"Second Chance" by Mark Moore
Part 4 of 9

Disclaimer: In places this is a lemon/ecchi/hentai/perverted/sinning/horndog of a fanfic. If you're too young to read it (you know that you are), please don't read it. The full disclaimer is in the author's note at the beginning of Part 1.

Later that evening, after they had gotten home, Lamika went up to her room.
Eventually, Doris got worried and walked up the stairs and down the hall.
She knocked on the door. "Lamika?"
There was no response.
Doris opened the door and walked inside.
Lamika was sitting on her bed, facing away from the door. The sheets were pulled down. It looked like she was about ready to lie down to sleep for the night.
Doris closed the door. "Lamika, are you all right?"
She saw Lamika move her left hand across her face.
"Are you crying?" Doris asked in surprise.
Lamika turned around and faced her. "Of course not."
Her face was all red.
Doris walked over and sat to Lamika's right on the bed. "Want to talk about what's bothering you?" She let a moment pass in silence. "Is it about the way you were treated today?"
"It's...about what my father told me." Lamika said. "When I was growing up, he told me that I was a Noble. He told me that my mother had been killed by a vampire hunter. Then, just recently, I learned it was all a lie. My mother was human. So, what does that make me? I'm a dhampir - less than vampire, less than human. How can I live with humans? They don't want me."
"I want you." Doris told her. She used her fingers to wipe Lamika's tears off of her face. "How old are you?"
"17." Lamika told her.
"So am I." Doris said. "When do you stop aging?"
Lamika performed some quick calculations in her mind. "Tonight at 11:45 PM, exactly 90 days after my birthday. That was how old my mother was when I was conceived."
"We're exactly the same age, then." Doris told her. "Lamika,...would you like to come to the club with me tomorrow night and perform with Dazzle?"
Lamika was surprised. "Are you stupid?! They'd never allow me back in!"
Doris cast her eyes downward.
Lamika realized what she had said and felt ashamed. "I'm sorry, Doris. You're not stupid. I am. You treated me with kindness, and I repaid you with an insult."
Doris looked up at her and smiled. "You're forgiven."
"Thank you." Lamika said.
Doris ran her left hand through Lamika's dark hair. "You know, in a way, I envy you."
"How's that?" Lamika asked in confusion.
"Eternal life, eternal beauty, without the impediments that come with being a vampire." Doris said.
"I suppose so," she said, "but humans are afraid of my kind."
"You are human, Lamika!" Doris told her. "And don't let anybody tell you otherwise!"
Lamika placed her right hand on Doris' left. Doris took Lamika's left hand in her right. The two of them held each other's hand.
"Make me like you." Doris said.
Lamika was perplexed. "Don't you already like me?"
Doris laughed and shook her head. "No, I mean make me a dhampir."
"What?!" Lamika yelled. "Doris, you can't be serious!"
"I am serious. It's nearing 11:45. Soon, you'll stop aging, and I'll reach your age. Let's be together, the exact same age, for all eternity."
Lamika shook her head. "Doris, you don't know what you're asking!"
"I know exactly what I'm asking." Doris said. "I love you, Lamika."
Those words shocked Lamika, and she fell silent. She and Doris gazed into each other's eyes.
"I...I love you, too, Doris." Lamika said softly.
"Let's be together for eternity." Doris said.
Lamika just stared at her.
"Please!" Doris begged.
Lamika sighed. "Very well. But you need to know what you're getting into. Your vampire half will crave blood. You must control yourself."
"I understand."
Lamika leaned in close and moved her head towards Doris' neck.
Doris stopped her by leaning forward and kissing Lamika on the lips. After their lips parted, Lamika pulled on the belt around Doris' robe. The robe opened. Lamika took it off and threw it to the floor. She gazed at Doris' firm young breasts. Lamika ran her fingers over Doris' breasts. She stared at the mounds in lust. Lamika cupped Doris' breasts in her hands and brushed her thumbs over the nipples.
