Well, I have fallen in love with the sensual D and all his yaoi fan
fiction lovers. None of these characters are mine. If you DO NOT like 
homosexual stuff, I strongly advise you to not read this. I was inspired to 
wrote this tale after reading Mishela's "Blood Bond". This author can write. 
She has intense artistic taste for yaoi. Fucking without the smut. So this 
story is just hopefully one of my Yaoi Bad Boys tales.
Please enjoy and send me some replies on my style.

Red Stakes by LadySharlot
Link MeierxAlucard

The notorious vampire, Meier Link, dragged a knocked-out Alucard down a
smooth marble hall. Smiling, he neared his master suite. Hot and
interested in the little dhampire, he was rough but very careful not
to harm the sweet little thing. Alucard moaned as the cold floor
rubbed against his back. Link was just minding his own business in his
garden, when the stupid but cute little thing fell from his garden
wall. For a day, Alucard had been watching him in his garden. Link
knew he was being watched but he did not investigate. Instead he was
quite rebellious. Midnight skinny-dipping and moon-bathing kept the
fresh hunter active. It turns out that the inexperienced one was just
beginning to hunt.

"A D influence, I see."

Alucard just groaned as he was thrown on to a bearskin rug in front of
a cozy fire.

"Tonight, I'll show you something that D have neglected to warn you

Meier Link popped a bottle of champagne and poured two glasses. He
only liked blood but he never lost his taste for delicate fine
champagne. Sipping the chilled liquid, he watched the flaxen cutie
stir on the carpet. Alucard was soon on his knees and staring at the
robe of Meier Link. The vampire crossed his ivory legs; one arm was
resting on the back of his chair. Alucard glanced at the fine pedicure
feet and the strong hairless calves, framed the blue rich satin robe.
Link looked at the dhampire, indifferent with the fierce look of study
from his prey.

Alucard stood up as he eyed Link who offered him a glass. His instinct
was to fight but this was an act of pure kindness. Accepting the offer
graciously, he sipped the pink liquid while Link smiled. It was very
refreshing. He was rugged and hot from his early meeting with Link.
The creamy vampire stood before Alucard, his sash was loosening,
revealing hard body of marble. A hand extended to gently stroke
Alucard's face. Link was satisfied to know that his powers worked on
males. Charming this beauty would be no problem. The victim was still
in control but the spell drained his body, making him malleable under
Link's control.

Alucard's body heat radiated to his hand. Link never felt so soothed
by touch. His beloved Charlotte was away on family matters and her
warmth was deeply missed. She had gone for only a month. He only
spared the half-blood's life because of this one problem.

"Why am I here, you could have killed me?"

Link was behind him, stroking the soft locks of blonde.

"I know but tonight you shall warm my bed."

First was the dusty cloak, second, his coat, so on till nothing
Alucard's "sword" was left. The dhampire looked like one of his former
foes, standing in the dusty center of discarded petals. Whiplike curls
fell to his broad shoulders to frame the smooth marble face. His
velvety skin gleamed over lean muscle. Alucard was calm but deep
inside he was frightened. His mind never left the vampire behind him.

Link chuckled as the dhampire blushed crimson.

"Remove those hands, I want to see all your charms, boy."

Reluctantly, Alucard removed his hands. He was burning red now.
Showing his privates to a complete stranger was bizarre. And immoral.
The thought just made him harder.

His cock was agreeable thick. It was already burning from
encouragement. Link easily looked over Alucard's shoulder to see the
glowing sword. Running his nimble fingers down the silky skin to the
well-defined thighs, Link gasped while warmth flowed through his body.
The scent of the youth made him drunk with lust. The heat seemed to
grow as his hands neared the redden cock. Alucard's breathing
increased as the hands gently feathered the shaft and head. Soon there
was a beautiful execution of strokes from the head to the base.

Link moaned in Alucard's ear, his breath was sweet with wine and his
voice was even sweeter. The drugged hunter lightly fell back against
the vampire, gasping to each stroke. Link hugged Alucard's waist,
absorbing the warmth.

"So luminous, like the moon's light itself."


"Please what?"

"Do not stop please. So...good."

