"Second Chance" by Mark Moore
Part 7 of 9

Disclaimer: In places this is a lemon/ecchi/hentai/perverted/sinning/horndog of a fanfic. If you're too young to read it (you know that you are), please don't read it. The full disclaimer is in the author's note at the beginning of Part 1.

After the concert was over, Doris, Lamika, and Dan followed Dazzle outside.
"You two seemed to be having a great time in there." Phoebe said with a smile.
"I'm amazed by your music." Doris said.
"Yes, everybody is." Ingrid said.
"I love to dance!" Lamika exclaimed.
"You've certainly learned a lot over these past two days." Doris told her. "I see you in a different light now. I'm impressed...and very proud of you." She kissed Lamika on her left cheek.
Lamika blushed. "Thank you."
"Thank you for helping us...again." Doris told them. "You're like kindred spirits to us."
"No problem." Rory said. "We're leaving tomorrow morning, but I'm glad I got to meet you three. Doris, you're a very talented musician. Your voice is so beautiful. Where'd you learn to play the guitar?"
"I taught myself on an acoustic." Doris replied. "Music runs in my family."
"Lamika,...do you know anything about your human ancestors?" Rory asked.
"Then allow us to do one more favor for you before we leave." Rory said. "There's a computer in our hotel room. Perhaps we can trace your genealogy."
"Okay." Lamika said.
The six of them walked the short distance to the hotel.
The manager, who was standing behind the counter, held up a cross when he saw them enter. "Get away from me."
"Fine." Phoebe grew fangs and leaned over the counter, hissing at the man.
The man cowered in the corner.
Phoebe and Ingrid giggled and joined the others in walking up the stairs.
They walked down a hallway. Rory took out a key and unlocked the last door on the right. They walked into the room. Dan closed the door behind him.
Rory walked over to the desk and was about to turn on the computer.
"Allow me." Ingrid turned on the computer and monitor and sat down in the chair. "I'm a genius with computers."
Rory smiled. "Yes,...you are."
They waited for the computer to boot up. Then Ingrid got online.
"What was your mother's full name before she married, and when did she die?" she asked Lamika.
"Susanna Steele. She died on January 22nd, 12073,...my birthday." She started to cry.
"Your father must've killed her so that he could raise you as a vampire, and so that your mother couldn't raise you as a human." Doris said softly.
"How could my mother have been killed by a vampire hunter?" Lamika asked. "She would've been at home, taking care of me. Then there's my warm body temperature. I also have to eat food. So many clues, and I never figured it out. I'm so stupid."
Doris hugged her. "You're not stupid, Lamika."
"Okay, I've found her birth and death records." Ingrid said. "It will automatically search for her parents, and their parents, and so on. Just for fun, I'm also running a simultaneous search for your ancestors, Doris. Let's see if you two are related."
Doris chuckled. "Okay."
"Here we go." Ingrid said after a moment.
They all looked at the computer screen.
"The two of you do have some common ancestors." she told them.
"That's not surprising," Doris said, "considering the small world population at the end of the war."
"So, I guess we really are sisters, Doris." Lamika told her.
"Cousins, anyway." Doris said.
"There's a link between your families about every 400 years." Ingrid told them.
"Here are four names you'll be very interested in, Doris." Rory said. He pointed at the screen. "Look."
Doris read the names. She already knew her genealogy, so seeing these names on the list didn't surprise her. What surprised her was that these same four names were on Lamika's genealogy list as well.
"Holy shit." Doris breathed.
Lamika looked at her. "What is it?"
Doris looked at her. "Lamika, you and I share the same DNA. We're united lovingly, biologically, and musically."
Lamika smiled at her. Doris smiled back at her.

