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Heaven's Door

Chapter 3 Desert Bound

It was official. Samual Stence, Bar and Inn Keeper, would never
walk again. He watched out the window from his recovery bed, in
the doctor's home, as the hunter, known only as D, lead a rider
less horse from the town, while ridding his own. The desert would
be too hot to travel in the day, so he'd travel at night, hoping
to catch up to the slavers. "Be strong Mina, please," pleaded
Samual, "Help is coming. I know it is. Be strong."
The day's heat from the sand radiated up under his cloak.
Normally it wouldn't bother him, but he was already warm from
anger. He didn't need the extra heat. He breathed deep to try and
cool himself, that's when he smelled it. Blood on the wind. Max
could smell it too, and pranced impatiently at the end of his
reins. "An animal must have been slaughtered near by," said the

"No," said D, untying Max from his saddle horn. "That's Kale's
blood. I'd know her scent anywhere."

"And max is reacting because...?"

"You should stay awake more often, Kale made him smell her once,
just in case something like this happened. I'd use Max to track
her, if I couldn't."
"Smart girl. I like that."

"She's mine," he said warningly. "Max, find Kale." The silver
steed bounded off over the dunes, followed by Nightmare, with D
tall on his back.

"Did I say anything different?" asked the sym. "There were so
many times that I could have said something to her, but I bit my
lip and stayed quiet."

"Good. Continue that course."

The tailor pinned another string of pearls to her new dress, if
you really wanted to call it that. Nothing more than an
elaborately decorated pair of underpants and bra. What ever
covered her were just strings of pearls and gems. "Very nice,"
said Gideon, stepping up to her. "Very nice."

"Touch me, and you'll regret it," she hissed.

He produced a small box, and pressed the red button in the middle
of it. The chains attached to her wrists and waist pulled taught,
forcing her to her knees. He laughed low and wickedly as he
pulled her chin up to look into her angry green eyes. "You see,"
he said removing her glasses and crushing them in his hand, "or
rather not, I am in control here. And if you wish to survive t6o
get to my client, you will do exactly what you are told." He
traced his fingers down her cheek. She quickly bit into the
fleshy heal, driving her teeth deep into the flesh as he cursed
her. He pulled his hand away, the chunk of skin tearing off in
her mouth. She spat it out at him, hitting his cheek. Blood
covering her lips, chin and chest.

The tailor, who also doubled as the healer, quickly bandaged
Gideon's hand. When finished he was waved off, and other guards
were brought in. Different chains were attached to her shackles
then, and the chains pulled her up so that she was spread eagled
in front of Gideon. The wounded slave master then pulled the
jewel buttons on her hips, and the jeweled dress fell away,
leaving her half naked. "That wasn't very nice," he said cold and
calmly, as the guards strapped some kind of apparatus around her
waist. "You see. I pride myself on providing tame, and well
mannered girls for my clients." He took a long cylinder from the
shelf and dipped it into some of the oil he used for working into
his leather clothing. "and when I get one who is a tad unruly,"
he slid the cylinder deep into her, smiling as she tried to break
free of her confines. "I have to train her to be nice." Wires and
straps were laced over and through the various holes and hooks on
the end that protruded from her body. Gideon then took a control
box from one of the guards and waved them off. They bowed and
quickly left.

"Now these are the rules." He showed her the control box's
display. "When you are good in a session, you feel very good,
like this." He turned the knob slightly and the cylinder vibrated
slightly inside her, though she gave no sign that she'd felt it.
"But when you are bad, like now. You feel this." He flicked
another switch and a shot of electricity shot through her.

She tried to pull away from the pain, gritting her teeth, till
they threatened to break. "I'll turn it off, when you scream," he
said. She spat at him, and he turned it higher.

Danton doused another cigarette and turned to the new girl next
to him, his third this night. "Not to worry Mina," he said slyly,
"It'll only hurt for a minute." He glanced at his door, as he
pushed Mina to his bed. Kale's scream echoed through the halls.
"Well, Gideon didn't waste any time showing her whose boss. Now,
mina..." The young girl screamed as he took her, her body not
healed from the pain and wounds Gideon had inflicted the night

"Kale," she couldn't move. "Kale, you wake now yes?"

"I hear you Mina," she said hoarsely, not wanting to move. But
she had to. She had to continue putting fresh blood outside the
ship. D would be looking for her.

"They hurt us. We go soon. Yes?"

"If D can get to us. Mina." She chewed through the bindings of
the bandages, pulling them off her hands; again she dug into her
wound and reached out the window. "Hang in there, Mina. We'll get
through this." 'I'm so tired,' Kale closed her eyes for a moment.
She couldn't help it. She woke slightly as someone pulled her by
her ankles back from the window. She woke fully, in pain, as
again the device was put in her and switched on. She knew the
charge it delivered wasn't much, but when administered there, it
hurt like hell.

