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Heaven's Door

Chapter 6 Lost Friends

Keir was out. His weekly visit to the markets, and had left Kale
tied by her leash to his bed. Only she didn't stay. She'd tried
once to sneak away at a time like this, only to be found by the
guards and returned to Keir's room. He beat her on his return;
the bruises still fresh on her back and chest. Now she searched
the balcony for a way down, only there were too many guards
patrolling the gardens, and in her current pained state, her
speed and silence of movement were not at their best.

The room's door opened. 'It can't be Keir,' she thought. 'It's
too soon.' Believing the visitor were D, somehow gaining access
to the palace, she ran back inside, only to see Stavrose standing
at the foot of the bed, holding her abandoned lead.

"You were ordered to stay," he said.

"I am here."

"No," she shook his head, pulling off the belts from around his
chest and waist. "Stay. As in don't move."

"I'm not yours," she backed away as he removed his trousers and

"It makes little difference," he said. His moves were lightning
fast as he grabbed her and threw her to the bed. "A slave is a
slave! Meant for only one thing." He tore off her jeweled
garments and forced himself into her. "Dam! You're tight!" he
commented joyously above her screams. "Now I understand the
pleasant mood he's been in lately." He chewed his teeth into the
flesh of her breast, pulling the rest of her clothing aside.

"I'll tell Keir!"

"He'll only ask if I've enjoyed you," he threw his weight into
her, forcing her across the bed. "Come back here bitch!" He
pulled her back, ramming his rod deeper into her. "Oh! You feel
so good!"

Suddenly the door opened. "Get off her!" Stavrose was beat back
by a long golden staff. The chief guard grabbed his clothes and
ran from the room. She felt soft hands raise her to sit on the
edge of the bed. "It's alright. He's gone," the man held her
gently as she cried. "Shall I send for the healer?" she shook her
head. "Here." He removed his satin cloak and wrapped it around
her. She was covered completely, for the first time in months.
She suddenly felt so ashamed.

She turned to the man next to her. It wasn't Keir, though why she
thought that sick bastard would comfort her she didn't know. "Who
are you?" she asked.

His soft gold eyes smiled back at her, though his expression was
that of a man disappointed. "I'm Prince Lamar," he said in a soft
voice, wiping her tears. "Keir is my half brother."

"I feel sorry for you."

"Thank you. I always try to meet the girls that Keir takes. To
let them know..., to let you know, you've nothing to fear from

"I've heard that before." Kale curled herself to the pillows,
waiting for him to attack.

"I'm serious. The similarities between my brother and I, end with
our father being the same man. The only reason he rules is
because he was first born." His soft brown shoulder length hair
fell forward, framing his round face, making his expression all
the more compassionate. "Keir is the monster, not I."

"Then get me out of here!"

"I would love to, but I don't have that kind of power. The guards
will only listen to the orders of the one who sits on the throne,
and that is Keir. But I can help. I can bring you medicine,
bandages, and I can provide you with my company while Keir is
away to prevent things, like the Stavrose attack, from happening

"That's fine," she said, turning her attention to the shrinking
sun lit spot on the floor. "But I won't be here for long."

"Please, don't' kill yourself."

"You crazy! No, someone is coming for me, and I think your
brother's days are numbered."

"Many women have pretended to be broken, and have tried to kill
Keir, but none have succeeded. He knows what you're planning."

"Oh, I'm not the one who will kill him, though I'd be glad if I
would be, he should be so lucky if it were me."

Just then the room door opened once more, and Keir strode in with
the still naked Stavrose. "Brother," he said coldly," Kindly
leave us." They young prince gave Kale's toe a reassuring
squeeze, her only appendage he could touch without setting off
his brother.

"Be nice to her Keir, she'd human."

Keir pointed to the door. "I'll treat her as the slave she is.
Now out!" as the door closed, the sovereign looked back to Kale.
"You enjoyed your brief pleasure with her did you?" he asked of

"Yes," he smiled back.

"Then by all means, continue."

Stavrose threw his clothing to one of the chairs and tore the
cloak from Kale. The pain of his second entry to her was worse
than the first, and she cried out form the pain. Stavrose also
started to heave heavily onto her, his moans of his pleasure
different this time. "Oh, my lord YES!" he shouted. Kale opened
her eyes and was almost sick. While the guardsman rapped her,
Keir had mounted Stavrose, driving himself deep into the man's
ass. "Deeper," he cried, as the extra man's weight pressed onto
her. "Deeper! I want you Deeper!! OH!! YES!!!" The two men cried
out in their ecstasy and collapsed onto her. She could barely

"You liked that did you?" Keir asked the guardsman.

"Yes, my lord," the two men kissed. "We must do this again."

"We shall."

"You know what I would like to see?"


"Our brands, once more, on the breasts of a slave."

Keir pulled Kale's bra away and pulled her breast to Stavros's
lips. "And so is shall be," he said. "We'll get new ones made,
however. The others are distorted from the fire."

"We'll go out tomorrow?"

"Um hum."

"Good, now I beg of you, fuck me again."

"I love to see you beg." In a way Kale was glad that Keir was
with Stavrose. She was able to sleep soundly on the sofa, as the
two men ravaged one another on the bed. She hoped it would happen

D stood in the shadows between the caravan wagons. The market was
crowded, and business was good. Hodg's group sold many things,
from baskets, to weapons. But none of it mattered to him. He
could smell Kale's blood on the wind. He'd had to order Max to
stand down; else he'd have drawn attention from the many guards
around. "You're sure she'd here," asked Hodg, as he removed more
of their spices from storage.

