(Chapter V All Is Well in Love and War)

          A bright star rose in the east sending off a warm orange glow down to the surrounding foothills below it's massive view. The morning sun erupted behind the clouds in golden rays of splintering light. A good day was opening her embrace to world beneath and waiting soul was ready to reach the day's grasp.
          Leisha stood beside the priest looking out over the small town from where the great church stood. The sun illuminated the dome giving the entire landscape within a look of gold haze. She smiled as she turned to hug the priest.
          "Life will go on freely and beautifully for you, my child," said the priest warmly gazing into her sweet face. She smiled and turned back to her view of the town.
          "I will stay here. My family is gone," she turned to the priest, "I have a new family here."
          He smiled at her and continued to watch the dark shadows of the night pass far from the sun's reach.

          In town, the boisterous crowd stumbled about as they watched the brave vampire hunters return home. Among was the very brave vampire hunter. D looked out around the crowd. The admiration he felt from the commoners was more than he had ever felt from anyone else. He appreciated each and every one of them, including the fearless mayor, Robyn.
          Robyn stood at the edge of a fountain in the middle of the town square, clapping his hands.
          "Well, boys. Extinguished yet another writhing horrible demon. D, I'm very thankful."
          D nodded and dismounted.
          Jeremy and Holton followed his action and dismounted also only to be swept up by a huge grateful crowd of onlookers. Many hand shakes and many pats on the back.
          An older man approached D cautiously, holding out his hand to touch the famed vampire hunter. The man's cane crossed his left leg and sent him falling into the hunter's arms. His arms were amazingly strong to the elderly man. D looked into the man's small blue eyes noting a glimmer of excitement as he placed the man back on his feet with his cane in hand. The man nodded and grinned, admiring the hunter's strong demeanor and quiet beauty.
          D mounted his steady cyborg gelding as Robyn approached him eagerly.
          "I guess this is goodbye then, hunter D?"
          "Well, I suppose you have a long journey ahead of you. I wish you only the best, hunter."
          "Thank you, Robyn."
          Robyn grinned as the hunter pulled his horse away from the crowd and back toward the glass gates.

          D stood atop his horse awaiting the slow grinding gates of the outer layer of glass to slide by when he heard soft footsteps behind him. He turned to look at the blonde beauty standing beside his horse holding her hands to her chest.
          Leisha stared up at him with a sad look of worry. This was a familiar situation, D remembered. Only this time he dismounted his horse and stood tall and dark in front of her. A smile slowly stretched across her sweet face as he took off his hat and bowed slightly in front of her. She giggled and jumped to hug his neck. D lifted her off the ground, her feet only a few inches from the grass, and hugged her tightly. The one true innocent thing in life was to know happiness, and to feel her in his grip close to his beating heart, was the closest he had come to happiness in all his long years.
          He let her slide slowly back to the ground and wiped a tear from her cheek. He held his hat in his left hand making sure to keep the parasite quiet. She took his other hand and kissed his palm. He could feel the wetness of her lips and the warmth of her breath. Feeling her soft lips on his hand made the urge for her lips against his own even stronger. He bent down close to her, dropping to one knee, finally letting her see him in the sunlight completely. Even though it started to pain him to be in the sun's direct rays, he still allowed her to see him fully.
          Leisha smiled looking down at the beautiful being in front of her. D took her hand and kissed it warmly and sweetly. She reached forward to brush a few strands of hair from his face but soon found herself closer to him. She kissed his bottom lip softly, closing her eyes and holding the moment long enough for the scene to be etched in her memory forever.
          She felt a cold breeze sweep her lips. She opened her eyes only to find herself alone and gazing down at the grass below. She stood up and looked around for the hunter. He was not there. She turned back around swiftly only to catch a glimpse of the tall dark rider slowly descending down the hill and past the iron gates of Crystal Hare.

The End

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