"Second Chance"

Written By
Mark Moore

Author's note: The following story is a work of fiction based on the "Vampire Hunter D" anime film from 1985. All characters in the story are not of my own creation. They are copyrighted by Hideyuki Kikuchi. The following story is copyrighted 2000, 2001 by Mark Moore.

I had originally written this story with heavy Christian overtones. It had a long version and a short version. The long version contained nothing more than a full-length Easter Vigil Mass. I wrote the first draft of the long version from Friday, January 21, 2000, 1:30 PM to Sunday, April 15, 2001, 6:59 PM. I finished the first draft of the short version at 7:47 PM. I then saved a plain text short version (with the inclusion of the song at the end) and posted it in 12 installments (3 at a time) to the Vampire Hunter D mailing list at Yahoo! Groups. I would now like to thank Cathy Krusberg and Elizabeth Switzer for reading the story and offering their comments and suggestions. Thank you! =)

I started working on the second draft on Thursday, May 31, 2001, at 3:23 PM. I got rid of the Christianity and changed some other stuff. For the history of the world after World War III, I used Kevin Leahy's summary of the history of the world according to the first Vampire Hunter D novel (http://www.altvampyres.net/vhd/leahyrev.html). I completed the second draft on Thursday, October 4, 2001, at 9:57 PM. While I was working on it, I sent it a bit at a time to Charlotte MacFarlane, who had responded to my request on the fanfictionnetwriters group for someone to read it. She read the story and sent me her comments and suggestions. I started working on the final draft on Friday, October 12, 2001, at 12:56 PM. I took most of her suggestions into account when revising the story (the rest I'm saving for the sequel). Thank you, Charlotte!

Now, it's nearly two years later: Saturday, November 10, 2001, 7:45 PM. The final draft is done. To quote Rod Stewart (and Russell Watson), "It's been a long road, gettin' from there to here." Throughout the writing of this story, I've struggled with the tone. The end result is a story that seems less horrific and depressing and more glamorous and fun than the movie. It has a sort of '80s feel to it, rather than a medieval feel. It was the best I could do. Feel free to send/leave me reviews, be they positive, negative, or something in between. Did I just type "be they"? Weird. Anyway, I hope I've done the characters justice. Thank you, Cathy, for posting this story at The Vampire Hunter D Archives.

Oh, yeah, this is a lemon/ecchi/hentai/perverted/sinning/horndog of a fanfic. If you're too young to read it (you know that you are), please don't read it. I am not liable for any damages this fanfic causes, either mentally or physically. You're reading this at your own risk. You have been warned. Enjoy the story!

Thursday, April 21, 12090

Doris Lang entered her house in a dazed state. She had just been rescued from Count Magnus Lee. Her brother, Dan, and D, the brave vampire hunter who had rescued her, came in behind her. The three of them had stood and watched the castle's destruction together.
"Are you all right, sis?" Dan asked.
D placed a hand on his shoulder. "Your sister has to be alone for now. She's been through so much."
Silently, D and Dan left the house, leaving Doris by herself in the living room.
She walked over to a window and looked out at the setting sun.
So much had happened to her recently. First her horse, Luke, had been killed. Later, people began to die. First Dr. Fering had been turned into a vampire and killed. Then Greco had been killed. Then D had killed Count Lee.
Then Lamika.
Lamika Lee had been the Count's daughter. She was a dhampir, an offspring of a vampire and a human. In her case, her vampire father had mated with a human woman. Still, Lamika had thought of herself as a member of the Nobility. She always had. She could not live as anything else. Refusing to live as a human being, she had instead committed suicide by walking into the castle as it sank into the ground.
Doris began to cry. I could have tried to talk to her, she thought. She began to think of all the things - anything - she could have told her: Lamika, please don't do this! I know that being a Noble is all that you've ever known, but the fact that it's over doesn't mean that your life is over! Your old life is over, but you can start a new life - as a human! You can live with me and Dan! We'd be your sister and brother! Oh, how I'd love to have you as my sister! Lamika, if you really want to kill yourself, you can do it anytime! But please, give life as a human a try! Please, Lamika, don't kill yourself! Doris could have run after her and begged and pleaded with her!
But she didn't. And now Lamika was dead.
Doris started to cry.

The girl dug through the ground. She didn't know how long she had been digging. Hours, perhaps.
She poked her fingers through some dirt and felt nothing there. She was at the surface! Quickly she dug, and soon she emerged from the ground.
Lamika lay down on the dirt and rested, gasping for breath. She had nearly run out of oxygen down there. Now she lay on the ground, inhaling the cool night air, the wind chilling her sweat-drenched body, her lungs burning.
After a while, she stood up and walked slowly to the Lang farm.

There was a knock at Doris' front door. It startled her, but she got up and walked over to the door. She unlocked and opened it.
Lamika was standing outside. She looked terrible. She was covered in dirt and sweat, and she looked completely exhausted.
"Doris..." she moaned.
"Lamika!" Doris exclaimed in shock.
"Help me..."
"Come inside!" Doris said.
Lamika walked into the living room. Doris closed the door and locked it.
"Lamika, what happened?!" Doris asked frantically.
"I...chose life." she replied.
"Get out of those clothes. Take a shower." Doris told her. "We'll talk afterwards."
Lamika nodded and went into the bathroom.

Doris heard the water turn off and walked into the bathroom. She saw the shower door open and Lamika emerge naked. Doris stared at her, fixated on her nude body. Lamika was so beautiful.
"I, uh,...I brought you a towel, and you can use my yellow robe and slippers." Doris offered them to her.
Lamika took them.
Doris turned and left the room, her heart pounding.

After Lamika had dried herself and combed her hair, she put on the robe and slippers and walked into the living room.
"I made some chicken soup." Doris said, placing two bowls onto the table.
"Thank you." Lamika said.
The two of them sat on the couch and began to eat their soup.
"So, what happened?" Doris asked.
"When I walked back into the castle, I realized I was going to die. I...I got scared." Lamika began. "I thought about how my father had treated me, how he had treated you, how he had treated others, and I realized that I did not want to share a tomb with him for all eternity. I quickly ran up the stairs as the castle was sinking. Finally, I reached the balcony on the top floor, but by then the castle was completely underground. I had to dig my way out with my bare hands. I was running out of air, but I kept clawing at the dirt, refusing to give up and die."
"That's incredible." Doris said in wonder. "What kept you going?"
"You." she replied. "I would like you to teach me to live as a human."
Doris smiled. "You're serious?"
"Well, I figure it's better than dying." she said.
Doris' face beamed with delight. "Oh, Lamika, I'd be delighted to teach you!"
"Why are you so excited?"
"Well,...I missed you terribly,...and I'm glad you're alive."
Lamika smiled. That made Doris smile as well.

After they had eaten, Doris took Lamika upstairs and to a room down the hall.
Doris opened the door, and they walked into the room.
"This will be your room." Doris told her. "It was my parents'."
"Thank you." Lamika said.
Just then, they heard the front door opening and closing downstairs.
"D and Dan are back." Doris said. "I guess we'd better go and tell them."
The two of them walked out of the room, up the hall, and down the stairs.
D and Dan faced them, and they froze in shock.
"Lamika,...you're alive!" Dan exclaimed.
"Yes." she replied.
"But how?" D asked.
"I dug my way out." she said.
"Lamika will be living with us." Doris added.
"Really?" Dan asked Lamika.
She nodded. "Yes."
"Lamika will be our new sister." Doris said.
The others all stared at her, speechless.
"Uh, c'mon, Lamika," Doris told her, "I'll show you how to do your laundry."
They walked into the bathroom.


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