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Heaven's Door

Chapter 1 My father, Dracula

Another chair flew out the door, swiftly followed by a large
drunk man. He wasn't a vampire, they didn't get drunk. This man
just wanted to pick a fight, and he seemed to prefer fighting
hunters. A tall dark cloaked figure calmly walked out of the bar.
His face betrayed no emotion; it was as though he'd never lifted
a finger. "Is that (hic) all you've got, Skinny?" slurred the man
on the ground. The cloaked figure picked up the discarded chair.
The crowd that had gathered, backed away, fearing that he'd smash
the chair over the drunk man's skull.

"I see you found a seat," said a cheery voice.

He glanced to his left, though no one could tell he had, the
shadow from his broad brimmed hat concealed his eyes. The woman
who approached was shorter than he, but had long dark brown hair,
tied in a ponytail and braided down her back. She'd been with him
for two years no, and still his heart lightened each time he saw
her. "Someone was just leaving." He said, and with her he turned
to go back in the bar.

The drunken bully stood, drew and threw one of his blades. The
man in the cloak, without even looking it seemed, reached out and
grabbed it, just a breath away from her neck. "Nice (hic) catch,"
said the drunk. "Protect your little (hic) whore if you (burp) if
you want. But you will face me!"

The pair stopped. The man put the chair down and turned back to
the drunk. "If you knew what was good for you," the man said
calmly, "You will withdraw your remark about this woman. I will
not be responsible for the consequences if you don't."

The man half belched half laughed. "Withdraw (hic) if you mean
apologize forge (burp) forget it! She's a whore; bitch; slut;
prostitute. She beds anything that has a long bit of meat between
his legs. Probably not always human. What do you say slut? What's
your price? I'll slip it to you but good!"

The man steadied the girl as her temper flared. "Easy," he said,
"at least let this one crawl home."

"No promises," she said, and pushed her cloak off her shoulders
as she strode to the brash drunken slug.

"(hic) that's it baby, come here," the man released his belt and
his trousers fell to the ground, "I hope that suite comes off
easy," he continued, pulling his genitals from his underclothes.

Without blinking, without breaking stride, the woman kicked her
right leg out and landed her foot square in the man's crotch. She
then turned quickly and landed her left foot against the right
side of his face, sending him crashing to the ground in more
agony. "Kale! Remember, he's to crawl home."

She looked to the offensive trash on the ground. "Can't I hurt
him, just a little more?" she begged playfully. He just stood
there. "Alright." She readjusted her cloak and returned to his

"What's going on here?" the town's sheriff had finally pushed his
way through the crowd.

"He's drunk," said the cloaked man, and picked up the chair and
proceeded into the bar.

"So how many is that, D?" she asked, "Four, five?"

"Are you keeping count?"

"There's got to be something in the air. Everywhere we go lately,
someone is trying to beat the crap out of us." She draped her
saddlebags over the extra chair at their table and sat down next
to D. "I'm tired. We staying the night here, or in the barn

"Here. I don't think you're up to sleeping in a barn." D was
referring to the town they'd past through some weeks prior. The
Inn was full so they'd opted to sleep in the Inn's barn,
something they hadn't really done sense they first got together.
They sat up talking, which was rare, and the subject turned to
the first barn sleepover they had; and the lovers that were there
too. Before too long, D had her undressed and writhing in passion
that would have made those two lovers blush. She had trouble
walking at first the next day, so they'd stayed another night,
only to have the first night repeat, but twice as much.

"It wasn't that bad," said Kale, calmly. "I didn't complain, and
from what I recall, neither did you." D bowed his head, the
shadow cast by his hat, hiding the slight flushing of his cheeks.
She was the only woman he knew, that through casual conversation
could make him blush.

"I get you something?" asked a dark haired woman.

"Two dinners, one with rare meat," said D, grateful for the
distraction. "One tea; milk & sugar; one large orange juice." The
woman bowed and headed for the kitchen.

"Are you alright D? You haven't been yourself lately."

"There's a vampire here." He said. "And I think its one I know.
I've sensed it before."

"Friend, foe, or other?"

"All of the above."

"I don't follow."