The captor was pleased by the request. The strokes became faster.
Alucard threw one arm around the massive shoulders of the vampire.
Soon the rough fur of the rug became their bed as Link discarded his
robe. He was still behind Alucard. The coolness of Link made Alucard
jump, a well-lubed finger made him buck. Link was beginning to warm up
from the flow of body heat from his lover. So smooth and long. Just
like the white fleshy cock that rubbed shyly against Alucard's
buttocks. Each poke made Alucard's desire to be shagged increased.
Alucard roared as the finger found the spot and rubbed teasing circles
around it. His body was on fire, bucking under Link's assaults. By
means of narrowed eyes, he saw two other beautiful creatures doing the
same thing. Seeing the long agile fingers at work made him all the
more excited. Alucard turned his head from the mirror in shame. Link
chuckled as rhythmical rubbed his groin into Alucard's rump, keeping
the lunging fingers in contact with the spot.

Alucard cried out," I'm a freak...ahhhhhgh."

"A beautiful freak at that."

Link brought the exquisite face up to his and passionately kissed
those pink lips.

"Did D do this to you?"

Link's lips went directly to his throat: hard hot kisses were
established on the white flesh. Alucard was holding back. No answer.

"Answer me!"

Link did medieval on the pleasure spot; a third finger was inserted
and a nice hard lunging made Alucard jump on all four and crawl away.
"You are not escaping so easily, my sweet."

The vampire was faster and kept up with him. He made the pleasure more
intense by grabbing the swollen organ between Alucard quivering legs.
It was so searing, Link repeatedly squeezed the head, feeling the
sleek juices seep from between his fingers. Alucard braced himself
against the footboard of the massive bed as Link fingered his love

Alucard was howling with delight, every skilled stroke pushed him
toward orgasm. Link nibbled the sensitive area of Alucard's back,
grazing his way a towards the trembling buttocks and thighs. Pulling
out his finger, he gave the tight mounds a playful slap. Alucard
pushed back against the lukewarm hand, whimpering for more.

"What a beautiful romp!"

He slapped it again, much harder than the first. The hunter moaned.
Link glared at the light welt left on the ocean of cream before him.
Smirking, he grabbed Alucard's wrists and bonded them with the cord of
bed curtains. Sitting on the chair he pulled up, the young one thrown
over his lap. Alucard did not like this position, he muttered under
his breath.

"Let me go, Link. Or else."

Link pulled Alucard's face up to his, eyes glowing, his fist tightly
grabbing the locks, making Alucard cry out.

"Or else what. What are you going to do now?

Like a child being punished, Alucard whimpered as the vampire paddled
his sensitive buttocks. He could not escape the fierce strength and
punishment. His sore buttocks jump and twisted as the claw down on
them with a slap. Tears were welling up in his eyes; soon there was a
waterfall of them. Sweat formed on his body as he struggled under
Link's hand.

"Aaaaaahgh. NOOOOOOO!"

"That's right take like a man, boy!!

Alucard was now sobbing as Link slowed down. He was too embarrassed by
the punishment to even look up. Link pulled him off his lap and turned
the tear-streaked face to his. A smile of sympathy came to his lips as
he looked into the bewildered glowing gray irises. Those lips were
more delectable than before and Alucard looked very human. All the
blood in his body was now coursing through him, making every part him
ready. Link drank in the sweet scent of sweat, tears and stimulation.
He smoothened sweaty strands back to get a better look. The man turned
his head in great shame. Crying was not one of his better
characteristics, but Link took great pride in their creation. A tongue
lapped his cheek and he grunted as his bottom touched.

"So delicate and charming."

Alucard was trembling in pain and pleasure. His bottom was so pink
that it out did his blush.

Picking up the hunter he placed him on the bed, on his stomach.
Alucard groaned, welcoming the cool satin sheets. He lied there
quietly, snuffling as Link crawled on the bed with some oil and lube.
On his knees, dropped some oil on his hand.

"On your fours, legs spread, boy.

