"Second Chance" by Mark Moore
Part 5 of 9

Disclaimer: In places this is a lemon/ecchi/hentai/perverted/sinning/horndog of a fanfic. If you're too young to read it (you know that you are), please don't read it. The full disclaimer is in the author's note at the beginning of Part 1.

After Doris and Lamika had fed the animals, they walked back into the house.
"You can shower." Doris told Lamika. "I'll prepare breakfast."
Lamika smiled. "Don't you want to join me?"
Doris smiled. "I accept that invitation."
They walked into the bathroom and locked the door. They took off their clothes and got into the shower. Lamika slid the door closed.
Doris turned on the water, getting it to the right temperature - nice and warm, a bit on the hot side, enough to make steam. She turned the middle knob, and water came out of the showerhead, getting the two girls wet.
Lamika and Doris put their arms around each other and kissed passionately on the lips. They frenched each other for a while.
Doris knelt down and placed her hands on Lamika's thighs. Doris licked her pussy. Her thumbs parted Lamika's sex, and Doris shoved her tongue inside. Lamika gasped in pleasure. While eating her pussy, Doris picked up her back brush. She parted Lamika's ass with her fingers.
"What are you doing?" Lamika asked.
Doris slowly slid the handle of the back brush into Lamika's ass.
"Oh, shit!" Lamika yelled.
Doris slid the handle in and out of her ass as she frenched Lamika's cunt.
"Yes!" Lamika yelled. "Fuck my ass!"
Doris kept sliding the handle and licking Lamika's pussy. The double stimulation became too much for Lamika. Lamika's anal muscles contracted around the brush's handle, and her vaginal muscles contracted around Doris' tongue. Doris quickly yanked the handle out of Lamika's ass. That brought her over the edge. Lamika cummed with great intensity and flooded Doris' open, waiting mouth with her hot cum. Doris drank it all.
Lamika fell against the wall. She could hardly manage to stand. Doris smiled and stood up.
"Get on your knees." Doris demanded.
"Gladly." Lamika panted and fell to her knees.
Lamika gripped Doris' ass with her hands and placed her mouth on Doris' vagina. Then Lamika took the back brush and mercilessly shoved it into Doris' ass in one stroke.
Doris screamed in pain. "That hurt!"
"You deserve it." Lamika replied.
Lamika slid the handle in and out and licked the length of Doris' vaginal slit. Lamika then inserted her tongue into Doris' love canal and struck her clit. Doris soon reached her climax and cummed into Lamika's mouth. Lamika drank Doris' love nectar.
After Lamika let go of her, Doris dropped to her knees as well. The two nude girls kissed each other deeply, sharing their juices with each other. Then they washed each other, got out of the shower, brushed their teeth, and put on their robes.

After Doris, Lamika, and Dan had eaten breakfast, the girls washed the dishes, dried them, and put them away.
"Come up to my bedroom." Doris said.
Lamika grinned. "Mmmm, okay."
Doris turned to face her, lowering her voice so Dan wouldn't hear her. "Lamika, we just fucked an hour ago."
"What's the matter?" Lamika asked. "Don't want Dan to overhear?"
"C'mon." Doris turned and started walking up the stairs again.
Lamika followed her.
They walked into Doris' bedroom.
"I've got some books that I think you'll be interested in." Doris told her.
"What kind of books?" Lamika asked.
"Historical." Doris took a book off of her bookshelf. "This is a biography of your Noble Ancestor. It's comprised of journal entries, letters, articles, and other records from the year 1893."
Lamika took the book from her. There was one word on the front cover: DRACULA.
"It was my father's." Doris told her. "I want you to know what Dracula was really like."
"Thank you." Lamika said.
Doris took another book off of her bookshelf. "This is a history book. It tells what's known of the world before, during, and after World War III. I want you to know human history, both the good and the bad."
Lamika took the book from her. "Okay."
"How fast can you read?"
"3,000 words per minute." Lamika replied.
"What?" Doris asked in surprise.
"I suspect that my reading speed has been augmented by my vampire powers." Lamika added.
Doris nodded. "Oh, okay. Good. Well, I'll let you get to your reading."
"Okay. Thank you." Lamika sat down on Doris' bed.
"When you're done, let me know if you have any questions or comments." Doris turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.
Lamika decided to first learn more of human history in order to understand the situation in which Dracula had lived and place his life in the proper historical context. She read about the people and governments of Earth before World War III. She learned of their culture and accomplishments. She learned how they destroyed themselves.
In the year 1999, the world was devastated by nuclear war, forcing the few surviving humans to live underground for 1,591 years. When they came to the surface again and spread out to reclaim the Earth, they found the planet crawling with fearsome mutants.
500 years passed, and humans, while fruitful and multiplying, grew ever more barbarous. When they'd degenerated to a medieval level, the vampires appeared, declared themselves "the Nobility", and took over. The humans seemed to go along with it.
For 8,000 years, the vampire Nobility ruled the world, constructing an automated city called the Capital and regulating the global climate through weather controllers. Finally, the Great Rebellion overthrew the vampires, and the remaining fiends scattered in the wilderness of the Frontier, where their genetically-engineered monstrosities were already terrorizing the humans. These sporadic vampire and monster attacks prompted a number of humans to form the Hunter class, which in turn gradually specialized into subclasses such as Werewolf Hunter, Lesser Dragon Hunter, etc. The greatest of these, of course, were the Vampire Hunters.
Knowing a lot more about Earth evoked mixed feelings within Lamika. She thought humans were stupid and barbaric for destroying their own civilization, yet she felt sorry for them for being subjected to the vampires' control. She felt happy when she read about the Great Rebellion.
Yet, she felt oddly detached from all of this. The book, while written by humans, had a rather impersonal tone. Lamika decided that, to truly know her mixed heritage, she had to learn of her Noble Ancestor through the perspectives of the very people that had killed him. So, she read the personal entries of Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray, and their friends and learned how they had fought Dracula, who had fed off of the local population.
Lamika felt a hatred for vampires grow within her. She gained a sense of pride at being human, if only half-human. She was also half-vampire. She concluded that she was the embodiment of both the best and the worst that the Earth had to offer.
She closed the books and put both of them back on the bookshelf.