"It's a long story, if it's the one I think it is."

"I'm listening."

"Later. The food is here." It wasn't really their dinners, but
rather breads and spreads. But it was something to nibble on
while they waited. Besides, D never did relish talking about what
he did. He felt she didn't need to hear the gory details of
Vampire hunting. She had enough to worry about as it was.

They hadn't found any arks, though she really had no idea what to
look for, sense the facilities were deep underground. "I'll find
them," she had told him. "A facility like the one at Edo couldn't
support itself. Once people from the main base come looking,
they'll hear about me. They'll come after me. I know they will.
When they do, I'll be waiting."

She'd made him nervous when she said it. Her tone was cold and
threatening. He'd tried to ease her anger for the unseen arkers,
but had had little success at the time. She was like he, she was
on a mission, a mission to end lives, the ones trapped in a limbo
not of their choosing, and the true monsters that hid within
them. As long as she didn't talk about them, she was all right.
Kind, sweet, loving, and giving.

He looked up, as she handed him a buttered roll. He took it,
gently stroking her fingers. It was the little things that made
her the happiest. A gentle had to wash her back in the bath, or
someone to brush her hair. She was very easy to please that way.
And these little things, he found he could do, with little fear
of his blood lust taking control. D paid for their meals and
requested a room for the night. "Only rooms with two beds left
sir," said the woman.

"That will do," said D, as she set their meals before them. The
woman then bowed and was off to ready their room. "Eat up. I'd
like to head out after sunset. I want to make sure you're sage in
the room before that."

Kale had gotten into the habit of looking under the beds right
away. The first room she was in, when brought to this shore, had
an unwelcome occupant. Satisfied all was clear, they set their
bags down on the table. "The beds are small," he said.

"All the more encouragement to be friendly," she told him. She
removed her cloak and laid it across the bed nearest the door.
She had put on a bit of weight over the two years, but all of it
was delightful muscle, etching her curves to a healthier form. D
couldn't help but thread his arms around her, careful not to
disturb the strategic placement of small arrows and knives she
held in belts around her chest, waist and thighs. They had found
a weapons master living with a clan of werewolf hunters. Sense
the wolves' master was a vampire, D and Kale stayed to assist
them in their kills. When they left, D had a good bounty for
killing the vampire, and Kale; for her services of cooking for
them all; had a wrist mounted crossbow that folded nicely to her
arm when not in use. A gentle squeeze of a leaver over her hand,
and the weapon was ready for use. She had made belts to hold her
arrows, for a quiver for ones this small was not really
practical. D had to be careful, for she designed the silver
spears for dual kills, which had saved his life at one time.

Werewolves, though genetically created by the vampires, were
extremely allergic to silver, not necessarily bullets. A silver
arrow shot into the beast's chest would kill it just as
effectively as any silver bullet. But she'd hollowed out the tips
to have little trenches that extended down the shaft, where she
poured a small amount of garlic juice. Even if it were dry, the
blood of a vampire, once mingled with the garlic juice residue,
would poison it, and kill it in a matter of minutes, very
painfully. But garlic was also very dangerous to D. She had
always made sure that her arrows were tucked into the tiy pockets
of the belts, but they were always fearful that there would be
that one that she would miss. "I thought you wanted to leave
after sunset?" she said, feeling D's lips brush her ear.

"Hours away," he said, his tongue tracing the delicate curves of
her appendage, his hands releasing the claps that held her belts
in place. She turned her head to give him better access, but he
suddenly stopped, and walked away. She was confused at first, but
when she heard his labored breathing, she understood.

"I wouldn't mind you know," she said, laying her belts neatly
across her cloak.

"No. Never again," he said, "I'll be alright. You'll see."

She stretched out across the second bed on her stomach. "You've
been like this for a while," she said. "If its this bad, then

"Kale, please. I did it once before, I won't do it again. It's
possible that I could turn you, to a vampire. I won't have that."

"What about animal blood? From a fresh kill, would that help?" 

D nodded. "No one here knows what I am, so don't go asking for

"No, but you did like the way I made rabbit stew that time. IF I
went with you, we could find one of the little fur balls, and
when you come back from your hunt, you'll have a nice rabbit stew
for lunch."

