with me."

"You got it."

The doctor looked Kale over carefully.  Noting the tenderness in her lower 
abdomen.  After being assured his first diagnosis was in error, he ordered 
blood work and x-rays.  "Has she had pains like this before?" asked the 

"Not as long as I've known her," said D, wiping her brow once more.  Adrian 
was near by, although he was eyeing one of the nurses, a shapely red head 
with dark eyes.  He could swear she had legs up to her neck.

"Brother, I'm going to..."

"Do what ever it is you do Adrian.  I'm busy."

"So glad you understand." He said, sarcastically, and quickly followed the 
nurse, a broad smile on his face.

"Doctor Talbutt. I think you better see these right away."  The nurse, who 
had been assisting him, ran back into Kale's exam room, thrusting the newly 
developed x-rays into his hands.

"Is the blood work done yet?" he asked, pulling out one of the films.

"Another 20 minutes."

"Holly Shit!" the doctor exclaimed, and pinned the pictures onto a light 
board.  "What the hell is that?" D looked over his shoulder to the light 

The x-ray showed the typical human bones, accept for her pelvis to protect 
her ovaries from exposure to x-rays, but in the middle of her abdomen was a 
solid mass, roundish shaped, and wires leading form it to her body.  "I have 
no idea," replied D, which was true.

"Well what ever it is, and what ever she is, that thing has to come out!  
Tara, get Doctor Leaches from down the street, and tell him to bring his 
gasman. Ours went home already.  And ready the OR."

"Yes sir."

"You'll need to be there too." He said to D.

"No.  I can't..."

"You have to.  You saw how she reacted to the drawing of blood samples.  You 
have to be there. There's no telling how she'll react to surgery."


"D," He turned to see Adrian standing in the doorway, a rather disheveled red 
haired nurse returning to her station.  "Doctor.  Not to worry.  My brother 
will be there."

"Good.  I'll go get ready."

The doctor gone and the nurses out of earshot, Adrian turned to D.  "When was 
the last time you drew blood from a living host?"

D turned back to Kale, as she moaned.  He wiped her brow once more.  "Not 
since the Western world."

"Months ago.  D!  You've got to take better care of that part of you, or it 
will forever threaten to undo you."  The younger Dhampire laughed softly and 
shook his head.  "Would you listen to me.  A 400-year-old giving an 11,000-
year-old advice.   What is the world coming to?" He gestured for the red 
haired nurse to come in and she did, sliding a slender hand beneath his vest.  
"This is Donna.  She understands our plight."

"I won't..."

"Oh, do relax, will you.  Donna be a dear and fetch a pint of O negative 
blood for my brother, will you?"

She smiled and kissed the man, then left.  "How can you do that?"

"Oh relax.  She keeps a private stock for me for when I'm in town."

"You come here often?"

"Every 10 years or so...Castle is O neg. and his blood is usually what stocks 
my fridge, unless needed.  And when I am in town I like to cut loose.  You 
know, have a little fun."

"Does the doctor know?"

"Good God no! And I'd watch him too, he's not too fond of arkers either."  D 
raised an eyebrow. How did he know?  Was it tattooed on her somewhere?  A few 
minutes past and Donna returned to Adrian seemingly empty handed.  But taped 
to her chest under her dress in a larger than normal bag, was the O neg. 
blood.  Adrian delighted himself in removing it and handed it to D.  "Good 
age," he said, noting the label.  "Taken early this morning.  Lovingly warmed 
against Donna's lovely body."  D said nothing as he retreated to the lav and 
shut the door.

"You have to handle this one D.  I don't do plastic," said the sym.

"You would say that wouldn't you."

"What are you waiting for?!"

"I can't..."

"What's more important right now?  Being stubborn and refusing that blood, or 
helping Kale?...She needs you, and you know it."  D squeezed the bag, so that 
the blood pooled at one end.  Then letting his blood lust rise, he drove his 
fangs into the waiting nectar.  Adrian was right Castle's blood was good, 
although it tasted distinctly like a woman's blood, than a man's.

"D? The doctor is here," called Adrian.  "They want you to go with them now."

D tossed the empty bag into a nearby burner unit, used for such purposes.  
"I'm coming," he said, and splashed warm water over his face to clean the 
tiny dribbles that escaped him.  "She better not die in there." He muttered 
to his reflection.

"What was it you said months ago?  Oh yes," the sym. cleared its throat, 
small though it was.  " 'She's got too much fight in her.'  She'll pull 
through, you'll see."

The surgery was tricky.  The device, whatever it was, had been implanted in 
her uterus, and held in place by a network of wires through out her lower 
body.  Apparently it was drawing power from her body's own electrical 
impulses.  Each time they cut or removed one of the wires, Kale's heart rate 
jumped erratically, as a shock was sent through her body.  Finally able to 
insulate the device from her body, they cut and removed it and all its wires.