Lamika walked downstairs, into the living room. Doris and Dan were kneeling on the floor by the table, playing chess.
Doris looked at her. "Well?"
Lamika walked over to her. "I've read both books. Human history is so violent and bloody!"
"Of course it is." Doris replied. "But so is vampire history. Vampires came - and still come - from humans. The blood that flows through your veins doesn't matter. It's what you do that makes you a good person or a bad person."
Lamika smiled warmly.
"Kei called me." Doris said. "She and the other girls want us to come to the club to talk about us doing a joint concert with Dazzle."
Lamika was silent for a moment as she thought about this. "Okay. Let's go."
Doris stood up. "Dan, keep an eye on the house while we're gone."
"Right, sis."

Doris and Lamika rode to Hit Paradise. They walked inside and met with Kei, Christy, Kimber Lee, and Dazzle.
"We're glad you two decided to come." Kei said cheerfully. "So, are you gonna play together?"
"Sure, we can do it tonight." Lamika said.
Doris stifled a laugh.
"What's so funny?" Kei asked.
Doris shook her head. "Nothing. Sorry."
"Please, cunt in you." Lamika said.
Doris placed her left hand over her mouth again and laughed again. "Lamika, quit it!"
"Sorry." Lamika said with a smile.
"Yes, we will play a concert with Dazzle tonight." Doris told the club owners.
"Great." Phoebe said. "Here are some music sheets of our songs."
Doris took the sheets from her. "Thank you, and here are music sheets of songs that were written by members of my family millennia ago, before the war."
Rory took the sheets from Doris. "Excellent. I look forward to performing with you."
"So do I." Doris said. "With you, I mean."
"The show starts at 7:00 PM." Ingrid told them.
"We'll be here." Lamika told them.
"All right!" Kimber Lee exclaimed, jumping in the air in excitement. "This is gonna be outraaageous!"
"See ya tonight." Christy said with a smile.

Doris and Lamika returned home. Dan was waiting for them by the front door.
"Sis! I just found this note!" he told her.
There was a note taped to the front door.
Doris read it: "'Doris Lang, You and your vampire whore are not welcome in Ransylva. You and Lamika Lee are to leave the village and never return. Let this be fair warning to you that should you stay, or ever return, both of you will die. Waytry'"
The three of them stood in silence for a few seconds.
"Bastard." Doris hissed. She pulled the note off of the door and crumpled it in her left hand.
"Are we going to heed his warning?" Lamika asked.
Doris looked at her. "Never! I'm not afraid of him or anyone else!"
Lamika and Dan firmly nodded in agreement.
"Come on." Doris said. "Let's start practicing these songs."

Doris gave Lamika a pair of black pants, black flat shoes, and a white, short-sleeved dress shirt. They had belonged to her mother. Doris dressed likewise, but she also wore a black jacket. Dan wore the same types of clothes, but not a jacket.
The three of them exited their bedrooms and met in the hallway.
"How do I look?" Lamika asked.
Doris smiled. "You look great."
"Thank you." Lamika said.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan walked down the stairs.
"Doris,...what will we do if someone...attacks us?" Lamika asked.
Doris took the gun from its place on the wall.
"It belonged to my father." Doris told her. "It'll fire six rounds. I hope it'll be enough." She placed the gun in the inside right pocket of her jacket. "If a mob forms, we need to get to the carriage. I put our laser rifles and my whip there."
Lamika and Dan nodded. "Right."
"Let's go." Doris said.
They walked out the door, and Doris closed it behind her.
They got into the carriage, and they rode to the club.
"You ever use a laser rifle before?" Doris asked.
Lamika shook her head. "No."
"Then this'll be good practice."
Lamika picked up her rifle and examined it. "Whose laser rifle is this?"
"It was my mother's." Doris replied. "She carried it to protect herself against vampires. Two years ago, she went into town at night to buy some ammunition. She went out at night despite the knowledge that Count Lee had returned." She started to cry. "We...found her body the following morning. She had been drained of blood, and there were two puncture wounds on her neck. Count Lee had gotten her."
"I'm so sorry." Lamika said sincerely.
Doris wiped away her tears. "Thank you. It wasn't your fault."


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