He turned and crouched on the floor in front of her, the barest
of an upturn on his lips, the closest he'd come to a smile in a
long time. "You'll have to one day tell me, why you're so good to

"We had a saying in my time," she said, kissing the fingertips of
his right hand. "The way to a man's heart is through his
stomach." She drew his index finger into her mouth, as though it
were a smaller version of his phallus. He'd lost the glove for
his right hand in a fire a year before. Some servants to a
vampire he'd killed tried to avenge their master's death by
burning down the Inn where he and Kale were boarding. They
managed to get out unscathed with the rest of the staff and
guests, only to watch the Inn burn to the ground, along with the
right hand glove D had dropped in his haste to get out of the
burning building.

D pulled his hand away, feeling his blood lust 'tap' at his
resolve. "I'm sorry," she said. "I shouldn't have done that."

"Lets go find that fur ball."

She kissed him goodnight as he left her, her rabbit tied to her
belt, long drained, pulling one final blade of grass from her
hair. "Kill him good," she said, and ha calmly walked away. She
headed back down the path to the main road, where Max was calmly
waiting, but not alone. "Is this your horse?" asked the man, a
heavy accent to his voice.

"Yes, he is," she replied, laying her fingers to the leaver of
her crossbow.

"Relax, my dear lady. I am harmless." He said

"Said the wolf to the rabbit."

"Seriously, I was wondering if this fine steed belonged to a
hunter, but I see, such beauty as yours could not harm the life
of another." His voice seemed to calm her slightly, and she let
her hand relax. "I would be honored to walk with you." He stepped
closer to her, his features lighted by the moon now. He had long
graying hair, a mustache and goatee. An oval face, and deep
penetrating blue eyes. His nose was straight and regal, his lips
modestly full. He wore dark clothes and jacket, with a white
shirt underneath. "It is a shame that you are out here alone," he
said, taking her left hand and gently kissing her knuckles.

"She's Not!!" sad a voice.

Kale suddenly felt very light headed, as though she'd just woken
from a dream. She saw the man had her hand in his and quickly
pulled back. "You alright Kale?"

"Fine D, she whispered, taking a shaky step away from the
stranger. "What happened."

"I knew, I knew the vampire I sensed. You have the nerve to try
and take her from me!" D drew his sward.

"D please," the man laughed, "I did not smell your sent on her.
You know I look for something like that."

"Wait a sec," said Kale, her mind finally clear. "You know him?
The Vampire who is both friend, foe and..."

"My father..." said D, pulling Kale beside him, the end of his
sward pointed at the man before them. "What are you doing here?"

"My son, I thought that would have been obvious, but sense she is
yours, I must find my evening meal else where. The floating city
is now my home, feel free to come and visit any time." The man
then vanished into mist, and then even the mist was gone.

"So that was your dad." D said nothing at first, but examined her
left hand very carefully.

"Come on, we're leaving."

"We just got here," D mounted her horse and took another look
around. "D, I always thought your dad was dead."

"Not dead enough!"

"D, what's wrong?" He reached down from atop her horse and pulled
her up across his lap, then turned the horse back towards town.

"I don't trust him."

"His reputation?"

"No. He took a woman from me many years ago. I'm sure he wouldn't
hesitate to do it again."

She kissed his chin and held close to him as they rode. "I'm not
going anywhere, I'm right here," she said softly, trying to ease
him. He remembered, he'd said the same thing to her nearly two
years prior. Their first night together on the road after that
would be forever in his memory.

"I know you'll stay, but he will try. It's a game with him. He
also plays it with Adrian. He clouds your mind, makes you see
things that aren't there. He'll then either bite you to kill you,
or bite you to turn you."

"The girl? Who was she?"

"Not important any more. It was a long time ago, before you were
born." He stopped the horse just overlooking the town. "Father
claimed he did it out of grief from my mother's death, but I
didn't believe him."

"I'm sorry."

"About what?"

"Your mother. You not being close to your father. I was really
close to my father. There are times, I swear, I hear him. I'm
sorry you don't have that."

"I have you," He drew her chin up and kissed her. "You're all I


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