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Heaven's Door

Chapter 7 Turnabout

The night was unusually cold. Kale pulled her cloak closer as she
stared at the stars. She's woken to find D gone, Nightmare as
well. He'd gone after Gideon. "Are you ok?"
Asked a young voice. Kale turned to see Tabeo standing a few feet
away holding a plate of food. His roundish face and nearly gold
eyes reflecting the hesitation he felt about disturbing her.

"I'll be all right," she sighed.

"I thought you'd be hungry. I brought you something," he
carefully stepped closer, and handed her the plate. "I didn't
think they'd geed you well...and I wasn't sure what you

"Tabeo, it's ok. You don't have to walk on eggshells around me."


She shook her head. "Something I heard someone say when I was
younger," 'much younger.' "It means, I won't get upset at every
little thing someone does."

"Oh, good," the boy sat down next to her, and pulled some dried
meat from his belt pouch.

""How old are you?" The boy tossed his long bangs back from his
face, and centered his sand brown eyes on her, full of questions

"I'm 17," he said. "Can I ask you about D?"

"What about him?"

"Is it true he's a half vampire?"

"How did you...?"

"We found him near death in the desert. We had a camel that was
dieing; Hodg gave him its blood. Is it true?"

She nodded. "The proper title is Dhampire, and yes its true."

"Aren't you afraid of him?"

She shook her head. "D and I fit. We really can't be apart. D is
my strength, and I am his compassion, or something like that."

"Has he ever bitten you?" Dale didn't answer, only showed her
neck, scared by bruises from her captivity, but not puncture
marks. "Oh. Has he ever tried?"

"What kind of question is that?!"

"I'm sorry. Its just, well, I've never been north. Hodg won't go,
because of the vampires. I just wanted to know what they're like.
From someone who knows."

"D isn't like that," she huffed, taking a bite of the oddly
shaped sandwich on her plate. It reminded her of a giant pizza
pocket cut in half. "He'd rather bite monsters, if it were
necessary." The boy nodded.

"Tabeo," they turned to see Hodg behind them. "I think it best
you leave her be for now."

"We were only..."

"Now, Tabeo," he said sternly. The boy huffed and got to his


"Go feed the horses."

"He wasn't upsetting me ya know," Kale turned back to her

"I promised D that you would be left alone to rest," sighed Hodg,
crouching next to her, his staff in his hand, "and after what
you've been through, I didn't think you'd want anything to do
with men other than D."

"Thanks, but I'm not 'that' vulnerable." She coughed, as she bit
into her food, catching a pocket of strong hot spice. "Holly
Crap!!" she cried, taking the offered water. "What the hell is in
this!?" Hodg laughed and sat down.

He peered over the top of the dune, the setting sun hiding him
from sight, but lighting his quarry before him. The slave ship
had come low, hovering only 25 feet off the ground. Crewmen were
scurrying around with hoses, attaching them to piping that led
into the sand. Others were going around with shovels, and digging
sand into buckets, soaked in black ooze. "An old oil field," said
D aloud.

"That could come in handy," said the sym., watching the men
through D's eyes. "D, far left."
He directed his vision to the far side of the ship. No one was
there, and a sand hill rose to nearly 3 feet off the hull of the
ship. The vibration in the air of the humming engines, sending
tiny waves of grainials down its incline. "We go," he said.

"I'm right beside you."

Nightmare being ordered to stay out of sight, D entered the ship
through one of the service hatches, near the lave cells. Inside
there were several women, some unconscious, others cowering in
the corners. One who seemed more defiant, was the one D centered
his attention on, opening her cage and catching her thrashing
arms and covering her mouth with his right hand. "Be still! If
you want to escape, listen closely." The woman calmed as D told
her about the service hatch and the hill outside. "Keep the dune
between you and the crew, stay together and out of sight. Don't
go very far. I'll be down soon. Do you know the way to Gideon's

"Yes," said the woman, as she eased the last wounded girl into
the service tunnel.

"Show me, then get out." The girl led him through the halls,
normally crowded by the crew, only all were busy refueling the
ship. She showed him the great double sliding doors leading to
Gideon's room and training center.

"The last I heard, he was still in meetings with Danton, but who
knows how many others are in there. Danton also 'trains' us, so
kill him good."

"Don't worry about that. Now get out." D leaned to the door, to
better hear the voices on the other side. What he heard he never

Danto spread his hands over Gideon's chest, smiling at the way
his nipples stood out between the teeth of the clips. "You did
this to the girl?" Gideon asked.

"Oh not just this," Danton sighed, gently kissing his way down to
Gideon's erection, "I added power to the clips, and gave her a
jolt every now and then. It should teach her not to refuse her
breasts to her master."