Alucard did as he was told, quivering with anger and pain. The claws
gently worked the scented oil into the welts. Link made the hunter
dance. Somewhere between the pleasure and pain, he loved it. The tinge of 
pain from his welt seems to heighten the erotic strokes of Meier's fingers. 
He would grunted softly if Link pressed down on a spot too hard or purr if 
his sweet spot massaged. Alucard gasped as a cool tongue lapped some places 
and a mixture of hot pain and pleasure stunned his senses. Soon the 
massaging was mixed with the memorable erotic fingering. Alucard just 
groaned and pushed his bottom on Link's fingers. He could feel Link dripping 
more lube inbetween his soft mounds and using his fingers to apply it into 
his hungry cavity.

"Awwwww, are you anger at me?"

Link whispered as he rolled the dhampire over to see the glowing eyes
and flaring nostrils. He grunted as the cool satin rubbed the welts.
Alucard was truly pissed and Link just smiled at he spread the creamy

Through clenched teeth, Alucard hissed," What the hell do you think?"

Link's eyes narrowed as he moved between the thighs. He gripped the
slender hips and Alucard could feel the cold steel like cock at his
opening, just about to enter. Link came into kissing distance of
Alucard's face. Bracing himself with one hand, using the other to
steady his organ; he chuckled," Do you think I would let you go
without a "proper" punishment. Hmmmm."

The cock was pulsing, shaking Alucard's body. He tried to move up but Link 
just pressed harder. Alucard's heart was pounding,
"You spoiled little hunter, D has treated you like a pet. And he trained you 
like a pet. I was mining own business when you revealed that cute flaxen mop 
over my wall."

Alucard mumbled as the cock braced firmly against his opening. Link

"If I would have killed you, I would not have been able to enjoy this
sinfully delicious body of yours."

His hand fixed the organ in place and rubbed Alucard's thighs and

"I have a need to fulfill and you will provide what I need."

So cold, almost like an icicle probing him. Alucard could feel his
anger chill over into fear. D was so warm and gentle. How he wished
that D were making love to him this moment. Swallowing his pride, with
emotionless eyes, Alucard whispered,

"Enough hearsay, just get it over with."

"You just might enjoy this."

Alucard roared and buckled as Link entered him halfway. His head was
thrown back in total pain and shock. He let it marinate for a while
letting the dhampire feel the organ, throbbing inside of him. Alucard
put his hand in his mouth to hold back the scream. Link groaned
hoarsely as the heat circulated his body, well lubed and tight, his
member was warmed.

"So...good and...tight."

"Uhhhhhh, ahhhhh."

Alucard felt the cold cock quickly heating up inside of him. Link
hungrily thrust into his prey. Alucard started to feel the cock caress
the pleasure spot. He whimpered the pleasure increased tenfold, soon
he was crying out in sheer ecstasy.

"OHHHHHHHH, mmmmmmhhhh."

"So the angel.is revealing itself. Hahahahah."

Alucard blushed and looked away. Link pushed him.

"Come on. I can feel your need also. You know you want it."

"No, I don't. Mmmmmmmmm, ohhhhh."

That last groan gave him away. Link roared with laughter and rammed
Alucard like a bull. Link looked at the blushing beauty beneath him
and kissed those sweet lips while stroking the flames harder.
Alucard's eyes were closing and he looking so angelic. Beautiful
lashes, heavenly arched eyebrows hinting how into the act he was. He
untied the hunter. The muscular thighs hugged Meier Link's waist. It
was getting so delightfully hot; every stroke hit the spot, milking
Alucard's passion. Link growled as he rapidly lunged Alucard. Flushed
to crimson, the both them gyrating their hips to gain pleasure. Lifting
the dhampire's hips on to his lap, Link gripped them and drove into
the hot flesh. Alucard pushed up and braced himself on his elbows.

"You are...so...ruthless."

Alucard gasped as Link sexy growled and slowed to a sweet grind. Link
was all hot and flushed too. He was teasing the hunter.
"Mmmmmmm, yesssss. You like this, do you, you naughty little thing."
Alucard grip the sheet as Link's organ throbbed and grinded inside. He 
licked his lips and moaned with delight. Link growled through his pleasure,
"Futhermore if you were mine, I would make you weak with pleasure. You would 
have enough of me."

