"Second Chance" by Mark Moore
Part 6 of 9

Disclaimer: In places this is a lemon/ecchi/hentai/perverted/sinning/horndog of a fanfic. If you're too young to read it (you know that you are), please don't read it. The full disclaimer is in the author's note at the beginning of Part 1.

They parked outside the club and got out of the carriage. They walked into the club.
Dan took a seat at a table. Doris and Lamika walked over to the club owners, who were standing by the stage.
Kimber Lee grinned. "Ready to play?"
Doris took the note out of the inside left pocket of her jacket. "Mr. Waytry left this note on my front door while I was here earlier."
Christy took the note, unfolded it, and read it. "Thank you, Doris. Do you two still want to perform tonight?"
"Yes." Doris and Lamika replied.
Christy nodded. "Okay."
The five girls walked up on the stage. Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy were already standing there, getting their instruments ready.
Kei turned on a microphone. "Good evening. Tonight, Hit Paradise is proud to present Dazzle with guest performers Doris Lang and Lamika Lee!"
Dan clapped wildly. He was the only person to applaud them.
The club owners walked off of the stage.
Doris walked over to the microphone. "Hello. This is a song that's been in my family for over 10,000 years. It's dedicated to my friend, Lamika. I hope you like it."
Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy started playing their instruments.
People started to walk out of the club. Doris and Lamika were saddened by this. They glanced at Dazzle apologetically, then they walked off of the stage. Doris, Lamika, and Dan started to walk to the door.
They turned around.
Mr. Waytry and thirty other men were walking toward them.
"What do you want, Waytry?" Doris asked. She placed her right hand inside her jacket.
"I warned you two." Mr. Waytry said. "You were to leave this town."
"We'll never leave." Doris told him. "Ransylva is our home."
"You're going to regret that decision." He looked at another man and nodded.
The man drew a gun. Doris' newly-sharp eyes caught this.
"Get back!" Doris yelled.
Lamika and Dan leapt behind her. Doris pulled out her gun and fired once. The bullet hit the man in the chest. He died and fell to the floor.
A commotion started among the people when they heard the gunshot.
"Get to the carriage!" Doris yelled.
Lamika and Dan turned and ran out of the club. Doris skipped backwards, keeping her eyes on the men.
Another man drew a gun. Doris killed him as well.
"Doris! Lamika! Dan!" Christy yelled. "Are you all right?!"
Doris shot another man. "Buy us some time, Christy!"
Christy came between Doris and the mob. "Don't fight! This is a dance club! It's a place for fun, damn it! These are talented musicians!"
"Like hell!" Mr. Waytry yelled. "Lamika's a fuckin' vampire! Get 'em!"
The men pushed past Christy.
Doris turned and fired her gun again, no longer caring if the person she hit was armed. She hit a man. Three bullets left. Doris quickly shot three more people, then she turned and ran to the carriage.
Lamika and Dan reached the carriage and got in it. They picked up their laser rifles and fired once. Laser beams whisked past Doris and struck two men. Doris reached the carriage, got in it, and picked up her laser rifle. She fired it and killed another man.
People started coming out of their houses at the sound of gunshots, curious as to what was going on. Soon, everybody had gathered on the street outside the club and was watching the battle. Mothers and fathers tried to keep their curious children behind them.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan continued firing, killing more men. Some people got too close to the carriage. Lamika shot one man at point-blank range, and his head exploded. She got covered in blood and guts. She licked up some of the blood to increase her strength.
Mr. Waytry saw that all but ten of his men had been killed and realized he needed more in order to complete his noble mission. "Come on! All of you! Do you want these devil-women living among you?!"
The crowd began murmuring as they discussed this.
"They're killing good people like us who are trying to make our village safe for our children!" Waytry continued, overcome with anger. "Help us be rid of them!"
"No!" Kei countered. "Don't you see what's happening here?! This man is delusional! He's trying to kill these girls because of their blood! They're only defending themselves! Please, don't join him!"
"Waytry's right!" a man yelled. "Kill the vampires!"
People from the crowd ran to the carriage. Doris, Lamika, and Dan started shooting at them, too, killing men, women, and children.
"Mayor Rohman! Sheriff!" Doris yelled. "Can't you arrest these people?!"
The mayor and the sheriff stood by a lamp post, frozen in terror.
"I guess not!" Doris kept firing.
More people died. The street was littered with dead bodies.
Finally, their rifles ran out of power. People were still advancing on them. Doris picked up her whip and struck people with it. She, Lamika, and Dan smashed people's heads with the butts of their rifles.
Suddenly, bullets struck down more people. Doris, Lamika, and Dan looked, and they saw Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid firing handguns. The three band members waved with their free hands. Doris, Lamika, and Dan waved back.
"I've got an idea!" Lamika yelled.
"Glad to hear it!" Doris yelled.
Lamika grabbed a man's head, turned it quickly, and snapped his neck. Her eyes started glowing blue, and she grew fangs. She sank her teeth into the man's neck and drank his blood. She grew stronger from the blood of her victim. It frightened Dan to see Lamika doing this, but he kept on hitting people with his rifle.
"C'mon!" Lamika yelled after she had drained her victim.
She and Doris jumped down onto the ground. Blue light came from their bodies. Dazzle ran out of bullets. Their eyes started glowing blue, and they grew fangs. After they each drank blood from a victim, they joined hands with Doris and Lamika. They formed a circle, each of them facing outward. Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid's bodies also gave off blue light.
"What the hell is going on?!" Mr. Waytry yelled.
The five of them started spinning clockwise. As they picked up speed, the light expanded. Everyone who was touched by the light died and fell. Finally, the light faded. Doris, Lamika, and Dazzle, still high from the rush, breathed heavily and they tried to regain control of their senses. They let go of each other's hands.
"Waytry!" Lamika exclaimed in surprise.
Mr. Waytry was still alive. He had been standing behind Kei, Christy, and Kimber Lee and was safe from the light. He walked forward, drawing his own gun.
"Those others didn't stand a chance." Mr. Waytry said. "Lead. Hmph. This gun has silver bullets."
"Why, Waytry?" Doris asked. "Why all this death? What has it accomplished?"
"Those people died trying to kill you. I can't blame them. They were afraid that you'd kill them." Mr. Waytry said. "But you're also bad for business, and that's even worse."
"You're a sick son of a bitch." Doris said.
"Shut up!" Mr. Waytry yelled. "First Lamika,...then you."
"Fight me man to woman, you fuckin' bastard!" Lamika yelled.
Mr. Waytry pointed the gun at her. "I don't think so."
"No!!!" Doris knocked Lamika out of the way just as Mr. Waytry fired and took the bullet in her chest. She fell to the ground.
"Doris!!!" Lamika screamed, falling to her knees and clutching her chest in pain.
Mr. Waytry chuckled. "I'll let you live for a minute. I wanna see you cry."
He walked closer and stood in front of the girls.
Doris was dying. Lamika cradled her head in her arms.
"Hold on, Doris." Lamika told her. "Please, just hold on."
Lamika kissed her. Doris licked some of the blood off of Lamika's lips.
"Hell, if you're not gonna cry, I may as well kill you now." Mr. Waytry pointed his gun at Lamika.
"Do it." Lamika said sadly. "I want to go with her."
"Okay." Mr. Waytry said.
Suddenly, he was hit on the head and fell on top of Doris.
Lamika looked up. "Kimber Lee."
Kimber Lee gave her a smile.
Doris concentrated the last few ounces of her strength. Her eyes started to glow blue. She grew fangs.
Mr. Waytry yelled and jumped off of her.
Doris leapt to her feet. The bullet was expelled from her body and landed on the ground. She touched the place on her chest where she'd been shot and saw that there was ash on her fingers.
"That was my favorite shirt." Doris told him in anger. "Waytry?"
"Huh?" Mr. Waytry asked.
"Fuck you." Doris sank her fangs into his neck and drank his blood.
Mr. Waytry screamed as he died a slow, gruesome death.
After she had drained him, Doris let his body fall to the ground. She picked up his gun and fired the remaining bullets into his chest.
Doris dropped the gun to the ground. She looked at the club owners, who looked sorry. Then she looked at the remaining crowd, who looked scared. Then she looked at Dazzle, who gave her small smiles. Then she looked at Lamika, who wanted to comfort her. Then she looked at her little brother, Dan, who was absolutely horrified by what he had seen. She walked over to the carriage, climbed in, and sat down next to him. She absently patted his right shoulder.
Then Doris placed her hands on the sides of her head and wept.