She screamed and the pain stopped. She fixed icy green eyes to
the man who held the control box. Danto. His round lens glasses
perched low on his slender nose, his thin lips drawn even thinner
as he spoke coldly to her. "If you persist in harming yourself,
you will be tied up before being put in your cage."

"Then you'll have to tie me," she gasped. "Because I'm not
staying here, you prick!" she kicked at him, but without her
glasses, she misjudged his proximity and missed. He pushed the
button again, and turned the voltage higher. She tried not to
scream, but she couldn't help it. It was too painful, and before
it stopped, she blacked out.

Kale woke in Gideon's 'training' room, which was also his
bedroom. Her hands and feet were tied, her clothes were gone, and
Gideon was on top of her, his size in her nearly splitting her.
"You've been good so far," he said, "let's not spoil it." She
tried to curse at him, only to find a gag around her mouth, so
she growled angrily and tried to wriggle her hands free. "Now,
now. I'm almost finished. Then we'll move on to you servicing
your master." He pumped into her a few more times, and let out a
long grunt, as he came in her.

'You'll die you bastard!' she cursed, 'either D or I will see to
that. And you better pray it's me!' he rose off her, at a knock
on his door.

"I left orders not to be disturbed!" he bellowed, fastening his

"I'm sorry sir," said Danton's voice from behind the door. "But
Sovereign Keir is here. He wants to know of your progress in
locating his girl."

Gideon shook his head. "He must have been traveling for days in
order to get here. Very well," he opened the door, picking up the
control box to the torture device. "Get her ready. I'll go talk
to the impatient Sovereign."

"Yes sir. Shall I have the Mina girl prepared as well?"

Gideon stood in thought for a moment. "Yes. For trial purposes.
Tie her to my bed."
"Very good sir. Solan, get the Mina girl, and bring her here.

Within an hour Kale was cleaned and dressed, and once again
strapped in chains standing on the floor. Mina was brought in and
strapped to the bed, naked. She was bruised all over, and put up
very little fuss when she was positioned and tied. 'Hang on Mina.
Please, hang on,' she begged. The healer/tailor left Kale's long
hair loose around her shoulders, the natural curl and wave of her
hair making her look more like the slut they were trying tom make
her into.

Gideon returned with an entourage of men in uniform, like some
kind of military guards, and a man dressed in fine blue silks and
jewels. He had long bleached blond hair, held back by a crown
with blue back ground and green gems, that seemed to be lowered
over his head, and held up by his ear4s. long bangs hung on the
outside of it, framing his slender oval face.
"There she is sovereign, just as I promised. Now please remember,
she requires additional training," explained the slave master.

The new man approached her, looking her over appraisingly with
deep purple eyes. She couldn't believe he actually had purple
eyes. "Very nice," he said smoothly, turning her head to look at
her. "Why the gag?"

"She bites my lord," the sovereign nodded. "Not to worry, come
delivery, she will be as tame as a kitten."

"I hope so," the man stepped closer to her, looking into her
green eyes. "I love her eyes. I've never seen eyes this shade of
green." She threw her head forward, driving her brow into the
man's nose. She may not be able to move, but she was far from
helpless. The sovereign staggered back, clutching his nose. "You
Bitch!!" he yelled, staring wide eyed at the blood in his hand.

"My lord!" Gideon quickly pressed a handkerchief into his hand
and pressed a towel to his nose. "My lord. I'm sorry. She'd never
done that before. I'll correct her at once."

"No!" shouted the young man. "If she is to be mine, she must
learn of my hand." He clenched his fist and backhanded her across
her left cheek. She staggered, but stayed upright, glaring back
at him. "Break her!" he shouted, turning to Mina, tossing the
towel aside.

"That will leave scars," said Danton, as he held the garments of
one of the guards who'd shed them to ravage Mina.

"I don't care! No marks on her face! But break her!"

"As you wish," bowed Gideon, and smiled at Kale, "you've only
made things worse for yourself." He then joined the sovereign as
he watched his men toy with Mina.

Max nudged his hat off his head. "I'm awake," he said. 'Why did
Kale have to baby you so much?' The sun was setting, like it had
in the weeks past. Max pranced around, eager to resume the search
for his mistress. D tapped on of Nightmare's water taps, but
nothing came out. Max had also been drained some time before. All
that was left was the essential water that the horses needed to
stay cool themselves, and that was mixed with other lubricants,
so it was no good for drinking.

"That's it, we go back," said the sym. "We can't survive without

"We keep going."


"We keep going!" he climbed into the saddle and began following
Max over the dunes. I'm not going back till I get her out of

"D, you'll pass out before the night is over. You'll die shortly
after that. We'll die! D!!"

"I've got to get her back!"

The sym sighed loudly, "We're all gona die."


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