The Legacy of Leila
All names and places fictional.
"Vampire Hunter D"and 'Leila" belong solely to:
Hideyuki Kikuchi
this fan fiction by T. Salazar 8-20-02(TS/Fistula)


          High in the midnight veil, the moon beamed brightly with a face outlined by the grey shadows of it's surface. Clouds formed densely across the horizon and rising suddenly to meet the moon with a grimace, colorful with swift streaks of deep purple and blue. There was an evil force in the air and it drove hard against a young woman running frantically down a beatened gravel path.
          She took in short light breaths but sprinted fast and hard. She decided to take a sharp turn towards the left in order to trick whatever it was chasing her. But it was still behind her. She could feel it breathing down her neck. A force she had reckoned with but failed terribly and it sent her running from her home and the town she once knew as peaceful.
          To her right was the graveyard, dark and dreary but she charged head first into it's rolling dirt mounds. She picked herself up fast after falling and rolling down a small hill. Her feet were right underneath her but her spirit was far ahead.
          Coming to the forest, she glanced behind her, just to see what might be there but nothing was around. She stopped but she still felt that nagging violent force and walked backwards almost jumping into the dark bushes behind her.
          She ducked down behind a large oak tree and peaked carefully around it. Nothing. Paranoia swept over her and she twisted her head fast to look behind her. Nothing but the forest. She sat up against the tree and let out a long deep sigh. A warm tear fell down her dirty cheek. She lowered her head and stared at the forest ahead of her. The trees were illuminated by the sharp white rays of the moon peering through the canopy top. One more sigh and sleep fell upon her, wrapping her up in soft darkness and relieving her mind from the tragedy that begat her family.

Chapter 1
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