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Heaven's Door

Chapter 4 Broken?

'The sun is out,' She tried to crawls to her window, but found it
too painful to move. 'How long has it been up? I use to wait for
it. I'd have the sun kissing me, knowing it was kissing him too.
Where am I now? I know I'm on that ship, but it keeps moving. How
do I get out? D? I miss you.'

The door to her cell opened, and she felt strong hands pull her
out. "How long has she been like this?" asked Gideon.

'You again, thought you went somewhere. How long have you been

"Nearly 12 days. We followed your instructions. No food, no
water, and the strict training you laid out."

"Very good Danton, and the results?"

"She bit three of the men. Healer says the may never regain the
full use of their dicks, but at least they can still piss."

"Put them up for labor sale."

"They're part of the crew."

"Not any more. What of the girl, Mina?"

"Not good. Declining everyday. Healer say's she wont last much

"Give her to the men on the lower decks, when they've had their
fill of her put her off."

"Yes sir."

'Mina, no. Please. Hold on. You've got to.'

"I have a new girl. I'd like for you to train her. You've often
said you'd like to try."

"Yes sir, and thank you."

"She's getting cleaned up now. Take this one to my room. I'll be
there shortly."

"Right away." She could feel herself moving, but she didn't cause
it. She could feel herself being tied, but she couldn't fight.
She had no strength.

'Is this what it's like to be broken?' she asked, but no one
answered. 'Why? Why do you let this happen? Why do you let men
like this live, and take good people like Mina?  Let her stay.
Take me instead. Do you hear me? I'm here! Can't you hear me?
What was it gram said? Yes. Can't you hear me knocking? Knocking
on Heaven's door? Have you forgotten us? Like so many who've
forgotten about you?'

She opened her eyes as Gideon approached her. He stripped her
down, but rather than the beatings and torture of the last days,
he started to gently wash her with fresh cold water. "Good," he
said, as she tried to drink some of it in. "Now if you behave
yourself, you'll get more water." He washed her arms and legs,
then her chest and stomach, but she flinched wildly as he tried
to wash her back. He didn't seem to care about the many whip
marks that criss-crossed their way across her flesh. "Be still!"
he yelled, pulling her hair, forcing her head back. Again he
tried to wash her back, digging the cloth into her raw flesh. She
cried out as much as her dry raw throat would allow.

"You prick," she gasped weakly, the pain of her wounds giving her
a new strength. "I'll kill you slowly."

"Still miss behaving are we," he tisked. "I'll have to fix that."
He didn't strike her back, but lashed his whip across her
breasts. She shrank back from the pain, a new bright red mark
across her chest.

"You ass!" she hissed, through her tears. "You're dead already,
so what does it matter what I say. Only that I'll be the one who
snuffs out your sorry existence!" Her statements earned her
several more lashes across her chest and stomach. "I WONT
BREAK!!" she yelled, "YOU HEAR ME!! I WONT!!!" Furious, he beat
her again and again, till she hung from her chains unconscious.
She wasn't going to break. She refused to. D would come. She knew

"Is he alive?" asked the young man.

"Barely," answered his older brother. "We'll camp here. Set up my
tent right over him. I don't want to move him too much."


"Tabeo, bring some more water," He placed his water flask to the
strange man's lips. "Here friend," he said, as he drank eagerly.
"There's more coming. Hang on. Tab! Come get these horses out

"Leave...me...," said the stranger weakly.

"Easy. You'll live. Tab!" The horses again crowded in, their
muzzles bent to their master.

"I'm coming Hodg, geese," the new man led the horses away and
tied them with their own. At first they didn't want to leave, but
through the leader's urging, obediently followed the one who held
their reins.

"Please," begged the stranger, waving off the offered water,

"You'll die. Now be still."

"No," the stranger tried to move away, hiding the glowing of his



"That camel's getting worse. We'll have to put her down."

"Alright. Unload her and...Hey! Where do you think you're
going?!" The stranger had risen and staggered off into the camp.
He could smell the animals, and they shied from his approach,
sensing his darker nature. The weaker one was up on a wagon, and
it grumbled as it sensed a danger near it. He peered at the beast
through the slatted sides. "You've got to be more careful," said
Hodg, supporting the stranger by his shoulders.

"What happened to it?" the man asked, again hiding his glowing

"Giant Sand Devil almost go her," he explained, "we thought she
sprainded some ligaments in her leg, but I guess she broke it."

"Give it to me," said the stranger, "I'll pay you...all I have."

"You're talking crazy. The heat's gotten to you."

"No," stammered the man, falling to the ground, despite Hodg's

"Sands! Your heavy! What the..." he stepped closer as the
stranger's glowing eyes looked back at him. "What are you?"


"Fangs...You're a Vampire! But how? This is full sun!"

"Half," he wheezed, "Please..."

