Open the Door
by Mishaela

Disclaimer: Vampire Hunter D isn't mine, I just borrowed him for this fic. Since I'm not getting any money for this, I beg the involved parties not to sue. Also, this is a YAOI fanfic, which means that it involves male-on-male sex. If you don't like it, or aren't legal to read it, DON'T!

Donovan Danes, on the other hand, is mine. So, I don't have to worry about somebody suing me over him. Nyah-Nyah! ^_^


Author's Note: Be warned, this fic involves "vampiric" sex. In other words, one guy goes to drinking another guy's blood during the act. If'n you have a problem with the idea, don't read it. If you do read it, I'm not responsible for any medical fees that you might accrue from things such as psycho-therapy and the like.

Italics represent thoughts.


The mother of my fate can be oh-so cruel sometimes.

I mean, back home, weird shit isn't uncommon. I grew up as a trained "pet", after all. A pleasure slave for wealthy men and women. A toy to play with at their leisure. A pretty little plaything.

Don't get me wrong - I loved the life. It made me the "pervert's wet dream" I am now. Sex is my way of getting to a paradise I'll never see in the afterlife.

Oops... I'm rambling.

Okay. So, here I am - in another world - and I see this absolute vision of perfection. I mean, Christ... The guy was enough to make my jaw drop - and that takes some doing.

I tried talking to him and he just looked at me. Didn't say a word, only stood there and looked at me. Gorgeous eyes... Reminds me of sapphires - the dark ones - and I thought I could fall in love with him right there.

Oh - did I mention he was half-vampire? No... Well, now you know.

I'm a mutant. You have to understand; I'm a guy who can lift about fifty tons of weight, regenerate almost any injury within a matter of minutes, and I can see the pressure point nodes in a person's body.

Back home in Los Angeles, that gave me an edge. Mutants, mages, were-beasts, and anything else that isn't quite human will look different when I use my special vision. I can instinctively manipulate those little energy nodes however I want. Put simply - I know your body better than you do - should we ever have the good fortune to meet.

But, right now, I wanted this guy's body. Over me, under me, I didn't care - just so long as I got it. I know he can smell the lust in me... Half-bloods have hypered senses. I can tell that he can by the flicker of his eyes. He isn't sure about me.

That's okay, though. I'm a mutant... and I'm not above cheating to get my way...


D looked at the person standing right next to him, his mind working in over-drive. He wants... me? Surely he can't be serious... He studied the young man - long locks of deep blue hair, matching eyes, lean body, and beauty.

Yes, he was very beautiful. And he's nearly as tall as I am...

Meanwhile, Donnie was eyeing the dhampire just as carefully. Long brown hair, lean build under the cloak, beautiful eyes, and he was tall. God... I love it when I can find someone taller than me. "Listen... My name's Donnie. Why don't you come to the table and have something to drink with me?"

"I don't think so."

Donnie just gave him a lovely smile, "Come on. One drink won't hurt. I promise not to bite..."

Too bad I can't make the same promise, D thought bitterly. He tried to turn away, but the youth's hand went to his arm and held him there with a strength that the dhampire wasn't accustomed to in most other people.

"Hey, one drink. That's all I'm asking. If you don't like the company, you can go." Donnie's other hand slipped around to the small of D's back, trailing up, fingers brushing along the spine.

The dhampire stiffened in surprise, feeling a wave of relaxation wash over him. It was followed by another, similar rush, and he found himself being led to the table by the blue-haired youth. What the hell...?

Smirking, Donnie helped the dhampire to sit at in the chair across from him. Human, half-blood... neither one are immune to their own bodies. The mutant waved a serving girl over to them.

"Yes, I'd like two large bowls of stew and two glasses of orange juice." He turned to D, "You'll like the juice," he started before leaning in close, "It's good for people who suffer mild cases of porphyria."

Warning bells went off in D's head. He... knows? How could he know...? The surprise must have shown on his face because the youth chuckled softly.

"Yes," he whispered, "I know what you are. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody." Donnie smiled warmly at him, "You know... You could tell me your name."

"... D..."

"D? Well, D... what do you do for work?" Donnie sat back when the serving girl came back with the order and remained silent while she set it on the table. He smiled at her and gave her a handful of coins, "Here you go, my dear."

The dhampire watched the girl blush and move away before he turned to look back at his companion, "Do you always get your way?"

"No... but that's not for lack of trying," Donnie laughed. He took a spoon and dug into the stew, "Go ahead and eat... You need to fuel your body somehow, and since you don't give it what it needs, you really should go with what you have before you."