Lamika lowered her head towards Doris' chest and placed her right hand on Doris' back, still cupping Doris' right breast with her left hand. Doris watched her. Lamika kissed Doris' right breast. She repeated the action a few times, each time in a different spot. Finally, Lamika kissed the nipple. Her lips stayed there for a few seconds. Then Lamika licked the nipple with her tongue. Doris felt the pleasure and placed her hands on the back of Lamika's head, pulling her closer to her bosom. No longer having enough room to use much of her tongue, Lamika took the nipple between her lips and simply felt it there, enjoying it. Lamika sucked on the nipple.
"Mmmm,...yes..." Doris sighed.
Lamika took the nipple between her teeth and gently bit on it. After she had had enough of that breast, she stopped biting.
"Let go." Lamika said.
Doris loosened her hold on Lamika. Lamika moved to Doris' left breast. She cupped the breast with her right hand and placed her left hand on Doris' back. She kissed this breast just as she had the other one. She kissed and licked the nipple. Doris pulled her close again, and Lamika sucked on the nipple and bit it.
"Let go." Lamika said when she was done.
Doris loosened her hold, and Lamika licked the breasts all over, coating them with her saliva. She kissed the valley between the breasts, and Doris pressed them against Lamika's cheeks.
When Lamika had satisfied her mammary urges, she pulled away. She and Doris looked at each other. Their eyes burned with lust.
"It's time for you to do it." Doris told her. She moved the hair away from the left side of her neck, where she had been bitten before.
Lamika shook her head. "Doris, I can't."
"Yes, you can." Doris told her. "I'm not afraid. I trust you."
Lamika stared at Doris' neck in desire, but she still hesitated.
"Come on." Doris said.
Lamika drew close to Doris' neck. She kissed it softly, over and over again.
"This is going to hurt." Lamika told her. She licked her neck. "I'll try to do this as gently as I can."
"There's no way to do it gently." Doris said. "Just do it. Drink my blood."
Lamika kissed and licked for a few moments longer, building up her arousal. Soon, her eyes started glowing, and her canine teeth grew into fangs. With one hard thrust, Lamika sunk her teeth into Doris' neck, piercing the skin. Doris gasped in pain. She managed to hold back a scream, but she still moaned loudly. She was a little bit afraid; still, she remained under control. But under whose control? Lamika sucked greedily, drinking Doris' blood. To Doris, it felt as though a wild animal was attacking her. But she bore it - for herself, for Lamika, for their love. Blood ran down Doris' left breast, down her stomach, down her back. Even though she was consumed by her bloodlust, Lamika knew that she couldn't keep drinking much longer, or she would kill Doris. With some difficulty, she pulled away. Her canine teeth went back to their normal size; her eyes stopped glowing.
Doris looked at her. Lamika's lips were covered in blood. Her blood. Neither of them could think of what to say to the other.
Lamika leaned forward and kissed Doris on the lips. Doris tasted her own blood. She found she enjoyed it. Lamika broke the kiss and started licking the wound clean. She licked the blood off of Doris' neck and back. Doris licked the blood off of her own breast. Lamika finished cleaning it with her tongue and also licked the blood off of Doris' stomach. She then kissed Doris on the lips again and shoved her tongue into her mouth. Doris tasted more of her blood and licked it off of Lamika's tongue.
Then Lamika pulled away. "Your turn."
Doris pulled on the belt and opened Lamika's robe. She helped Lamika out of the robe and threw it to the floor. Doris looked at Lamika's beautiful breasts. She ran her fingers over them, cupped them in her hands, and ran her thumbs over the nipples. Doris kissed and licked each of Lamika's breasts in the same way that Lamika had done to Doris' breasts earlier. She sucked on Lamika's nipples. Doris kissed the valley, and Lamika pressed her breasts against Doris' cheeks.
"Doris, you have to drink - now." Lamika told her.