After a half-hour of explaining the past few days' events to the club owners, the mayor, the sheriff, and the rest of the people gathered there, Lamika went and sat with Doris and Dan in their carriage.
Dazzle walked to the club's entrance.
"We'll set up." Rory said. "You come inside when you're ready."
Lamika nodded.
Dazzle walked into the club.
Lamika looked at Doris. "It wasn't your fault. Waytry left you no choice. Everything we did, we did to survive. I explained everything to the authorities. They're not going to press charges. You've got to put this behind you now, or you'll go mad from grief."
Doris looked at her. "I know. I'm a killer. I'm going to have to live with that. It's a part of who I am. But that's not what upsets me the most."
"What, then?"
"I'm upset that he was able to convince so many people that we were bad, that we were somehow to blame for all of the evil in the world." Doris shook her head sadly. "It's such a waste."
"Yes, it is." Lamika turned to face Dan. "Don't be scared of your sister. She loves you. Regardless of the blood in her veins, love her back."
He looked at Doris. "Okay."
He and Doris hugged. Then Doris and Lamika hugged. Then, just for completion, Dan and Lamika hugged.
"Are you okay?" Lamika asked Doris.
"Yeah,...I'm okay."
"Good." Lamika said. "Let's go inside."
The three of them stood up, got out of their carriage, and walked into the club. They sat at a table. Dazzle was on stage.
Christy walked up on the stage and in front of the microphone. "And now - Dazzle!"
People applauded. Christy walked off the stage.
"Hey, wanna dance?" Doris asked Lamika.
"All right." she agreed.
They stood up and walked onto the dance floor.
Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy stared at them. Then they glanced at each other, nodded, started playing their instruments again, and sang:

"It's a hard, hard life.
There's no help along the way.
It's a hard, hard life.
It's a struggle night and day.
It's a hard, hard life,
and the weak do not survive.
It's a hard, hard life -
hard to keep your hopes alive.

People stand in your way,
but you push past them,
runnin' for your life,
and if luck goes your way,
you may outlast them
in this hard, hard life.

It's a hard, hard life,
but you fight to make it through.
It's a hard, hard life,
but you do what you can do.

It's only a dream
that keeps you goin'
through the grief and strife.
If you can take it,
you might just make it
in this hard, hard life."

Doris, Lamika, Dan, and the rest of the audience cheered and applauded.
Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy took bows.

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