"Danton, I didn't know you could be so devious, Oh!" He watched
as Danton's lips slid around his shaft. "Deeper," he whispered,
and the younger man drew his leader's member to the back of his
throat. Gideon hummed in pleasure and gently pushed his hips to
meet the warm enclosure.

Danton pumped him eagerly, as his leader began to stroke his
young lover. "Is it true that you have the ability to increase or
decrease your dick size at will?" asked Gideon.

"Yes," he answered, returning to the delicious meat.

"Mmmmmm, I'd like to try that, but first," Gideon took the
torture cylinder from under his pillow and dipped it in the jar
of oil always next to his bed. He then pulled Danton closer and
parted the man's butt cheeks. Sliding the cylinder along his
crack, he then pressed the slick stick to Danton's butt pucker.
Upon overcoming the body's first instinct to keep the intruder
from entering, he pushed it deep into Danton's ass.

"Oh! Oh! OH!!" shouted Danton, feeling its length slide into him,
and then retaining ring pass his hole, his body now held the
device in him, the tiny wires leading to a source behind the
bed's headboard. Gideon turned a knob and the device gently
vibrated inside him. "OH SHIT!!" he cried, "Why the girls don't
enjoy this, I'll never know! OH!! More! MORE!!"

Within moments, Danton was tied on his stomach, to all four
points of the bed, by his hands and feet. Gideon was on top of
him, thrusting himself into the man, along with the vibrating
device. "YES! YES!!" Danton shouted, repeatedly. "FUCK ME! OH,
GIDEON! FUCK ME GOOD!!!" The door slid open and a tall man strode
in, his long sword reaching under Gideon's chin before he could

"Gag, him," the man said, "Then get up."

Gideon did so, shoving the cylinder into his partner's ass. "This
won't take long Danton," he said, "for now, enjoy this." He
increased the gentle vibrations, by turning the knob, and stood
before the stranger, his erection standing out from his form.
"You know, it isn't polite to enter one's bedroom without
knocking. Someone would think you're not a gentleman."

"Gideon I presume," the naked man nodded. "You who speaks of
being a gentleman, forcing women into sexual slavery. You make me

"What business is it of yours what I do?"

"You took my woman," the rage he felt dripped off the walls, and
Gideon calmly reached for his robe, and the sword that lay under

"I take so many women. Take your pick, there's at least ten in
the lower cells. Fuck the hell out of one of them, you'll forget
your little bitch after a while."

D slapped the flat of his sward across the man's hand, knowing
full well what he was planning. He'd do it too, if the rolls were
reversed. "Kale."

"Ah. Keir's little slut. Well, don't worry. She should only last
a month or so. Then he'll be looking for another. Not that you'll
see her again alive."

"Keir is dead; Stavrose, dead. Kale; alive." The tall intruder
pushed Gideon face first over some of the equipment used to
torture the girls, unwittingly switching on a video recorder's
playback. Before he said more, D saw the screen come alive, and
Kale's image before him. Gideon was whipping her, her body
covered in red slashes and blood poured from wounds. The ones
he'd tenderly cared for only days before.

In the image, Kale hung unmoving by her chains, and he watched as
Gideon sat down, Danton entered the room and proceeded to rape
Kale. His heart ached unbearably, as he saw blood run from her
where the young man went at her savagely. Effortlessly, D threw
Gideon across the room. He landed unconscious on the far side, a
huge dent in the metal wall. "YOU BASTARDS!!!" He shouted,
pulling Danton's head up by his hair. The slaver was lost in his
ecstasy. "You want to be that cruel? FINE!" he grabbed the tiny
box and flicked switches and turned dials. He could tell he was
getting the results he sought. Danton writhed in agony, his eyes
wide, and muffled screams from behind the gag. "Feel what she
felt," he said, "Even if it is only a fraction of what you did to
her. You will die like this!" Danton frantically shook his head,
the device in his ass burning the sensitive inner flesh, and
traveling throughout his body. D only went to the unconscious
Gideon, gagged him, tied his hands & feet, wrapped him in one of
the black sheets, and slung the man over his shoulder.

"What are you doing?" asked the sym. "Kill him, he's only going
to slow you down."

"I promised Kale he'd suffer. I didn't say I'd be the one to do

"You're going to let her do it, aren't you?"

"She's got more right than I."

"Oh, goody. Let me watch? Even if you don't?"

"I wouldn't miss it."

"We'll have some fun now!!"

D found the freed girls in the dune's hollow, near where they'd
left the ship. They were obviously furious that D had taken
Gideon alive, but were satisfied when he told them each would
have a turn at torturing the man, so long as he was alive fore
Kale later on.


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