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Designs for the 1985 anime

Designs by Yoshitaka Amano

D on horse, watercolor. Perhaps an early design. Source: Animedia 10/1985.
Sketch of D in blue. Evidently an early design. Source: Animedia 10/1985.
Same sketch of D with two sketches of the snake women.

Character designs from Imagine, an art book by Yoshitaka Amano:
The three snake women.
Rei Ginsei. Nothing like his final design! From Imagine.
D. From Imagine.
Count Magnus Lee. From Imagine.
Dan. From Imagine.
Doris. From Imagine.

The VHD Scenario book (jacket image under "Advertising Art")includes the script of the 1985 movie (in Japanese), stills from the movie, and the following character designs by Yoshitaka Amano:

Two portraits of D
Two more portraits of D
Rei Ginsei
Three portraits of Doris
Three portraits of Ramika
Close-up of D
The snake women
Snake woman close-up

Animation designs

D, water-washed in browns. Fairly early character design for the 1985 movie. Source: My Anime 10-20-1985.
Early design for D. This antedates his blue outfit; he's dressed in brown. Source: My Anime 10-20-1985.
Designs for Dan, Magnus Lee, Rei Ginsei, and Ramika. Source: My Anime 10-20-1985.
Color design for D. Source: Fantastic Collection 53.
Rei Ginsei head and torso. Source: Fantastic Collection 53.

Scenes from the 1985 anime

Title from the Streamline dub.
Doris outside at night, looking surprised; done in blues and whites.
D on his horse; front view. (Screen capture)
D on his horse, side view. (Screen capture)
Close-up of D. Source: Animedia 12/85.

D and Doris meet for the first time; Doris has just gotten 'zapped' and is on the ground.
Doris shows D her bite marks.
Closeup profile of D, no hat. This is an extreme enlargement of a sticker bound into Animedia 2/1986. The hair on D's face has been retouched.
D's hand with mouth and eyes open.
D holds Doris and struggles to not bite her.

D pushes Doris away by her shoulders.
Count Lee zapping D with pink lightning, kinda grainy.
D's hand sucking in spiders.
Ramika poised to strike Doris as she sleeps.
Rei Ginsei uses the magic candle on D.

Ramika threatens a tired-looking Doris with a long needle in the cart.
Count Magnus Lee and his enthralled bride.
Close-up of Rei Ginsei.
D and Rei Ginsei struggle.
Split shot of D thrusting his sword (blood flying) and Rei Ginsei with open mouth.

Doris, just after she hits Greco.
Doris and Dr. Fering on the cart; Doris looks worried and is grabbing her whip.
Doris shows her bite marks.
Dan and D riding side by side in the cart.
Doris just after Greco gets her attention; and the cart in the background.

Portrait of Ramika.
D running with Doris slung over his shoulder.
D's head with blue lightning.
Count Magnus Lee laughs in trimph, eyes glowing.
The lamia wrap themselves around D; his eyes begin to glow and his fangs to show.

Advertising art for the 1985 anime

Advertising art from Streamline, scanned from a magazine article. This design is also featured on a pencil board.
Doris and D against the moon. This is evidently a special publicity image; it does not appear in the anime. The figures are as they appear when confronting the mayor and sheriff.
The VHD scenario book's wraparound dust jacket.

Art by Yoshitaka Amano

The Riverzildjian site offers a variety of artwork. You can click your way through a menu of various artists, including Yoshitaka Amano, or go straight to the Vampire Hunter D gallery.

Until I actually add these images to this site, here is a link to some scans of Amano art by Dominic Holmes. This includes the front and back of the VHD1985 soundtrack CD, as well as non-D works.

D and (probably) Doris in Mr. Amano's interpretation of their post-shower scene.
Detail from the same showing D's face.
Black-and-white rendering of a painting by Yoshitaka Amano. This is from an advertisement for the VHD novels in Fantastic Collection 53.
D holding Doris on his horse. Streamline LD cover, adapted from the cover of the first novel.
D on horse, front view. Probably from the original Streamline videocassette.

D on his horse, the cover of the original Streamline videocassette.
D with his sword. This is from the back of the Streamline LD and is adapted from the cover of the second novel.
D holding Doris. Source: Animedia 12/1985. This painting also appears in the film comic and Fantastic Collection 53.
D, hair flying, leaning on his sword. Apparently an official poster. Source: Fantastic Collection 53.
Overhead view of D and a caped antagonist in battle. Source: Fantastic Collection 53.

"Hunter," that painting you see everywhere, including the index page of this site.
Another version of "Hunter," source unknown. Includes the words "Hunter D."

Art from the novels

All the VHD novels sport jackets with paintings by Yoshitaka Amano. In honor of the second movie, novels 1 and 3 have also been released with jackets featuring a scene from the new anime.

Novel 1, anime cover.
Novel 3, anime cover.

Novel 1 This painting was also used for the front of the Streamline LD.
Novel 2 This painting was also used for the back of the Streamline LD and the back of the original Streamline VHS release.
Novel 3 Meierlink and his nameless love (Charlotte in the second movie).
Novel 4
Novel 5

Novel 6
Novel 7 pt. 1
Novel 7 pt. 2 (My personal favorite jacket.)
Novel 8

Novel 9 pt. 1
Novel 9 pt. 2
Novel 9 pt. 3
Novel 9 pt. 4
Novel 10 pt. 1
Novel 10 pt. 2
Novel 11 pt. 1
Novel 11 pt. 2
Novel 11 pt. 2--frontispiece
Novel 11 pt. 3

Novel 12, pt. 1
Novel 12, pt. 2
Novel 12, pt. 3
Novel 12, pt. 4
Novel 13
Novel 14
Novel 15
Novel 16

Story collection D--Kurai Nokutaan (D--Dark Nocturne)
"obi" advertising the VHD novels

Superdeformed aka chibi images

These are all from Fantastic Collection 53.

D holding Doris on his horse.
Dan chases off Greco with rocks
D and Reiginsei fighting.
Miniature D on a miniature steed. Can it get any cuter?
Ramika and Doris, back to back.
The bad guys: Reiginsei, Witch, Gimlet, Goreim.
Doris and her whip!
A windswept, tiny D.

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