Lady Sharlot here. This is part two of Red Stakes. D and Alucard are now 
company of the tantalizing Meier Link. If you have read the first story, and 
still have not noticed that there is homosexual activity and rather brash 
sex going on, then you cannot be angry with me because you are still reading 
it. For these like the ride, PLEASE (with a cherry on top) let me know and 

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Red Stakes 2

Link had left the brightening room to relax in his coffin. Beds were only 
for day lovers. He considered them too yielding and warm for his tastes. The 
two half bloods were left to themselves. Alucard stirred beneath D, who 
caressed his thighs and buttocks as he dozes off again. The moonlit dhampire 
nuzzled D's chest for warmth. D decided to be idle for a day or two. Being 
in the hunter business is demanding work. He barely remembers ever sleeping 
on velvet and peering at the daylight in the late afternoons. He stretched 
his lean muscles and took a brief nap.

"It's now 9:00 pm, D. Wake up."

The voice came from Meier Link who sitting on the bed, stroking a pet-like 
Alucard. The blonde was still lethargic as Meier Link lifted him onto his 
lap. D hesitantly sits up and smiled at Alucard's wild hair and juvenile 
sleepiness. He was now adorned in a much too large pale green silk shirt and 
droned as Link ran his hands over his milky thighs. Alucard hugged Link's 
chest as the vampire continued to fondle his buttocks.

"Ohhhh. Link, stop that."

It was a futile protest that fell on deaf ears.

"You missed breakfast and lunch, D. Alucard made pancakes; he is an 
excellent cook."

"Alucard cannot cook, he is nobility."

D mumbled as he threw the covers back over his head.

"So are you, D."

Alucard poked his tongue at D; his face was sweetly contoured to that of a 
catlike creature. He rubbed himself against Meier and purred as Link rubbed 
his back.

"Of course, D likes his food cold. Heat is an annoyance to him."

The dhampire teased in a silky voice. D pretended to be asleep. He played 
with D's toes under the covers. Alucard's hands brushed D's feet. D just 
moaned and stretched, revealing the fine feet. Link chuckled at Alucard's 
gentle play.

"My God, do I see a corn?"

Alucard rumbled as D looked at his feet. When there was no corn or 
imperfection to be found, he fell back on his pillow. Alucard bent over and 
lifted D's feet to his lips. His toenails were sheen like glass and were 
neatly clipped. Lying on his back, D smiled at his lover's gesture of 
affection. Kissing his feet, how cute.

The dark hunter felt little indulged, no one has ever kissed his feet unless 
their life depended on it. Alucard begin to rub them, massaging the muscular 
long arch. His hands started squeezing the toes, gently digging into the 
tense muscles. Link watched Alucard work from over his shoulders. D relaxed. 
The feeling of pleasurable waves flow from his feet to his head. Alucard saw 
the effects of his massage and lifted a foot to his lips. He kissed the 
toes, taking time to nimble at them. He took his efforts higher. D winced as 
silken claws fondled his thighs and the kisses, ever so playful, showered 
his groin and inner thighs. Alucard nuzzled the semi-hard organ. D groaned. 
Link moved in to kiss the dark hunter's lips. D took the exploring tongue, 
moaning as it caressed his. Alucard lapped at the hard cock, nipping the 
throbbing head. His hands held D's hips. The massive creature pushed into 
his mouth. Alucard let him do as he wished.

Alucard swallowed as much of the meat as he could, the texture was so good. 
Something between leather and silk. He felt the smooth pumping veins under 
the delicate skin.


D cried as Link handles his nipples with his claws. Link gently pulled and 
tweaked them. He liked how the dark one was swooning with pleasure. Alucard 
ran his hands up and down the length of D's marvelous thighs, feeling the 
power and grace these limbs possessed. He dreamed of riding them, these 
smooth unyielding legs. Alucard had a slender shorter build, worthy of 
flight and agility. The silk shirt fell off his shoulders and made him look 
seductive. His throat and mouth were getting pretty tired. He now had a rosy 
tint to his lips and cheeks. D pulled the rich locks back to see his lover's 

"So beautiful, my tragic prince."