Two sharp pelvis thrust made Alucard grimace.

"Mmmmmmm, I love when you try hold it back. I'm probably hurting you, maybe 
I should stop."

Link stopped and began to inch his cock out. Bewildered gray eyes, stare at 
Link as he stopped. Alucard wildly tossed his hair and cried out.

"Stop toying with me, Link."

Using his all strength, he embraced the vampire. Fully impaling himself on
the organ, Alucard never have been so full. Link wrapped his arm
around the beauty and mouthed the smooth milky chin. Alucard regained
his senses and start to ride the cock. Loving every inch of it, loving
the satiny skin his own cock was sandwiched between. Link nipped
Alucard's throat, lapping it. His dark nature was raising and Alucard
sensed it as he rode. Link cried out as the heat was searing his soul,
thousand times as powerful as the sun itself but much, much
delightful. Alucard was practically singing, calling out Link's name.

Link...ohhhhhh, yes.

Link grabbed the tight buttocks and pushed up. His passionate kiss
hungrily sought the coral peaks of Alucard's chest. He took the bud
into his mouth and sucked it. Alucard threw back his head and after a
couple rides, spilt forth his passion. The heat wrapped around his
member, the beat of Alucard's heart deafening him to the point of no
return. He grasped the breast and feverishly kissed the spot. Other
hand braced the buttocks while Link deliriously drove into Alucard.

Alucard hugged Link's neck, stroking the white locks as he felt
the last thrusts the spent vampire. Link roar fiercely as he released
his hot love into Alucard, who trembled as the vibrations sent him off
the edge again.

"You're...aaaaah...coming again."

"Oh...ohhhhhh,my god."

Alucard trembled as Link kissed him gently, sucking on his bottom lip
and throat. They collapsed onto the satin, sweaty and blissfully
tired. Alucard was droning as Link played with his hair. Link smiling
as the lovely thing fell asleep; he soon was in the kiss of the

It was five hours after their coupling Link had an urge to go outside
the room. He slipped out of bed carefully, leaving angel sleeping
soundly on the huge satin pillows. So sweet and delight, Link looked
back on the pale creature.

Donning his robe, he entered the hall. Stretching his pale body, he
never felt so light and relaxed. Not too far away, were two blue
glowing eyes. Clad in black, the dark hunter stepped forth. Just as pale
and deadly as Alucard, the notorious D walked up to Link. The faint
moonlight picked up the sensual silky movements of the hunter. Link
smiled as his eyes indulged on the awesome sight before him.

"I wish to see Alucard, Link Meier."

Link crossed his arms and gestured dhampire forward. The two found
themselves in the bedroom, watching the lovely thing sleep. His hair
pouring over the dark satin pillows, the covers seductively peeled
back to reveal the soft milky skin of his back. His lips were rosy as
pink roses. They formed a slight pout. The scent of sex and blood meet
D's nose and his eyes flared for a second. D licked his lips, drinking
in every inch of this beauty.

"What did you do to him?"

Link chuckled. "We played a little game, he truly enjoyed himself."

"This is not how I left him."

Link slightly chuckled as D ventured forth onto the bed, quietly
crawling up to Alucard. D was hovering over his lover, intoxicated by
the aroma of the recent act. He moved like a great panther over its
prey. His tongue settled on the creamy peach of Alucard's shoulder,
savoring the taste. Link smiled as D removed his hat, letting the
chestnut tresses fall while arousing his lover. Alcuard moaned and
stirred under the beast. He gently pushed D aside and D smirked as he threw 
his long cloak aside. His embrace made Alucard struggle a bit before 
weakening to the hungry kisses on his shoulders and neck. Link sighed and 
picked up D's huge hat.

"You dhampires are so sloppy."

D glanced up while suckling on Alucard's ear, which was almost awake.


He immediately seized D's wandering hand as it neared his bottom. D
smiled as Alucard shook his head but with a skilled quick jerk, D was
amazed of the sight his lover was trying to hide.

"What a nice shade of pink."

Putting hat on the chair, Link closed the door, listening the
melodious chuckle of D faint into the warm darkness.

Fin, baby.

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