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August 24

    The times they are a-changing, and so people have new faces to present! Our ever-lovely artemis has a new photo to admire, Morpheus/Askelon has a fresh image, and Nephila has a new web site to share with the world, as well as more writing!

August 17

    The Sixth Kinda Sorta Annual Awards are up! Go laugh and recall the foolishness we got up to at Con and over the last year! And you thought we'd let you forget. *grin*

August 9

    from Takhisis:

    The news all around is next year's ChiCon Deluxe! No, it's not a snack, it's the #a.v meet being planned in Chicago for all of us freaks to have an excuse to party. (Like we need one? *grin*) Lyonene has put together a Survey Page of things we might be doing, so go and put your name and vote for what looks like fun!

What Was New in July

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