Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
English-Language Dub vs. Japanese-Language Version

Thanks to a fansub created by Roger Labuto de Barros of Brazil, I've been able to compare the English-language dub of VHD:B and the Japanese-language version written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The bits of dialogue in the table below represent what I consider significant differences in the two scripts. In some cases I've chosen a piece of dialogue that is mostly similar but contains a difference I wanted to point out. For example: The lines that I've given from the English-language dub are my own transcription, not from an official script. Of course, lines of the Japanese script are subject to interpretation. I can make changes if any of this material is seriously wrong.

Unfortunately, I can't share the whole script or the fansub itself. Remember, Urban Vision plans to release a Japanese-language version of the movie with English subtitles. Eventually we'll all be able to see the whole movie and compare the two versions of dialogue.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
English-Language Dub vs. Japanese-Language Version
      Alan Elbourne tells about his encounter with Meier Link
Alan: I organized a search party of fifty men, but it was no use; we couldn't find them. We were ambushed.

Alan: ... took my sister and killed my friends. That's just a down payment. You'll get the rest when you find her. Ten million dollars.

Alan: I gathered a search party of about 20 people, and we went after him.

Alan: But ... if there hadn't been an ambush...

[Nothing about anybody getting killed.]

      Borgoff's story of the squirrel and...
Borgoff: Hey, y'ever hear the one about the owl and squirrel? Squirrel works all summer storin' away stuff for the winter, all kinds of nuts and seeds — works real hard. Then one day just before the first snow he goes outside for one last look around when all of a sudden this owl swoops down and — grabs him, carries him off. "Ah, what a shame," says the squirrel; "'cause what's gonna happen to all that good food?" Borgoff: You happen to know the story of the snake and the squirrel? Every day the squirrel goes out for food; he's stocking up. The snake waited until the squirrel had gathered lots of food, and then he attacked: he ate up all the food, and the squirrel too! Before he died, the squirrel thought: In the next life, I'm going to ask to be a snake, for sure!

Borgoff: Let the dhampir find our target, and then we'll come and grab the prize.

      Meier's first encounter with D
Meier: She's here by her own choice, dunpeal. So unless you're the kind of man who would take a woman against her will for the money in it — and I'm sure it's a lot — I suggest you save your sorry ass now and leave us to travel in peace.

D: I would if I could believe you, Meier. Your credibility, however, is less than impeccable under the circumstances. You kidnapped the girl.

Meier: I've heard it said that there was an excellent hunter who surpassed all the others, a dhampir. That someone is you, D. I'm glad to have met you at last. I am Meier Link.

D: I've also heard your name. They say that though you're a Noble, you've never used your fangs on a human. But it seems that what I heard wasn't true.

      Leila doesn't look so good
Left Hand: That poor girl; she's — she's bleeding pretty bad. I mean, she won't last long. It's a shame, really — to waste all that good blood, I mean — come on, admit it — you're tempted, I mean, I know you are!

[But when D turns toward Leila:]

Left Hand: Wait, I was just kidding, y'know. C'mon, let's go. We got work to do — the money, c'mon; think of the money!

Left Hand: The smell of a young girl's blood ... you can't resist it, can you, D?

[D turns his horse.]

Left Hand: Shall we quench your thirst a little?

[No more Mr. Nice Hand!]

      D's parting words to Leila on their first encounter
D: You called out for your mother before — I thought you might be needing her. D: A girl who calls for her mother when she's close to death, isn't cut out to be a hunter.

[No more Mr. Nice Hunter!]

      Meier's carriage is following that river
Meier [voiceover]: When the last vampire is extinct, who will mourn our passing? Will she; will anyone? Can anyone understand this pain, this loneliness? [No dialogue here in the Japanese version.]
      Benge gives the Markus clan fair warning
Benge: So, you dare to enter Barbarois. I assume it's arrogance and vast stupidity that brings you here, gentlemen; or perhaps it's ignorance. You're skillful hunters, I can see, but you're no match for the Barbarois. Five thousand years of isolation have made us invincible! Benge: You're like worms, you don't have enough sense to save your lives! Do you want to try? For nearly 5,000 years, demonic beings have come together, blood to blood. The Barbarois magic has risen up in the deepest darkness. So now, let's see if your skills are good for anything.
      D approaches the village of Barbarois
Left Hand: Oh, God — we're getting close. Those — are the windmills of the Barbarois. I really wish you'd turn back. There must be another way.

D: There isn't.