"I can smell her blood," he said turning into the wind. "She's
leading me, like she had when Gideon had her. What is that was?"

"The palace. Excuse me. Don't go off on your own. People here
don't like Northerners." Hodg returned to the tables and handed
out the tiny sacks and bottles of spices.

"You know she's waiting," said the sym. "Why wait. Go get her.
That's what you nearly killed us to do isn't it?"

"Quiet!" Her scent was strong, too strong to be coming from the
palace. Tabeo darted into his secluded spot, followed by Hodg.

"Stay quiet now," he told the boy, and waved for D to move
closer, "Keir is in the market. That's why this place is crawling
with guards. He's got his new woman with him." D's heart leapt to
his throat. "Be easy, she's not looking to healthy."

"Why hide the boy?"

"Keir likes pretty boys too. Stavrose is his favorite right now,
but they've both been known to take boys away with them." Hodg
turned to the crowd as they make a path for their sovereign. D
tried to run out as he saw Kale following the bleach blond, on a
gold chain. "No," urged Hodg, stopping him, "you won't get within
five fee."

"She needs to know I'm here." She looked tired, and her beautiful
soft skin was marred by scars, wounds and bruises. "It will give
her strength."

"Well, you can't. Keir will beat her to death if he knows you're
here for her."

D quickly turned his attention to the horses, tied not far behind
the wagons. Max and Nightmare both had distinctive sounds, he
only hoped Kale knew them. "Max, call out." The silver steed
threw his head up, a high-pitched neigh spreading across the
market place. A normal occurrence that all ignored. Accept Kale.
She looked up and around. Searching, she knew it was Max, her
desperation across her face plain to see. "Nightmare, call out."
As the silver steed lowered his head, D's horse threw its call
into the air. Like stallions calling to their herd of mares, the
two crieS echoed off the surrounding buildings. D waved them
silent and watched as Kale breathed deeply, wanting to call back
to him, to let him know she still waited. But she couldn't.

Keir let her leash drop as he spoke to the smith, confidant that
she couldn't run far because of the guards. She slowly stepped
away, the sunlight dancing off the jewels of her clothes. D
slowly made his way to her, despite Hodg's urgings to stay put.
Finally Kale was in front of him once more. Her eyes filled with
joyous tears. "Easy my Kale," he said softly. She needed no other
words. She gingerly wrapped her arms around him.

He was real. The nights she'd wake from dreams of her coming
rescue, wondering why D wasn't there. Now he was. She was holding
him. His large gentle hands stroking her hair.

"You!" shouted Keir. "Let her go!" Stavrose stepped up, his hand
on his sward. "At once!!"
Kale stepped back from him. Her eyes pleading him not to let him
take her. His hands traveled down her wounded arms, taking her
left hand and resting it on his dagger. His eyes telling her to
take it. Hidden within his cloak, she removed the blade and hid
it along her arm against her body. Slowly she returned to Keir,
praying her look of defeat was still readable across her face.

Neither Keir nor Stavrose paid her much attention, as she
approached. "You dare try to take her," hissed Keir. "Stavrose,
Kill him."

Before the guardsman moved, he watched in horror as Kale slashed
a blade across the handsome sovereign's face, again across his
stomach, and then driving the blade deep into his chest. "You
Bitch!" cried Stavrose, "I'll..." he never finished, D's great
sword, effortlessly slicing the man in half at the waist.

The guards, slow to react in the first place, moved in to take
out the two killers. D pulled Kale to him, his presence alone
relieving her fears of a death to come. "Stop!!" she looked up to
see Prince Lamar pushing pas the guards. "Stop! I order it!"

"They killed your brother, and Stavrose!" said one of the guards.

"No, they killed monsters. No crime has been committed here. Keir
is dead. I am sovereign now!" the guards backed away, their
loyalty only to the one who sat on the throne, not the man

Lamar looked to Kale and D. "Go now. I'll take care of things
here. Be well girl."

D whistled for the horses the two steeds trotted up, and pulled
Kale's cloak from the bundle behind Max's saddle, wrapping it
around her shoulders, the walked away.

Hodg's caravan met up with D and Kale outside the city. The
caravan's wares sold in a day, the fastest ever. D was busy
cleaning some of Kales wounds as Hodg approached on horseback.
"Here," he handed the man fresh water, bandages, and antiseptic
ointment as he go off his horse. D took the offered supplies.
"You're welcome to travel with us as she heals. It would be best
actually, though we're heading south."

"It makes little difference. I'm still after Gideon," said D,
placing gaze over one of the wounds on her arm and tying it.

"I told him I'd kill him slowly," said Kale, wincing at the touch
of the antiseptic. She watched as some of the caravan men started
to set poles in place around them.

"Not to worry Kale," said D softly. "He will suffer. Dearly."

"D, they've got Mina too."

"Kale, I know..."

"D, you gotta get her out."


"She's not doing well!"



"We found Mina a few days ago." D slowly shook his head, and Kale
began to cry. Not just for Mina having died, but for herself,
having to have survived. D held her, drawing his cloak around her
to protect her from the sun, while the caravaners put up the tent
around them.


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