Doris pulled her face out of the valley and started kissing Lamika on the neck. She bit Lamika with her teeth.
"No, Doris. That won't work until you can grow fangs." Lamika told her.
Doris pulled away from her neck.
"You'll have to drink from here." Lamika used the nail on her right index finger to make a horizontal cut above her breasts.
Blood slowly came out of the wound. Doris leaned forward and kissed it. She stuck out her tongue and licked up the blood. Lamika placed her hands on the back of Doris' head. Doris sucked more blood as it came out.
"Okay, the bleeding's stopped." Doris told her.
Lamika released Doris. "I think you've drunk enough."
Doris had blood on her lips. She leaned forward and kissed Lamika on the lips. She stuck her tongue into Lamika's mouth, and Lamika tasted her own blood. They french kissed for a while.
Their lips parted. Lust blazed in their eyes and burned into each other's souls. They desperately needed to quench the fire.
Doris leaned back on the bed. Lamika pulled down Doris' cotton panties and slowly slid them off of Doris' legs. She threw them to the floor. Lamika stared with lustful eyes at Doris' sex, which was shaved. Lamika looked at Doris questioningly.
"It's so my fingers won't get caught in the hair." Doris replied simply.
"Oh." Lamika said.
Doris grasped the band of Lamika's silk panties and slid them down her legs. She threw them to the floor as well.
Now both girls were completely nude. Lamika lay down on top of Doris and kissed her passionately on the lips. Doris's hands gripped Lamika's ass. Lamika slowly kissed and licked Doris' mouth, chin, neck, and breasts. She spent extra time here, taking each nipple into her mouth briefly. Lamika continued south, kissing Doris' chest. Then she kissed and licked Doris' thighs. It was agonizingly slow, and, to Doris, it was torture.
"Lamika,...please..." Doris begged.
Lamika looked up at her face and gave her a demented grin. "Are you a virgin?"
"Yes." Doris replied. "Are you a virgin?"
"Yes." Lamika replied. "You know, maybe I shouldn't do this. I wouldn't want to take advantage of you."
"Shut up and eat me!" Doris yelled.
Lamika's grin widened, and she looked back down at Doris' cunt.
"Just please don't use your fangs down there." Doris added.
Lamika kissed Doris' sex. She inhaled Doris' scent. It was pleasant. She licked the full length of Doris' slit.
"Mmmhhh..." Doris moaned.
Lamika licked her a few more times. Then she parted Doris' vaginal lips and inserted her left index finger into Doris' vagina. She rubbed the wall gently.
"Yes..." Doris said.
Lamika picked up speed. She inserted her left middle finger, which Doris easily accepted. Lamika masturbated Doris intensely.
"Lamika, please..." Doris begged.
Once Lamika determined that Doris was wet enough, she pulled her fingers out.
"No! Put them back in!" Doris pleaded. "Please, fuck me!"
Lamika grinned at the knowledge that Doris needed her. "You are so impatient."
Doris moved her right hand towards her sex and started to insert her fingers into her vagina.
"No!" Lamika slapped her hand away. "I am the only one that may pleasure you now."
Lamika parted Doris' vaginal lips again. She lowered her head and looked at Doris' pussy. Lamika inserted her tongue into Doris' vagina and licked her. Her lips met Doris' lips, and she frenched her vagina. Lamika stimulated Doris' clitoris.
"Oh, God!" Doris yelled. "Yes! Faster!"
Lamika kept the same pace. She wanted to torture Doris. She flicked her tongue against Doris' clit every so often.
Finally, Doris couldn't take it anymore and reached her climax. "Laaamiiikaaa!"
Doris let out a load moan and had an orgasm. Her body shook in pleasure; her vagina contracted against her lover's tongue, thrilling Lamika. Doris started to cum. The creamy liquid entered Lamika's mouth and splashed on her tongue. It was sweeter than blood! Lamika lapped up Doris' juices. Her lips were pressed against her lover's hot, steaming sex, kissing her passionately, drinking her sweet love nectar.