"... I'm... a hunter."

Donnie looked back up at him, "Vampires, right?" When his dinner companion nodded, he smiled, "Good. Most of the ones I've met recently have given me the creeps." Yeah, I'm an endless supply of what they need...

Reluctantly, the dhampire began to eat the offered meal, hiding his wince at the bland taste. It wasn't that there was something wrong with the food, it was just his body's way of saying that it wasn't what it wanted. D had gone without nourishment for several months now.

After several minutes, Donnie could tell that the food wasn't doing the half-blood any good. It wouldn't until he got actual blood in his system. The mutant hid his smile, Stubborn bastard, I'll have to give him that... He reached for the bread, taking out a knife to cut off a slice, and "accidentally" nicked his finger.


The dhampire's hands went to the edge of the table, making it creak a little under the pressure of his grip. Luckily for the both of them, the other sounds of the taproom overpowered such a minor noise. He studied that bleeding digit from under the brim of his hat, watching the crimson essence seep out slowly while Donnie held it away from the rest of the food. Unlike most people, he wasn't trying to cover it up.

"Why don't you cover the wound?"

"Because, letting it bleed reduces the chance for infection. It isn't serious, so why bother?" Donnie hid the smile that was trying to form on his beautiful face, knowing full well why the half-blood wanted the tiny cut wrapped away. Come on, D... I know you want a little taste...

D rose from the table, dropping his spoon and turning to leave. As calmly as he possibly could, the dhampire went to the stairs that led to his room, wanting only to get away from the temptation of that boy's blood. He'd been so preoccupied that he hadn't noticed he was being followed until he got to the door of his room.

"You don't have to run, you know."

The vampire hunter whirled around, his cloak flowing around his long body, to fix the mutant with a glare. "Yes, I do."

Donnie held up his hand, revealing the unblemished finger to him, "It's gone. I heal very quickly. I always do." The hand was grabbed, turned over, examined carefully. He answered the look of astonishment with a chuckle, "I'm kind of like you, D. I'm not completely human, either."

The taller man sagged back against the door, fear flooding his normally impassive face. Don't you realize the danger you're putting yourself in by telling me that, boy? Even now, the hunger for blood was spreading through D, making itself known to Donnie by the telltale glow of his blue eyes. "Go... please."

"Open the door, D." Donnie knew that he just had to push a little more to get what he wanted and to give the dhampire what he needed.

"No." D turned away from the blue-haired mutant, hoping that by not seeing him the hunger would back down.

Donnie didn't give him that chance. Taking the key from the hunter's hand, he inserted it into the lock and turned it - hearing the *click*. "Open the door."

Again, "No." D couldn't bring himself to endanger the youth any further. "Just go, Donnie. Leave me in peace."

"You call that peace?" The mutant ran his hands down D's back, pressing his fingertips into certain areas, manipulating the dhampire's body carefully. The lean body relaxed a little under his palms. "You have to learn how to trust yourself, D. You also have to learn that, once in a while, it's good to give in."

D shook his head, "I... can't. It's too dangerous." Just go away... I don't want to do this.

Taking the dhampire's right hand, Donnie slid the glove off his fingers and then started kissing the palm. He could feel eyes on him as he did so and, with an impish grin, drew one of the long digits into his mouth. Once there, he sucked that finger, swirled his tongue around the length. The implications of the action evoked a shuddering groan from D, who was hardening quickly.

His energy patterns are changing... Good. He's getting very interested.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

Donnie let the finger slip from between his full lips, "Don't ask why. Just think about the possibilities, D."

Oh, I am, the dhampire thought, and I'm not sure I like the idea of where this could go. The young mutant was still holding his hand, stroking the palm, making it tingle slightly.

"Just open the door." The implications of the command became more symbolic than before. "You won't be sorry, I promise."

Before he even realized it was happening, D's hand went to the knob, turned, and then they both were in the room. The dhampire had Donnie backed up against the closed portal, his mouth crushing youth's fiercely in an almost brutal kiss. His ungloved hand was tangled in the blue locks and he could feel the heat of the young man's body against his.

That wasn't all he could feel, either. Donnie ground his pelvis forward, into his taller companion's, rubbing their erections together hard. He heard a deep growl and the kiss intensified, his lips parted under an insistent tongue that brushed against his. Mmmm... Yes... just let go...

