When the Sky Cries Silence
Chronicle 1
The Wayward Child Returns

By Ruby Silphyre

Chapter 13
Dust to Dust

Dracula narrowed his eyes at his son. "...What are you going to do with those?"

D lifted his left hand and let the sword slip through his fingers so that he was holding it by the end of the blade, then extended the hilt towards the vampire. "Take it."


"Not even you should die a coward's death..." The dhampire muttered, his eyes piercing like daggers as he glared at the vampire king.

"You wish to kill me...?"

"I wish to end something that should have ended millenniums ago."

"...What about you're code of honor? Remember the oath you took, D. Remember what you swore."

"I swore..." D muttered. "I swore that I would kill only those unworthy of life."

"Do not forget... I taught you the code. I taught you how to be a man of honor. You've never strayed from your vows."

"What irony." The dhampire sneered. "How can to be so certain in your innocence when you know you are guilty of murder?"

Dracula blinked and shook his head. "...It was an accident."

"After all the pain you've caused me... you deserve a gruesome death."

"Why must you blame everything on me?" Dracula frowned.

"...Take this sword."



"I will not fight you."

"Then you will die."

"You cannot kill me, D."

"If you take the sword now, I may give you a quick death..."

"So... you would deny me my life..." Dracula looked directly at D. The dhampire was shaking with anger and frustration, just waiting to take it out on the vampire before him. "If it will make you feel better... then very well." Dracula said and curled his fingers around the hilt of the sword.

With hardly enough time to grasp the weapon, D swung at him. The vampire ducked to his right, dodging the attack. The dhampire swung again, this time Dracula blocked with his own sword. D immediately attempted to hit the vampire again, but it was little use. Dracula dodged or blocked every attack he threw at him, which just angered the dhampire even further.


"What was that?" Dina asked as she stopped dead in her tracks. She had been searching for hours with no luck, and she was quite exhausted.

The symbiot's ears perked up and he listened. "Sounds like someone's fightin'."

"Oh, great!" She said with a frown and started running at the sound of the noise she was hearing.

The dhampireess knew she was getting closer when the racket became louder, and when she reached the golden doors, she was sure. Dina pushed the doors open to find D, swinging his sword at his father in a fit of fury, and Dracula, barely given enough time to react to the attacks.

"Stop it!" She shouted. "Stop that now, D!!"

The hybrid ignored her. Ignored everything except what was right in front of him.

D gripped the sword with both hands and swung. Dracula blocked, but the dhampire had attacked with such force it knocked him off balance and he stumbled sideways. The hybrid took this opportunity to get in a kick, knocking the vampire in the back of the head with his foot, causing his father to slam face first into a near by column, exposing his back.



..........He finally looked up from the now limp body cradled in his arms, his thick brown hair clinging to his face from sweat and tears.......... His eyes, filled with fury and agony, searched around amidst the carnage and chaos for the beast that had destroyed this beautiful creature.........



D charged, ready to drive his sword through the vampire's heart from the back, but Dracula swung around unexpectedly, his sword out in front of him in a defensive reflex, and as the dhampire lunged towards him, D missed, but the sword that Dracula held was shoved right through the dhampires stomach.



............After a long moment, his eyes rested on the culprit and grew large.......... A vampire standing on a balcony, his expression filled with horror and disbelief, as he looked upon the scene before him...........



Dracula's eyes were wide with shock...



..........The vampires long, trembling fingers uncoiled around the rifle.........



...and the sword fell to the ground.











Dracula backed away and shook his head.

D's lip trembled as he laid a hand over his new wound and leaned against the column. "You... give life... only to take it away again..." He said just above a whisper.

The vampire king shook his head again. "No... I never.... I never meant to...."

"Face it... You're a vampire. It's your nature to be the bringer of death and pain..." The dhampire's eyes shifted to glare at his father. "Death will come for you one day, vampire, and when that day comes I will be there to witness it, whether it be my blade or not..."

Dracula blinked, his shocked expression had been exchanged for one of sadness. "...Such cruel words... Do you... hate me so...?"

"You murdered your own grandson..!" D hissed angrily.

The ancient vampire's eyes fell to the ground in despair. "No... It was... and accident..."

"......I can't stay here any longer..." Although his wound hadn't fully healed, the dhampire turned and began to make his way out of the chambers, staining the sacred golden tiles with drops of fresh crimson blood.

"...D." Dina said as he neared the doors. "D! Wait!" She grabbed his arm, but the dhampire pushed her away and quickened his pace, not even glancing at her as he exited the chambers. "Please!!" All she could do is watch as her brother's figure disappeared into the vast golden maze, fearing that this may be the last time that she would ever see him again.

The symbiot looked back at his king for a moment, then, without saying a word, turned and began to chase after D.

Dina slowly walked up to Dracula with a look of mixed emotions on her pale face. "Father... are you alright?"

"So... that's it..." The vampire said just above a whisper, still staring at the ground. "He's gone..."


Dracula slumped down on the stairs behind him. "I've lost him..." Filled with despair, he covered his face with his hands and began to weep.

Dina turned around, rubbing the edge of her cloak with her timid fingers, and looked up into all of the thousands of golden statues. "Great ancient ancestors..." She pleaded. "Please... please watch over my brother..."


The End

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