Finally, after she had drunk all of the liquid, Lamika detached her mouth from Doris' womanhood and positioned herself over her body. Doris was still moaning softly, weak from her orgasm. Lamika kissed Doris on the lips. Their tongues danced together, and Doris tasted her own cum and swallowed it.
Lamika sat up and then knelt on the bed, her legs on each side of Doris' head. Her hands gripped the headboard. She lowered her pussy to Doris' face.
Doris stared at the shaved sex just inches from her lips. "Why is yours shaved?"
"Same reason." Lamika replied, still descending.
Doris couldn't wait any longer. Her hands gripped Lamika's ass and pulled her down. Her thumbs parted her vagina, and Doris shoved her tongue inside.
Lamika let out a yell as her friend ate her pussy. Doris found Lamika's clit and jabbed her tongue against it. Lamika moaned and reached her climax within one minute. Doris felt her vagina contract. Lamika cummed into Doris' mouth. Doris drank all of the precious liquid. Then she licked Lamika's slit, running her tongue over its entire length, a step that she had skipped earlier.
Lamika's hands released the headboard. Doris' hands released her ass. Lamika lay down on top of Doris and kissed her again. She tasted her own cum and swallowed it. Then she pulled her lips away from Doris' lips.
"Rest now." Lamika told her. "Your body is in the process of being enhanced. You need to conserve your energy, so that it can be used in the transformation."
"Okay." Doris closed her eyes. "Good night."
Lamika lay down to Doris' left. "Good night,...my love."

Saturday, April 23, 12090

Doris woke up early the next morning. She looked over at Lamika, her friend, her sister - and now her lover, as of this very night.
Lamika's breasts rose up and came down with each breath she took. She looked so beautiful sleeping.
Doris stared at her for a moment, then she got out of bed. She considered picking up her panties and robe off of the floor and putting them on, then she realized there was no point in it. Lamika had seen her naked. Doris walked over to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Two puncture wounds were on the left side of her neck. She touched them with her fingers and felt them.
"They're not permanent."
Doris turned around. Lamika was awake and sitting up in bed. Doris walked over to the bed and pulled the sheet down, exposing Lamika's sex. Doris sat down to her right.
"Good morning." Doris said, kissing her on the lips.
"Mmmm, good morning." Lamika said.
Their lips parted.
"What time is it?" Lamika asked.
"I don't know. I never replaced the batteries in the alarm clock." She looked out the window. "It's almost sunrise. I'd say around 6:00 AM."
Doris and Lamika looked into each other's eyes.
"I love you." Doris told her.
"I love you, too." Lamika told her.
"Uh, when will the puncture wounds go away?"
"In a few days." Lamika replied. "The wounds my father gave you have already completely healed due to the erythropoietic porphyria you were infected with when he made you drink his blood. Your infection was cured upon his death, but not before the wounds were healed. There are no scars left. When we exchanged blood last night, you were infected with a diluted form of the disease. How do you feel?"
"Good. I feel great, in fact. Stronger, healthier."
"You gained rapid healing abilities, including disease-resistance." Lamika told her. "You will never get sick again, and you will never age again. You have increased strength and speed."
"That's good."
"Of course, you may have a very mild sensitivity to sunlight that will do no more than dull your powers temporarily." Lamika continued. "You may also become mildly ill from the taste or smell of garlic. Oh, and your urine may be a slight reddish-brown."
"Thanks for sharing."
"So,...what do we do for all of eternity?" Lamika asked.
"Well, I don't know about eternity, but for today, we'll get dressed, feed the animals, shower, and eat breakfast." Doris paused for a moment. "Come on. Let's get dressed."
"Do we have to?" Lamika teased.
Doris laughed. "I think Dan would die of orgasm if he saw us naked."
Lamika laughed.

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