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Heaven's Door

Chapter 5 Delivery To Hell

Keir sat on his throne, as Gideon turned Kale in front of him.
Her wounds were still raw, but she was presented at Keir's order.
He waved her forward, and she went, standing in a weakened daze,
as Keir spread his hands over her breasts. He touched her
everywhere, and she didn't move. "Very nice," said Keir, as he
slid his hands under either side of her jeweled panties, and
pushed his thumbs around her clit. She wavered slightly to his
abuse. "Gideon, she's perfect." He snapped his fingers, and a man
with long silverfish hair stepped forward, pulling a cart with a
small chest on it. "As promised, 50 pounds of gold, in addition
to the chest, and the three girls you saw earlier."

"It is always good doing business with you," he waved for Danton
to take the chest, and a few of the other guards to take the
girls from the side of the room.

"you're sure you broke her?"

"She's as docile as a kitten sire," he smiled, "As I had

"Good. Stavrose," the silver haired man turned to the Sovereign.
"Take her to my chambers, I'll play with her there."

"Yes, my lord," He took Kale by her 'leash', and directed her
down the palace halls to Keir's bedchamber. He tied her chain to
the bed, and after roughly groping her wounded flesh, he left.

The room was a blur. She could just make out the outlines of
chairs and sofas around the room, the bed was large, almost king
sized, and was decorated with plush pillows and satin like
bedding. There were two huge archways that led to a balcony. She
unhooked her chain from her collar, and strode out, staying close
to the wall for support. The balcony extended the full length of
the bedchamber, decorated with garden chairs, tables, benches,
tall green plants, and flowering shrubs.

She made her way to the balcony's rail and looked at it. 'Solid,
good,' she thought, and turned to the table, shattering the vase
of flowers that was there. She tore through the stitches across
her hand, and gouged the porcelain shard through her skin. Again,
she painted her blood across the outer railing surface. Her call
to her mate. The trail he would follow. 'Find me D,' she pleaded
to herself, 'I can't fool them for long.' She heard the room door
opening, and quickly threw herself onto the glass top table. An
accident he'd believe, she was sure.

"You bitch!" he shouted, running out to the sound of the crash.

"He took my glasses," she cried, pleadingly. "I can't see without

He nodded, his demeanor softening some. "That explains much," he
said. "If you will behave yourself, I'll get you a new pair."

"I will."

"Very well. Tonight we play. Tomorrow, you'll get your glasses.
For now," he looked over her wounds, nothing too serious. The
worst was her hand, but at least her face wasn't marred. "Get
yourself cleaned up."

"Yes sir." He directed her to the lav, and she shut the door,
pulling the leavers he'd shown her for the water. It was so far
working, at least he let her have the privacy of the lav, and not
insist on watching her.

The night with Keir wasn't what she'd expected. Mostly she'd been
beaten and rapped, as part of her 'training', but Keir was almost
gentle. His touch was a bit hard, like an anxious teen at his
first time, but as he took her he was gentle. Perhaps because he
knew she was still very tender from the torture device Gideon
seemed to love to use.

The next day, Keir held her leash as the eye physician examined
her eyes. Luckily, he was able to make a pair of glasses for her
that day. Small lenses like she requested, in thin silver frames.
"Why Gideon destroyed your glasses, I'll never know," said Keir,
admiring her new beauty. "Never loose them."

"No sir,"

D rode silently to the side of the caravan, Tabeo, Hodg's
youngest brother, rode close and watched him, whenever Hodg
wasn't looking. Finally D looked at him. The first bit of
recognition Tabeo received in the last three days. "Sorry," he
gasped, "But I don't believe that you're a half vampire," D
turned back to the desert expanse before him, saying nothing. "I
mean, I've been told that vampires are heartless. That they don't
care about anything or anyone, which is why they hurt people." D
said nothing. "So how could you be. I mean, the vampire must have
loved your mother to make you." D closed his eyes, memories of
his mother creeping to the forefront of his mind.

Her soft touch, her gentle voice. The lessons in life he'd
learned through her guidance, the lessons in love she'd comforted
him from, when women left him, learning of what he was. "Tabeo!!"
D's eyes snapped open. "I won't tell you again!!"

The young man quickly steered his horse back to the caravan, as
Hodg took position between him and D. "Sorry," he said to the
silent rider. "He's young, impetuous. I'll keep a better watch on

"If he really bothered me," said D at last, "I'd have sent him
off myself."

"Well, even still." He looked ahead at a trail of blue smoke from
over the next dune. "The lead riders have found something." Hodg
spurred his horse on, and D followed.

In the hollow of the sand dune, the lead riders had stopped,
gathered around a small area, their attitudes sad. One stood off
to the side, tending a tiny fire of herbs and powders, to make
the blue smoke. Within a few minutes, Hodg rode over the dune,
followed by D, and the spare horse.

"What have you got?" asked Hodg.

"A body." D's blood suddenly ran very cold, despite the
sweltering heat. Unlike he preferred, the caravan traveled in
daylight, and stopped at nigh.

"Better to see the dangers," Hodg had told him, and D had little
choice but to travel in the day with them.

"Man or woman?" Hodg asked, dismounting and heading for the pile
of cloaks on the sand.

"Woman," D leapt from his mount and matched Hodg's stride to
where the deceased woman lay. "You won't like what you see," said
the rider. "We found her nearly buried in the sand. I think she
was dropped from the slave ship."

"What does she look like?" asked D of Hodg, who had already
pulled back the cover.

Hodg sighed and gave a quick prayer, he then turned to the tall
man of the north. "It's not your woman," he said, "take a look,
but I warn you, she's not pretty."

D heaved a heavy sigh of relief, and looked under the cover.
"Mina," he said. The young tavern girl, who only a few months
prior, had served he and Kale their meals, and was so full of
life, lie dead on the sand. Her whole body was bruised and open
wounds bore crusted blood scabs. Her face, a torrid pallet of
pain and suffering. The back of her skull split, and gray matter
seeped into the sand. Hitting the sand was like hitting concreat,
and the body was the first to yield. "She was a tavern owner's
daughter. Taken with Kale. Her father had made a deal, he
wouldn't stop them from taking Kale, as long as the left his
daughter alone. They broke the deal, and paralyzed the owner. He
asked me to go after her. He knew I'd go after Kale."

"You'll take her back, not to worry," said Hodg. "Burn her, then
collect the ashes and give them to D. we'll wait for you on the
other side."

"Yes sir."

"I never promised him I'd bring her back," said D flatly. "He had
no right to make such a bargain."

"He's a father. That should explain it all. I pray you and Kale
never find yourselves in a parent's dilemma like that." D didn't
move, only let the cloak fall back over Mina's face. "Think of it
this way. A few moments ago, you were terrified that it was Kale
lying there. It was killing you inside, not knowing. That is
something like how this girl's father is going through right now,
and probably the only reason he's holding onto any hope of seeing
his daughter alive again, is because he believes you'll bring his
child home." D rose and strode back to Max. "Give him the decency
of burying a body, not just memories."

D returned with a wooden box, about two hand spans wide, one
across, and half deep. Kale used it to cary spare arrows that
didn't fit into the available pockets, but she didn't make that
many yet. "Put her remains in this," he said, handing the box to
one of the lead riders. "I'm sure Kale wouldn't mind."

"The girl's father will appreciate it," said Hodg, and mounted
his horse, and returned to stop the caravan from coming closer.

D watched the flames engulf the tiny form. He shuttered, thinking
of the flame attacking tender flesh, he could almost feel it
attacking his own skin. "Not to worry D," said the sym., low so
only D's ears could hear. "Kale is strong. She'll think of


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