Vampire Hunter D Doujinshi

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Manga doujinshi (some also include text-only pages)

Akumajou Orchestra (Castlevania)
Ganjouiruka, 1997. A5.
Content pages 3-34
VHD story "Susukage no Kishi" pages 19-28
Blood of the Dark I
Shimizutani Doumei, 1986. B5.
Content pages 3-36
Blood of the Dark II
Shimizutani Doumei, 1988. B5.
Content pages 3-77
Mikazuki, 1994. B5.
Content pages 3-49; text with illustrations pages 8-33
Cartoons, 1995. A5.
Content pages 3-98
Kyuuketsuki Hantaa D pages 39-46

Sagarifuji (Tamotsu Fujisawa), 2001. A5.
24 pages; 9 pages text only
Copy book

Sagarifuji (Tamotsu Fujisawa), 2004. A5.
16 pages, unnumbered
Copy book
Crux 3
Luna Mattino, 2003. B5.
Content pages 3-110
Crux Prelude
Luna Mattino/Tasuku, 1993. A5.
Content pages 3-42
Danger Zone
Nehankakuseiteikoku, [1992]. B5.
Content pages 2, 4-79
VHD story "D-Shi no Himitsu" pages 62-64
Dark Angel
The Afternoon Presents (Kaoru Matsumoto), 1989. B5.
Content pages 3-46

Dark Dream
Koteccyanzu (Kotecchanzu), 2001. B5.
Content pages 3-17

Dark Point
Afternoon Presents, 1988. B5.
Content pages 3-30

Dark Point: Inside Story
Published 1988. B8.
Mini-doujinshi, 8 pages

Dark Silence
Afternoon Presents (Kaoru Matsumoto), 1988. B5.
Content pages 3-18

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