When they had returned home, Doris went up to her bedroom.
Soon, there was a knock at her door.
"Come in." Doris said as she kicked off her shoes and took off her socks.
The door opened, and Lamika walked into the room. She closed the door and locked it behind her.
Doris smiled as Lamika walked over to her. They put their arms around each other and kissed on the lips.
After their lips parted, Lamika moved her hands to Doris' chest. She slowly unbuttoned Doris' shirt. Lamika cupped Doris' breasts with her hands. Doris took off the shirt and threw it to the floor. Lamika's hands squeezed Doris' breasts, and her fingers pulled on the nipples.
Doris unbuttoned Lamika's shirt and cupped her breasts. Lamika took off her shirt and threw it to the floor. Doris squeezed Lamika's breasts with her hands, and she pulled on the nipples with her fingers.
Then Doris and Lamika put their hands on each other's cheeks and kissed on the lips. Their naked breasts pressed together, and their nipples kissed each other. Doris and Lamika's tongues danced together. Then Doris licked Lamika all over the face. Lamika licked Doris' face in return. Doris kissed Lamika's neck, then Lamika kissed Doris' neck. Doris kissed and licked Lamika's breasts and sucked on her nipples, then Lamika did the same to Doris' mounds.
"God, I can get used to this...every night." Doris said. "Lamika, ravish my body! Please!"
Lamika stopped kissing her and turned Doris around. "You asked for it."
Doris stood there, wondering what Lamika meant by that.
Lamika knelt down behind Doris and placed her hands on her ass. She moved her face close and licked the crack.
"Mmmm..." Doris moaned in delight.
Lamika spread Doris' cheeks and licked again. She then sent her tongue into Doris' anal passage.
"Oh, God!" Doris exclaimed.
Lamika moved her left hand forward and inserted her index and middle fingers into Doris' vagina. She rapidly masturbated Doris as she licked Doris' anal rose.
"Yes! Fuck my aaaaaassssss!" Doris yelled.
Soon, Doris couldn't stand it anymore, and she had a massive orgasm. If Lamika hadn't had her arm around her, she would've fallen over. Doris' anal muscles contracted against Lamika's tongue, and her vagina shot out a lot of cum onto Lamika's hand.
Lamika removed her fingers from Doris' cunt and brought them to her own lips. She licked her hand clean, sucked on her fingers, and tasted the fruits of her labor. Doris fell onto her bed, exhausted.
"Get up!" Lamika told her. "You have to do the same to me now!"
Doris slowly stood up. "Okay. Get on your hands and knees."
Lamika did as told.
Doris climbed onto Lamika's back and faced her ass. She licked the crack.
"Yes..." Lamika sighed.
Doris spread her cheeks and licked deeper, bringing more moans from Lamika. Doris inserted her tongue into Lamika's anus.
"Yeeaahh..." Lamika moaned. "Lick my ass."
Doris placed her left hand underneath Lamika and inserted her index and middle fingers into her vagina. She masturbated Lamika with superhuman speed.
Lamika moaned and spasmed in pleasure as her orgasm overtook her. "Oh, God, yeeesss!"
Doris felt Lamika's contractions in both places and knew that she had succeeded. She removed her fingers and climbed off of Lamika.
"Not bad." Lamika panted.
Doris cleaned her hand with her tongue. "I'll say."
Lamika stood up and lay down on the bed. She looked at Doris.
"Again?" Doris asked in surprise. "God, you're insatiable."
"Actually, no, I'm not," Lamika replied, "but you told me to ravish your body; therefore, I must completely exhaust you."
Doris sighed and climbed on the bed. She licked Lamika's vagina a few times, then she lay down on top of Lamika. She lowered her pussy to Lamika's lips and her own lips to Lamika's pussy. The two of them stuck their tongues in each other's vagina and performed simultaneous oral sex, a position that was referred to as "69" way back in the 2nd millennium.
Lamika placed her hands on Doris' ass again and shoved her tongue deep into the blonde girl's love tunnel. It became a race between them to see which of them could get the other off first. Lamika inserted her left index finger into Doris' ass and rubbed the walls of her anal passage.
Doris cummed first, and Lamika swallowed all of her cum. Then Lamika cummed, and her cum shot up, as if from a geyser. Doris drank it all.
After they had drunk, Lamika removed her finger from Doris' ass. Doris got off of Lamika and lay down next to her. They faced each other and kissed slowly, tasting their own cum.
"Are you sated?" Doris asked.
"Are you exhausted?" Lamika asked.
"Yep. Thanks." Doris slowly fell asleep. "Good night."
"Good night." Lamika replied.


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