Left Hand: Are you going to walk into Barbarois through the front gate? Looks like you're not in your right mind. Your head's not just for a hat, you know. Use it for thinking! D! Say something, D!

[But D does not respond.]

      D proposes outbidding the Barbarois' client
Elder: I suppose you know our reputation — the Barbarois serve the people of the night, and after five thousand years, I don't think we're about to change our stripes anytime soon, although if we did for anyone it would be for you. Elder: You know that we, that the Barbarois people, millennia ago, we were hired by the King of the Vampires, and since then, we have been serving Nobles like their shadow. And you still dare to propose this?
      D and his saddle are taking a little stroll in the sun
[Mike McShane, unconstrained by lip movements, has some fun.]

Left Hand: I dunno about you, but y'know, I sure miss that horse. What was his name? Oh — oh, the silent treatment, huh? Well, I got two words for you: Heat syndrome. Look — look, I know I'm a parasite, but haven't I always been a helpful parasite? You may not care if you die from heat, but becoming a piece of beef jerky is not a lifelong ambition of mine. Yeah, well, what's the sound of one hand yapping...

[This is how Mr. Kawajiri directed it.]

Left hand: Uh-oh... D, let's rest a little. Even for someone who's different from other dhampirs, this sun is unbearable. At least once, listen to me. If you want to die of sun sickness, that's your decision, but don't take me with you.

      Leila gives Charlotte a piece of her mind
Leila: You'll do what I say. Do you have any idea how many people have died at the hands of your beloved Meier, this vampire you wanna protect!

Charlotte: None!

Leila: You fool! And you — You stay right where you are, my friend. Sorry, but I really don't want to have to share any of my profits. You understand, don't you — it's business.

Leila: Do you know what happened to all the innocent people in one village, because of this Noble? Do you know?

[Charlotte says nothing here. She knows.]

Leila: You get anywhere near me, I'll show you no mercy. You saved me and it came to this... this is what happens when you stick your nose where it doesn't belong. You're the one who's not cut out to be a hunter.

      D and Leila have a cosy tête-à-tête in the rain
Leila: Don't get any ideas.

Leila: Hey, I'm just trying to stay dry here. If there was any other place to go, believe me, I'd be there. As soon as the rain lets up, I'll be gone from here and from you.

Leila: Don't fool yourself. I was just paying you back for the other day.

Leila: The Nobles are less than animals. You're the same kind. I don't want to have to stay very close, but for now I don't have much of an option.

      So, Leila, what happened to your mother?
Leila: The people in the village stoned her to death while I watched. Leila: She was captured by the people of the village and died with a stake through her heart. Right in front of me ... screaming horribly.
      D and Leila tête-à-tête part 2: Let's make a deal!
D: I can understand why you'd choose to do it, but the life of a hunter is no kind of life.

Leila: It's the only life I'm any good for now, and it looks like it's the only life you've ever known. So I suggest we make a pact. Since we're both in it for the long haul, whoever dies first, the other one can come and bring flowers to their grave. How's that? It's the rain — makes me sentimental. I don't know why I should care about that — it's just I love flowers. And I don't think I'll be getting any — I'm all alone, after all. We have that much in common, don't we. That we're both hunters and we're both alone. Oh well, I'm being silly — doesn't really matter —

D: I'll do it. I'll bring you flowers if I survive this — but I don't expect to.

D: You may have enjoyed hunting them... but you'll stop being a woman or even a human being.

Leila: This hatred won't disappear even after I die. I know it will follow me even into the grave when I'm dead. And if you think that's sad... Put a flower on my grave. It seems that you really like to mind other people's business. Yeah... let's make a pact. If you get out of this alive, do this. And if you die, I'll do it. It won't be a bad thing for someone to do. I'm full of it... Whatever happens, it doesn't matter.

D: I promise. Wherever the bodies of hunters have been buried...

      On the bridge: What about that girl we were hired to save?
Kyle: Borgoff, we should just let her kill herself — and then we can finish him off, what do you think about that idea? We get the money if she's dead or alive. Kyle: The sun's setting... let's finish this soon and kill the girl. We get the money either way.
      D and Mashira play twenty questions. Make that one question.
D: Who hired the Barbarois? Who were you working for?

Mashira: It was Carmila who hired us. And as a Barbarois, my duty has been fulfilled. Now I can die in peace.

D: Who hired you? I want the name.

Mashira: Do you think the Barbarois betray their clients? Really... You're really very daring...

[Mr. Kawajiri makes Mashira a werewolf of principle.]

