Vampire Hunter D Doujinshi

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Manga doujinshi continued

With D Selection II
Thirty-Niners, 1988. A5.
Content pages 3-121
Yajinsai vol. 1
Hunter's Club, 1987. A5.
Content pages 2-35

Yose! 3:
Akaki Chi o Yume Miru Yami-Bito
Die Hard Project, 1995. B5.
Content pages 3-66
Saramandora, 1991. B5.
Content pages 1-72
Zenryaku?! Look at D!
D.N.A., 2004. A5.
Content pages 3-46
Includes some illustrated text.

Text doujinshi (most include a few illustrations)

Your Song I
Published 1986(?). A5.
Your Song II
Matokakusei, (Date?). A5.
Content pages 5-48
Your Song III
Matokakusei, (Date?). A5.
Content pages 3-141

Another Moment
Acari Matsuoka and Tical Komuro, 1986(?). A5.
Content pages 2-31 (ads 30-31)
Copy book

Zennihonslidingbutai, 1988. B5.
Content pages 5-23
The brown band is an obi (strip of paper), not part of the cover.

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