The blue-haired boy tasted good. D could feel the hunger taking over. Could feel his canines elongating during that very arousing act. It wasn't long before he tasted a little blood in his companion's saliva. He groaned harshly and brought both hands up to Donnie's face, holding his cheeks between his palms. If the boy knew or cared that he was bleeding, the dhampire didn't know.

Donnie felt the sharp sting in his tongue and all it did was making him even harder than he already was. His manhood was throbbing almost painfully with the surge of blood that engorged him. The mutant couldn't suppress the moan that came from deep down. He let one of his hands rise up and pull the hat off, tossing it aside carelessly, as the kiss progressed.

The kiss finally broke from D pulling back, his lips smeared with scarlet and his blue eyes glowing brightly. "Donnie... are you... absolutely certain about this?" His voice was harsh with need, hunger, and lust. He tastes so good...

Nodding, the blue-haired youth began to push the hunter to the bed, "Are you?"

"... No."

Donnie grinned, "Fine, let's do it anyway." When D's legs hit the bed, his knees buckled and he sat down hard. The mutant smiled as his hands removed the cloak, letting him get a little better look at the long frame. "I want you - you want me - we can't exactly not do something about it."

The cloak was only the beginning. Donovan Danes took his time in removing each article of D's clothing and dropping it onto the floor beside the bed. Every piece of the hunter's garment that disappeared made him marvel anew at the perfection in D's body. "You're beautiful..."

"Leave that glove on," the dhampire said when Donnie went for the leather that covered the left hand. I'm not about to give you a show... I'm already racking up enough that you won't leave me alone for months... D reached up with his right hand and tugged the youth down for another kiss.

Going willingly, Donnie melded his athletic body to the bare one before him. He broke the kiss heartbeats later, letting his lips roam around the pale neck and tasting the skin. He felt D's hands slip down his back, rubbing his silk shirt over his flesh. It felt really good to finally have this guy's hands on his body.

Donnie swept down, catching a nipple in his teeth, lavishing attention on the circle of dark in a sea of cream. He could hear his beautiful companion's breath hitch at the sensation. The nub was rolled around and then let go, to be bathed by the mutant's talented tongue. His fingers walked down D's body the rest of the way to the pulsating organ between the creamy thighs.

A growling moan was his reward when his long digits brushed upwards against the underside. They strayed around the velvety tip, smearing clear liquid in their wake, before they again traveled down to encircle the length and squeeze. D gave an almost erotic purr when that happened. Donnie moved his mouth up to an ear, "I love how responsive you are, D."

The lust-laden comment made him groan again, as did the feel of Donnie's hand on his hardness. It stroked him slowly while the youth devoured the skin of his chest and abdomen. D's hunger wasn't sated, but it was taking a backseat to rising lust. Again, the dhampire was too preoccupied to notice exactly what was going on.

Until Donnie's mouth was engulfing his most heated flesh, then he knew what the beautiful mutant was doing. His surprised moan reverberated off the walls of the room. That boy's wicked tongue was fluttering over the head of his arousal, stroking the sides, lapping at the liquid desire that he was producing. D thrust up between those gorgeous lips, trying to drive himself in as far as he could.

And, with a moan, Donnie let him. He worked his throat around that stout member, caressed it with his tongue, and scraped his teeth lightly along the shaft. He was sure as hell going to keep his promise. The mutant drug D up into the heights of passion, held him there for several minutes, and then flung him over the edge with a deep vibrating moan.

D roared as the blue-haired youth drank everything he had to offer, swallowing the white essence, not losing a single pearl of it. Moments later, the dhampire pulled Donnie down onto the bed, rolled over him, and began laying hot kisses on his throat. "My turn," he growled.

Damn, he recovers quick, Donnie thought just before his shirt was ripped open, sending buttons spraying all over the room. D's mouth covered the hardened bud of his left nipple, suckling it hard, and then he felt those delightfully long teeth bite down around it.


The pleasure swept through him like an out of control blaze. Donnie had never felt anything like it - which said a lot considering his background. He was being ravaged by sensations while the dhampire was lapping trickles of crimson off his heated skin. He heard the frustrated growl when his natural gift closed the wound prematurely.

Undaunted, D buried his disappointment and moved to the other side, repeating the action. The youth's blood was starting to taste even better than it had during the kiss. Most likely because of how aroused he is...

Donnie was squirming under his ministrations, loving the sensual pleasure of the dhampire's kiss. It was a feeling he could become quickly addicted to if it continued too far.

"Oh, D... Yes... GOD... YES!!!"