He replaced his cock with his lips. Alucard blinked. D was too fast; he was 
in his arms. D sucked and kissed those rosy lips. His tongue tasted the 
saline fluids of his excitement. D captivated Alucard with physical caresses 
and sweet kisses that made the young hunter purr like a kitten. Alucard 
moved against D, feeling his body's motion. Link just watched them. He 
lazily reclined on the pillows, growing just as ravenous. Alucard sighed as 
D lessened the kiss. He could kiss D forever. D stroked his brow as he 
nimble on the ivory throat. Alucard's eyebrows were knitted.

" feel so good."

"The same here."

Link huffed and Alucard droned. He let D ravished his throat, licking and 
nipping up to his chin, then back down to the base of his neck. His toes 
curled and pulled at the sheets and Alucard had to grasp D's shoulders for 
support. D's cock also rubbed against his, Alucard reached down and felt the 
rigid cock. He could ride this thing for days.

"Link can do the same also."

Alucard was hoping that he might get some revenge. Seeing his lover seize 
upon the almighty Link was a comic thought. He watched Link out the corner 
of this eye.


"Link is superb, you must try him."

"Perhaps I will."

D's voice was heavy with lust. His body ached for a workout.
Pompous of his idea, Alucard released D, who nonchalantly took his place in 
Meier Link's arms. Link sat up and kissed the dark one. D gives him some 
blood on his tongue to revitalize him. Link relished it, closing his eyes 
and letting it melt away.

"So spicy."

Alucard nipped D's massive shoulders as he readied D for Link. Almost 
immediately D was shifting his position to face Link's feet. He lowered 
himself on to the cock and Alucard watched a good four inches disappear into 
D. Those ivory cheeks soon blushed as Link's cock found that pleasant spot 
within him. D relaxed and started to ride. His eyes knitted with the 
gratification and sting of the entering. He purred as Link caressed his 
buttocks and Alucard licked his belly and chest.

Link was amazed at D's eagerness, the way he worked himself on the cock. 
Gyrating his hips and just elegant posture made Alucard marvel at his 
control. His hands were on his thighs, he moved back and forth. D's eyes 
started to turn glassy and melodious groans flowed from his lips. Link 
slapped the tight ass in front of him, setting D's buttocks on fire. D lowly 
groaned and rode harder, licking his lips. Link was starting to become 

"Ride it, boy. Ride my cock."

Looking back at Link, D leered at him and growled, "You ride it."

Link chuckled.

"A sassy little dhampire. I think will ride you after all."

In a whip of brown hair, D hit the mattress face first with the rigorous 
Link pumping him from behind. On all fours, D howled as Link fucked him 
something fierce.

"Arrrrrgh. Ohhhhhhhhh, that's it. Give it to me."

"You want it."


Such aggressive sex made Alucard go red as he looked on. D was grimacing 
from the hard ramming but he enthusiastically took every inch. Link grabbed 
a fistful of hair and slowly rammed D.

"Are we having fun yet?"

D bent back to relieve the pull on his hair. His back was gracefully bent 
like a bow. D groaned under the hammering, his slender body glistening in 
the candlelight. Alucard just looked on; wondering why is D taking such 

Should he be fucking Meier?

Meier caught Alucard's questioning glare and rammed D harder. D pushed back, 
wanting more. Meier bent over, locking the dhampire in his arms. His lips 
went to D's shoulder. He was too fast for Alucard to see. D muffled a lust 
drenched cry as Meier's fangs scratched D's skin and released a little 
crimson. The pain was then mixed with bliss when Meier's hand stroked D's 

"Ahhhhhh, good."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes, ...more.

D's head spun from the wonderful abrasion. He was clawing the mattress with 
his nails.

"A furniture clawer!!!"

His backhand landed across D's ass with a deafening smack. D buckled and 
screamed under the punishment. It startled the Hell out of Alucard, 
witnessing the opening of those sharp teeth. They were long and an excellent 
white. He blushed as Alucard blinked. D braced himself and bit his finger to 
keep from crying out.

