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Weak and Powerless
Prologue: The Exquisite Fiend

By: Elf

Praying to stay in your arms
Just until I can die a little longer
Saviors and saints
Devils and demons alike
She'll eat you alive

Puscifer : REV 22:20

The teenager's body trembled in a mixture of fear and anticipation. A slim, leather clad hand ran up and down his nude chest. Hooded eyes like garnets watched him as a cattish smile curved ripe, full lips that promised ecstacy. He gasped as her hand wandered lower, toying with his hardening member.

He leaned his head against his suspended arms as he was fondled by the leather clad goddess. He started to gasp for air as he started to lose his grip with reality. All he could think about was the intense sensations of it, the leather clad hand, the cool lips planting feather light kisses down his chest, suckling him.

He could smell roses. Her intense red curls ticked his nose and were filled with the scent of roses. He gasped as the pleasure intensified, pulling on his bonds.

His feet curled upwards from the stone floor as he cried out.

He was pierced by something sharp and brutal against his thigh.

The pleasure became pain and he screamed, thrashing against the manacles that held him. He could feel her soft, cool mouth sucking at him hard. He could feel the pain as his blood was drawn unwillingly from his body. His screams died into coherent whimpers as she lifted away from him.

Her perfect lips were stained with his blood. A trickle of it marred the marble paleness of her skin. A pointed, catlike tongue snaked out from her mouth and licked the tiny rivulet of crimson.

The boy felt hot tears sting his eyes. He whispered, "Please don't kill me."

She stood up, brushing one red curl from her face as she observed him with those hungry garnet eyes. She pressed up against him, sleek leather pressing against his cold, nude flesh. She arched against him, the sensation making his body stir once again.

He whimpered.

She stroked his smooth cheek with her gloved fingers. She purred, "Oh, my poor, pretty little toy. I'm sorry to have such a pretty new toy already broken. I'd thought you wouldn't break easily, but alas, you have, my toy."

The teen sobbed, bowing his head and awaiting his fate.

He was helpless against her deadly beauty and part of him still ached for her. He had come to her castle, wanting to destroy the Lady Circe Delarosa. Instead, she had captured him, killed his friends, and kept him for her amusement.

Circe smiled at him and purred, "Sweet toy, don't worry. I'm not going to throw you away. Yet. I still haven't finished playing with you."

She smiled sweetly at him, baring her pearlescent fangs.

The teen began to sob, praying that she would kill him quickly.


The town of Lichpin on the Eastern Frontier had enough of its vampire problem. Mainly, the notorious noble Lady Circe Delarosa.

Circe was notorious for stealing the strongest and most attractive villagers to use for her sadistic games. The poor people would be sent back in neat coffins, already dead. Her followers were known to deflower young virgins, male and female alike, simply because it amused them.

The town's people have had enough of her sadistic sexual games and gathered.

Mayor Shannon Montgomery stood before her townspeople. They were in a roar, suggesting what they should do. Half of them suggested that they hire the Markus brothers before another stated that they had been wiped out by Meier Link. Then they suggested going up to Circe's castle and burning it to the ground. That same person snorted and said that they'd be killed by Circe and her minions if they tried something that moronic.

Shannon sighed, rubbing her temples. She banged her gavel on her podium till it rang out through the room's silence. When she was satisfied that she had their attention, she cleared her throat.

"Hiring the Markus Brothers was an excellent idea, but, as Mr. Moran stated, they're dead. However, there are other hunters we can hire, ones whose reputations were even better than the Marcus Brothers'," Shannon stated.

Moran shouted, "Who the hell are you talking about, Shannon?"

"D, the dhampire hunter," Shannon answered with a satisfied grin.

Pandemonium raged out around the young mayor. Someone shouted, "There's no way in hell that we'd have a half-breed come to our town!"

"He'd probably be as bad as Circe, or worse! Daylight won't stop a fucking half-breed!" another raged, shaking his fist at her.

Shannon banged her gavel again and snapped, "I'd rather have a dhampire with his reputation in my town than that blood sucking nymphomaniac bitch! Now, if you don't like it, that's fine. I'll put a bounty on her head as well, but I am hiring D."

"You can't do that," a young woman wailed.

Shannon smirked and replied, "I'd like to see you try and stop me. In fact, he should be here at anytime now."

The townspeople gasped as the doors to the town hall opened. They went silent as a tall figure garbed all in black swept into the room. A large brim hat covered most of the man's pale, pointed face. Shannon noticed an opal pinned onto the hat that caught the firelight and sparkled with a myriad of colors.

There was a sword almost as tall as the man in black resting on his back. His footsteps were silent on the wood floors as he approached her. She smirked as he approached the podium, his black cape swirling behind him like an angel's wings.

Indeed, he was to be their salvation whether they liked it or not.

"Mayor Montgomery?" he inquired in a deep, quiet monotone. A lovely voice, Shannon realized as he looked at her, the hat no longer obscuring her view.

His face took her breath away. He was beautiful, exquisite: high, sharp cheek bones, pearlescent skin, a pouting mouth, and long lashed sleepy silvery-blue eyes. Black hair waved around his shoulders and tumbled down to his waist. The torchlight caught plum and garnet shimmers in the black mass. However, he had pointed ears, just like a vampire.

Once she was able to speak again, Shannon stated, "You must be D. Welcome to Lichpin, I'm glad to see that you arrived here well enough. And swiftly too, I must add."

D looked up at her with those intense silvery-blue eyes. "You wished to hire me, correct?"

Shannon nodded and stepped down. She said, "Let me direct you to my office and we'll talk business."

D only nodded as he followed the young mayor away from the townspeople.

To Be Continued!

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