The doctors were furious however, when they realized they were operating on 
an arker.  But through rather pointed, and sharp, persuasion, the doctors 
both agreed to keep her origins a secret.  The anesthesiologist though, 
didn't really care what she was, he just handled the gas.

D did, however, agree to take Kale from the clinic after the operation.  Her 
system pumped with massive doses of antibiotics, and more in pill form, along 
with pain killer pills, in D's pocket.  They and Adrian, climbed into the cab 
and headed for their hotel.

She woke nearly half way into the next afternoon, and looked around.  D was 
in the lav brushing his teeth, a strange blond man playing cards at the 
table, the sun shinning brightly through the window across a second bed from 
her.  "D?" she called hoarsely.  "D? Where are we?"

The blond man got to her first, touching his hand to her brow.  "Good to see 
you awake at last, little star," he said sweetly.  D appeared on her other 
side, a cup of water in hand and one of her pills.

"D, who is this guy?"

"Easy Kale.  He's family.  Here take these."  He placed the pills in her 
mouth and held the cup to her lips to drink.  "There.  How do you feel?"

"The pain stopped.  But now there's a different pain.  What happened?"

"You had an operation," he said.  "Rest for now.  I'll explain the rest 

She looked to the blond man.  He did look a bit like D. His eyes were green, 
he had similar facial features, but his hair was blond, almost white, and it 
was much longer than D's hair.  D's came down to his waist, this man's hair 
was nearly to his knees, if not past.  "So what relation are you?" she asked 

The man smiled a he settled the blanket over her shoulders.  "D is my older 
brother," he said, and she drifted off to sleep.

 "A Vampire? Here?" D asked, as Kale took her medicine.  She'd been 
recovering for about a week now and was getting stronger.  Her cycle had 
almost completed, so her body had naturally expelled the infected tissues, 
along with the rest.

"That's what Castle tells me.  He's gotten several fairs from the sex bar 
across town, all male, and all with bites on their necks.  Sometimes more 
than two punctures."


"Go, get the bitch." She said.  She wasn't really in the mood for company 

Below The Belt, that was the name of the bar.  It was clothing optional once 
inside, and D suddenly found himself extremely uncomfortable.  Adrian, 
though, loved it.  Ah, the bliss of being young.  "You look over there, I'll 
look over here," he told Adrian.

"And I'm sure I'll get laid before you.  Hello angel..."

"Why didn't I attach myself to him?" said the sym.  "I think we would have 
gotten on great.  I'd at least get some action."

"Do shut up.  We're here for the vampire. Remember."

"Yes, yes, I know.  Kill it & go.  But D look around you...women who want..."

"Shut up!"

"Hello..." a dark haired woman, nude, pressed herself against him, sliding 
her hands over his buttocks.  "Mmmmm firm.  I like that in a man.  And the 
clothes just scream..."

"Excuse me," He pushed her away, his senses detecting the Vampire.  There.  
The blond one, with her lips around... 'Oh my.'  These sex bars allowed 
anything in the open, as long as it was consensual.  D stood back, spying his 
brother across the room; he nodded to the blond woman's direction.  The man 
she was playing with got up, his lust obviously quenched, pulled his black 
pants up and kissed her.

"D, have you noticed how many men are dressed in that same black outfit?"

"No," at least he was honest.

"Look around.  There's at least a dozen of them.  Two is coincidence, three 

"Twelve is trouble."  D grabbed the blond woman as she passed him, and took 
her to one of the back corners, his brother right beside him.  "That man, who 
was he?" D demanded.

"D, just kill the Vamp. bitch, and let's go."

"Please, No!" she begged. "The one who made me dumped me here.  Those I bite 
have given me their permission.  Please. Don't kill me."

"Answer me then.  That man, and the others like him, who are they?"

"Some kind of commandos.  They're looking for some girl named Kale.  They 
tracked her here and then lost her.  They know she'd go to a clinic, but 
first she'd need money.  Some men pay for their sex here, that's why they're 
here.  They're looking for her.  Look, you have to do something to me, or I'm 
supposed to walk away.  It's the rules." Before she could move Adrian reached 
between her legs.  Shocked desire etched across her face.  D looked away, but 
drew his cloak across her to give her some dignity, as his brother played 
with her.

"How'd they track her?"

"I don't know," she gasped, her fangs extending.

"You don't want to do that," said D, his eyes glowing blue.

"Dhampire trash!" Adrian did something that silenced her.

"Where are they staying?" D demanded.

"They aren't.  They come into town, they leave." She cried out again, 
Adrian's ministrations definitely having the appropriate effect.  "They have 
cycles.  Motorized ones.  Antiques.  You can't miss them."

"Good.  Adrian, lets go."

The blond Dhampire straightened.  "I hope I can see you later."

"Scum!" She tried to slap him, but he grabbed her hand and kissed her 

"Feisty! Mmmmm.  I like that." He quickly kissed the blond vampire and 
followed his brother out of the bar.


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