Meier was licking the cuts on D's shoulders, growing so ever close to 
bursting. Alucard could feel his own cock swelling with blood. D was gasping 
and shaking under Meier. He was now a beautiful hue of rose. He appeared so 
passive and yet robust as he received Meier Link's assaults. D scratched 
Meier's left thigh as he stiffen and came. Link squeezing and stroked the 
white passion onto to D's cock, using it as a lubricant. His eyes were 
closed shut and his lips released a sigh. Alucard found himself drawing 
closer to the lovers.

The heat made Link pink, every vein hissed as he work. His heart was beating 
like a drum, thundering within his ribcage. Meier gasped and released his 
passion into D. The old hunter quivered and groaned as Meier withdrawn. 
Covered in a fine sheen, D collapsed on to the bed. His body was stunned 
from Meier's uncompromising lovemaking.

Link looked down at Alucard. He was feeding from the scratches, lapping the 
closing wounds. The vampire kissed Alucard, running his tongue along those 
thin pink lips. Stroking the silky waves and broad shoulders, Meier deepen 
the kiss.

"Take him."


"You have not gotten enough pleasure, take him."

"He would never forgive me."

"He WANTS you. Besides he knows that every relationship has a give and a 
take. D wants you to take some."

Alucard looks at the flushed D lying on the bed. He could not see his face 
but his breathing was calm. Brown tresses flowed about, D's body was so 
strange but beautiful. Long lean limbs and wasp waist gleamed like white 
sands in the moonlit desert. Those dangerous claws with retracting nails 
could bring death and pleasure. Meier looked on as well. Alucard crawled 
over to D, who was probably asleep.

He kissed the expansive shoulders, tasting the sweat and touch of Meier. He 
rolled D over, watching the lush locks settle on his face. Starting for the 
very top D's forehead, Alucard kissed the hot flesh. D suddenly moved, those 
canines nibbling at Alucard's throat. Alucard paused for the familiar sting 
instead there was licking and sucking. D pulled Alucard to him and smoothen 
the blonde tresses from his face.

Alucard settled between D's thighs and caressed the flushed hunter with 
affection. He wanted D to revive from his embrace with Meier. Nipping his 
tongue, he gave D a blood kiss. D groaned as the drop quickened his body. He 
let Alucard heal before proceeding. Such gentleness and hunger, they were 
kissing each other's throats. Soft cries echoed the chamber as D takes 
Alucard. He sits up as the youth rode him, gasping at the sensations. The 
moonlit creature rolled his eyes and braced himself on D's thighs. Meier 
caressed Alucard from behind, necking him. Alucard buckled under such 

The silk shirt was ripped off and a mouth soon covered his hot flesh with 
the most heated kisses. A sandwich of white flesh, he felt like a piece of 
meat. If this was being devoured then so be it. He saw a black cord slip 
around his neck. D loosely secured it in place. His wrists were soon bound 
behind D's neck, the older hunter supporting his weight.

"Meier, no more games!"

Alucard growled as Meier slapped his bottom with a brush. He felt so 
humiliated as the blows made he hump against D. He rose and fell on D's 
cock. D hoarsely groaned as the warmth and tightness made his head spin. 
Meier stroked those long golden tresses as Alucard received several firm but 
gentler slaps. A tinge of pleasure and pain made the halfing's heart soar.

Later that night...

Alucard and D lay in each other's arms, kissing. D was nodding off as 
Alucard played with his hair. D watched that ivory face as it sadly smiled.

"D, will we leave tomorrow evening?"


"I will miss those wonderful conditions, warm beds, sleeping late, excellent 

"Why, thank you."

Link butted in from his huge cherry writing desk adjacent to the bed. He was 
reading a letter from Charlotte. She was having a great time and was hoping 
that they spend some quality time together. All that cozy shit. Link pressed 
the scented letter to his nose, as if to smell her.

Alucard smiled and traced the smooth outline of D's face.

"Best of all, the delectable loving when there is time."

D kissed those graceful fingertips.

"There will be always time to cuddle."

Alucard blushed at the primitive growl D projected and he curled up beside 
D. All that earlier action made him glide into a peaceful siesta.

Fin baby.

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