When the second font stopped flowing, D's lips moved further down, caressing the mutant's stomach while his fingers undid the top button of Donnie's jeans. The blue-haired youth's body scent was erotically maddening - very nearly overwhelming the dhampire.

The denim came off, thrown somewhere with a feral growl, and then his mouth ran teasingly up the inside of Donnie's thigh. The mutant's erection twitched with each kiss, feeling the hint of D's teeth behind his lips, and the anticipation was making him writhe. Pulling one long leg over his shoulder, D turned his head while watching Donnie out of the corner of his eye, and bit down into the unyielding flesh.


Blood trickled out from the twin wounds, D lapping at the stream hungrily, coveting the taste. He watched as Donnie worked three long fingers into his own opening, stroking himself internally to heighten the rush. D's mouth closed over the wounds, applying suction, trying to keep it open as long as possible. He smiled at how it was driving the blue-haired youth crazy with pleasure.


Suddenly, he was over Donnie and pushing into the stretched ring, wondering briefly if the mutant could hold him. He needn't have worried. The slight stretching pain only made the blue-haired boy wilder underneath him and D pushed fully into him. He lost himself to the tight caress of Donnie's body and began to thrust into him with deep strokes.

Donnie clawed his back, all thoughts of anything but the intense pleasure forgotten as he was repeatedly filled. He was crying out with abandon, almost demanding that D go harder, matching each shuddering thrust with one of his own. Between cries, he was kissing the dhampire, dancing his tongue with D's, mimicking how their bodies were gyrating together.

The dhampire's nails were shredding the pillow under the mutant's head as D clawed it. The youth's body was miraculously hot and tight, caressing his length every time he entered it. His hands moved down to Donnie's hips, grasping them hard, holding them for each stroke he gave. The hunger within him was rising, making itself known, bringing his mouth to the side of the slender unmarred neck.

D sank his fangs into the pulsing river of life under the skin and Donnie screamed in rapture. The mutant grabbed the sides of the bed as his body tightened down around the intruder and he climaxed so very loudly in the confines of the chamber.


Ten tiny trails of crimson flowed from around his fingertips as D's hands gripped tighter and he found breathing difficult as his seed spilled into Donnie's body. He held on, sipping at the wound and giving several short jerks, emptying himself completely with a loud feral groan. Then, he sank down into the youth's heaving chest.

Donnie folded his arms over his back and stroked sweaty strands of brown hair out of his eyes, whose glow was now receding. Contented lethargy spread throughout D's frame and, for once, he welcomed the embrace of another.

"Stay the night... please..."

The mutant chuckled, "After a ride like that, do you honestly think I'm going anywhere? You'll be lucky if you can get rid of me come morning."

With an exhausted smile, D tilted his face up to the youth's, "Maybe... I won't try..."

"I'll keep you healthy," Donnie promised seductively before his lips brushed against the sweat-beaded forehead.

"...Deal..." He heard whispered before both succumbed to Morpheus' iron grip.


I never knew that there would be someone out there who could help me be what I was without having to suffer it.

Donovan Danes left the inn with me that next morning and he hasn't left my side in the year since then. When I first met him, I thought he was no more than about seventeen years old. His body's ability to regenerate had fooled me.

He's actually in his early forties.

I don't doubt he came from another world. I'm just thankful he did.

My other "companion" has been silent about that night, much to my surprise. I think it is just pleased that I'm finally allowing myself something that feeds both sides of my heritage. Regardless of what it thinks, I'm just glad that it and Donnie get along.

He's asleep now, lulled that way by the gait of the DL4-Cyborg Horse we're riding. He's beautiful in slumber. Almost angelic. That all changes, however, when passion overtakes us both.

I remember once, my father told me that I would someday fall in love and that, when it happened, I would willingly fight to the death to defend that person. I had scoffed at the notion... Who would love a monster like me? Who would let a monster like me love them in return?

That girl, Doris, had claimed to love me. I knew better. What she felt was simply an infatuation for someone who came to her rescue. I was her "white knight", but that was all I was. I couldn't love her back because what she thought she felt wasn't true love.

Donnie, on the other hand, had no dangers facing him that he needed my aid. He simply gave me something I needed - whether I wanted it or not - and I gave something he wanted in return. Something grew from the seeds of that giving.

I know now that my father was right. There is nothing in this world that I wouldn't stand in the way of to protect him... Not that he really needs it.

He is my match - in all ways... Strength, courage, and passion. I love him for that and I always will.

~The End~

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