"Tab! Come here! Bring your blade and a bucket! Hurry!! We give
you the blood of the camel, you leave us alone. Deal?"

"Thank you." He lowered his head to hide his eyes from the others
who approached

"What do you need these for?" asked Tab. Tabeo also stepped up
with fresh water.

Hodg grabbed the knife and pale and climbed into the wagon. "Stay
clear of him," he ordered. A moment later the camel growled, as
Hodg dug the blade into its flesh, gathering the gushing blood
into the pale.

"Hodg?" squealed Tabeo, "You'll kill her!"

"She's got to be put down anyway," he explained, the pale nearly
full, "But first...here, hold this." Hodg handed the young man
the bucket, full with the animal's blood. 'Tab, take the wagon
two dunes away, then burn her. She's done."

"You killed her. Why?" Tabeo asked.

"Never mind. What tent is up?"

"None yet," the young man watched as the wagon pulled away.

"Dam. Bring a wagon over here and put us behind it, then leave."


"Just do it!"

"OK," He handed back the animal blood and ran off. The strange
half Vampire still lay on the ground, breathing hoarsely and
rapidly. A wagon pulled up and stopped hiding the two from the
rest of the camp. "You sure?" asked Tabeo, Hodg glared at him and
the young man left.

He placed the pale before the stranger and stepped away. The man
pulled the bucket closer and hid his actions from the desert man
with his cloak and broad brimmed hat. The blood was still warm,
and tasted like the desert sand, once kissed by the morning sun.
A taste only he could relish in. Finally he pushed the pale away,
empty, and curled in the shadows of the wagon. "Thank you," he
said, and reached into his cloak's pockets. "I haven't much money

"No. Just promise that you won't harm us, and I'll leave you to
leave in peace."

"Your caravan was never in any danger from me. But if it makes
you more at ease, you have my word."

"Thank you," Hodge turned over the bucket, nearly licked clean,
and sat down. "Why are you here, half Vampire? You are weeks away
from any shelter from the sun."

"I'm called D," he said wearily, "I'm after a slaver named

"Why are you after him?"

"It's personal."

"I'm listening."

D regarded him. He owed this man his life, and maybe he could
help. Maybe being of the desert, he may know the flight path of
the slaver's ship. He stood about six and half feet tall, his
face was oval and smooth, Kale would have called him handsome,
for he had a modest nose, slender lips and deep green eyes. He
had shoulder length dark brown hair, darker than hers; his skin
was tanned deep from the sun. he wore a medium blue shirt, and a
dark green cloak, similar to Kale's. It fastened across his chest
with a bright red ruby, he wore matching colored pants to his
shirt, and mid calf black boots, the sole thick to protect his
feet from the heat of the sand.

He carried a wooden staff, about five and a half feet long, the
head of it was curved and had strings from the top of the curve
to the bottom of the curve, making a little harp. The strings
were decorated with tiny jeweled beads, with the string on the
outside had a large ruby tied in the middle. The staff had a
cloth wrapped around the top for the owner's hand to rest without
staining the wood with sweat. He wasn't asking much, for D to
tell him why he sought the slaver. "He's got my woman."

Hodg nodded, "I see. You thought you'd travel the desert, looking
for him?"

"She left a blood scent in the air. I've been following that.
Only it stopped a couple days ago."

"She may be dead."

"No!" he growled.

"Ok, ok,. No need to get upset. What does she look like?"


"Gideon grabs certain girls to fill an order he has. I know a lot
about the desert population. If you tell me about her, I may know
who the buyer would be."

"Alright. She's slender, but strong. Rides like she's been born
on horse back. Her hair is golden brown, and long," he stared at
the sand as he continued, the hues of the tiny grains almost
taking the shape of her face. "She has jade green eyes, and
silver glasses. Her lips are pink and soft. She's light skinned,
she burns in the sun really easy, her skin is so sensitive. When
she smiles, it's like the sunrise, even in the dead of night. Her
voice is soft, and when she sings, even the summer morning birds
hold no comparison." He looked back to Hodg, realizing how he'd
described her. "She's all I need."

Hodg though for a moment, his head bent between his broad
shoulders, the desert wind tossing his hair around his face. Then
he knew, his barreled chest heaving with a breath of knowing, and
his green eyes sought out D. "Keir!"

"Who is he?"

"Sovereign of Teni. It's a city in the middle of the desert. Sits
right on top or a water spring. Viaducts take the water all over
the area, its green for miles around."

"He'd want my Kale?"

"He likes brunets. Special ones. If she takes you aback like
that, he'd want her for sure."

"Which way is this city?" he stood, and was about to head for his
horse, only he staggered and Hodge caught him before he fell.

"I'm heading for Teni for the markets, and for water. It would be
better if you came with us. You won't be able to get into the
city alone."

"I have no choice but to stay....I have to...rest." D collapsed
into unconsciousness, practically burying Hodg as he went down.


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