      Carmila gives a guided tour
Carmila: You both must be exhausted. Perhaps you should rest first. I'm sure that the young lady would like to freshen up.

[Charlotte nods.]

Carmila: Mm.

Carmila: You've probably heard rumors about me, but I can assure you, they all stem from jealousy and envy. I'm not the "Bloody Carmila" they like to portray me as. Now, behold —

Carmila: That's it; that is the ship. It will take you to the city of the night where you can live peacefully at last. You can be happy there. There was a time, many years ago, when every castle had a ship like this one and the night sky was full of their flashing lights. Those were the days when vampires flourished and a love like yours was not so desperately impossible. So different from today. Our numbers dwindling, hunted and alone, we're hopelessly misunderstood — but you two seem to have beaten the odds. I'm very very happy for you.

Carmila: The ship hasn't been used in years. I've no idea if it will fly safely, but I'm sure that's a risk you're prepared to take.

Carmila: You must have suffered a lot to get here. Especially your companion.

[Charlotte nods.]

Carmila: But your efforts will soon be rewarded. This castle is the very essence of the Nobility. Millennia have passed, and it's living still. Humans think this is terrifying, and bizarre rumors about me spread everywhere. Now the port of the stars exists only here in my domain.

Carmila: This is the ship that will take you to the City of the Night. At the end of the stars. Formerly, ships like this took off from castles everywhere, heading for the stars. They could be seen every night. How I miss those times. This ship hasn't had a chance to fly since those long-ago days. Whether it will fly or not, even I don't know.

Carmila: The City of the Night used to be so prosperous... I heard it is in ruins nowadays, without anybody to visit it. But it will still be a haven for you. I hope it can still fly.

      What happened to those villagers, anyway?
Charlotte: You're so selfish, Meier. I carry a heavy weight on my conscience. Those villagers and the bounty hunter and my family — they still mourn my loss, Meier.

Meier: It wasn't your doing, Charlotte. It was my fault entirely.

Charlotte: Well, then we're both to blame, because we can't know happiness; not anymore. I wanted you to be happy, Meier, and so I abandoned my father and my brother for you. But their pain set the wheels in motion for our pain, and so on and on it goes. All we have is each other now, and I want to be close to you. Without that we have nothing.

Charlotte: You have to have everything your way. I committed a great sin. All those innocent people are on my conscience... Their lives torn away...

Meier: The villagers? That was my fault.

Charlotte: No. We were just passing through the village... But those people were so horrified; they got out their guns and shot at us. And when the bullets struck you ... you couldn't control the rage of your fangs. If you weren't a Noble... If I didn't love you, that would have never happened.

      Carmila gives D a piece of her mind
Left Hand: Look — she's coming — Carmila. The spirit of Carmila!

Carmila: Dunpeal hunter — your mother was human, but your father was a vampire, and you're betraying his ancient blood. You side with humans against us. Your people are facing extinction, and you're contributing to their demise. You stalk and kill your own ancestors, dunpeal — YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! Your human self is your weaker self. Humans are nothing more than livestock. We prey on them as they prey on beasts. This is the rule of nature!

D: Your time is coming to an end. Your kind must face extinction. You cannot survive; you must die. That is the rule of nature.

Carmila: Ah — very strong words for a dunpeal. But you seem to forget — our spirits are eternal.

D: No, Carmila; nothing lasts forever.

Carmila: I see. I should have known better than to reason with your kind, dunpeal hunter. I guess my only option is to use force.

Left Hand: This is emanating from Carmila's dried-up corpse. I'm always right when I have a bad feeling.

Carmila: Hunter dhampir... You're a sad sight! Is it possible you want so badly to be the humans' tool? Suffering the way you do? Humans are inferior beings. They're neither more nor less than food. Like animals are for humans. Animals eat grass, and humans eat the animals. And Nobles eat the humans. That is the natural law of this world. Why do you oppose that?

D: Time has left you behind. Resign yourself to your downfall. In this world we are all transient ... guests.

Carmila: The downfall is what is transient. We Nobles are able to live forever. And so are you.

D: And that ... is our downfall.

Carmila: Don't say such a thing. I'll awaken your true form and you will become my servant.

[Note: "Transient guests" is a catch phrase in Mr. Kikuchi's universe. D refers to the nobles this way in the novels and in the Japanese dub of the first movie.]

      Left Hand has to have the last word
Left Hand: Well, that was nice. You're not so bad after all. You just dress bad. Left Hand: You're an unexpectedly sentimental guy. Well, nobody's perfect.

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