Warning: Includes explicit male-male and male-female sexual content.

Nature Calls
or The Inevitable Temptation of Vampire Hunter D By Ruschka @2003

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and I thank the original authors for their inspiring existence. Nevertheless I am in love with all of them.

I just stood there. Silently. Movelessly. Ready.
But no one would ever know what I was ready for. And if they did...well they would certainly be over me quick enough...

Before I go on, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is D. I'm a half-blood. Born of a human mother and a vampire father. And what sets me apart from the rest of my kind is that my father was the King of all vampires. I am His only son. My mother died during the kindness of nursing me. I killed her by draining her with my tiny suckling mouth.

I am the Dhampir D. I'm the strongest of my kind. We dhampirs may well be immortal, but unlike vampires, we age. And so for every one hundred years, we look about one year older. At this point in my very long life, I look to be about 23 years old.

And there's only one thing I live for. To kill vampires. I hate them.

I try to associate with the human side in me, but I do not, WILL NOT, let myself get too close to one. And that's the ironic thing about me...I'm irresistible to them. I'm too beautiful, in fact I'm perfectly gorgeous. And the women! It's always the women giving me those looks. And I'll stand there, silently, movelessly...and I will smell the scent of their sex creep up right there from between their legs. And the scent dilates my nostrils and into some sexual vacuum I'm drawn up and into and there's the source of it all and then... there's the blood...that good hot river of blood calling me, calling me...

(So damn you my vampiric nature! And I will kill every one of you to make you pay for what I hate about myself.)

What they see:
I am very tall, 6' 7" and my heels and hat only emphasize my stature. I am built like a champagne flute, from the bottom, slim and tapered with a swooping upward motion that blossoms into broad shoulders. I am long in every way. I have wavy burgundy black hair, which reaches to the bottom of my back. And whitish blue skin. Yeah, thanks a lot dad. That's a feature I could have done without. I don't exactly look human because of that. My large long eyes are dark blue, I have a long slim nose and a small mouth.

I wear a long, LONG black cloak over a suit of black latex armor. Very form fitted and comfortable. But...I have to be protected. From head to toe. From the heat of the sunlight. All black. Always gloves. My suit is skin tight. I wear a huge hat with a large brim that's... nice for hiding behind. I suppose I need to hide my charms. I don't want to be tempted.

Yes, that's it. I don't want to be tempted.

And I always wear my trusty sword. That in itself gets as much attention as does my physical appearance, being that it is five feet long. I keep it sheathed until I need it. To slice vampires in half, lengthwise.

I drink blood once a month and I can take in normal food. I am sensitive to the sun but I can walk in it. I must sleep for a bit at night. I loathe taking nourishment from humans (NO YOU DON'T)...I would rather take sustenance in the crappy tasteless food that the humans eat. I am always starved for blood, but I do not allow myself the privilege of indulging that sickness. When I think about blood, or sex for that matter, my fangs push out of my gums. I don't like to think about these things (REALLY? THEN WHY IS THIS SHIT ON YER MIND ALL THE FUCKING TIME?)

"Shut up."


I pause here to slam the palm of my fist VIOLENTLY down on the surface. "Now SHUT UP! God."

I have this parasite that lives in my left hand. Yes, that's always a turn on for the ladies. It's a good thing that he never shows his face when I'm with anyone. But when I'm alone, he revs up his presence and forms himself within the flesh of my palm. A face, a mouth. Oh ho yes, all very real. Always telling me what he thinks I'm thinking. (YES, AS IN PUTTING THAT CUCUMBER OF A PENIS INTO SOMETHING OTHER THAN YOUR RIGHT HAND? AND THANK GOD FOR THAT ONE 'CAUSE I AIN'T INTERESTED BUD).

I just tighten my glove strap. That'll shut him up for a while. I don't have any memory of a time when he wasn't with me. Hmmm.

Oh, my appearance. The bitter irony of it all. I really look like a vampire. There's just no getting away with this one. I'm about as beautiful as any vampire could even dream of. Just get close enough to me...and you're dead!



I know that vampire blood is the sweetest, most intoxicating of all...I can smell it through their skin...and yes...to my great shame I have tasted a few spills. To my great shame.

And as the women continuously try to charm me, lure me, thrust their scents of desire in my face...I stay away from them. As much as I would love to explore their mouths...their secrets...as stiff as my tongue gets at the thought of plunging it into their sweet peaches...I always refrain. What else can I give them but death? So I avoid their friendship.

And the men who gaze at me...who fall down for my coldness, who bow to my aloof condescension. The men who follow me to my rooms with their succulent promises...I turn them all down. Even as I grow massively hard beneath my leather codpiece listening to their pleas, sniffing out the greater lusts that they have hidden within their minds-even as they reach down to feel me pulse within their strong hands...I gaze at them with eyes of ice and reject them.

I was endowed with a very long member. Eleven inches when thick and hard. I fear hurting any mortal and so I keep it to myself. It, like the skin of my body is bluish white, though there is a ruby glow to the tip. No one makes love to me. And I make love to no one. If I were to face up to it, I would tell you that I am the loneliest creature that has ever walked the earth. But, I won't own up to that. Instead, I will kill.

I am a virgin.

And so there you have it. The basic D the dhampir introduction. Now on to why I am here in this filthy biker bar surrounded by nasty whores and wicked tough blokes.

I am here to kill the Vampire Lestat.


Nicolas looks at himself in the mirror. He adjusts his tight faded jeans with their shredded crotch and ass. He picks up his red bandana and ties it low on his freshly showered head. 'Too big, that golden earring...just as I like it...aar!', he thinks... he winks. Opening his mouth he checks his fangs, runs his tongue over them, smiles, widens his eyes and then stops. He then screams and beats his chest. He is very happy tonight. Cushy jacket over his shoulder, he opens his window and leaps to the street.

At the corner, reclining on a large fat Harley is Lestat. He is taking in the light of the street lamp, as if it were a sunbath. He looks like he's on stage, on a set. He is similarly clad in denim. Black tee, jeans and black motorcycle boots. His eyes are closed and his hands are behind his head. He is listening to something on a walkman. His bone structure is godlike beneath the strong light. And his hair spills out over the lowrider.

Nicolas approaches him swiftly. Right beside him now he throws his leg over Lestat and plants his whole body down on the relaxed vampire. The hog can take the balance of the two strong men. Lestat smiles but keeps his eyes closed. Nicki removes the headphones and takes Lestat's entire mouth into his. Nicki presses himself heavily onto the slightly undulating body of his lover. Lestat opens his eyes, staring right into Nicki's. As the two grind their hello's to each other, Lestat punctures Nicki's middle finger, bringing it to his lips...sucking his finger, sucking it and taunting the other vampire. Both men rise up above the motorcycle and hover there for a minute, locked in the surreal embrace, no movement except for the rushing torrent of blood beneath their skins and the throbbing of their erections.

With one quick flip, Lestat catches Nicki right beneath him.

He says, "Are we ready to go now?"

Nicolas, dangling, held in the air, with Lestat supporting his back and neck says, "Let's get the fuck outta here."

A theatrical set all right. If one were to observe this scene from a short distance. Two bad boys in biker get-ups, floating in mid-air over a glistening Harley Davidson, silhouetted by harsh streetlight. Both men's hair flowing outwards, curling and waving as if they were underwater. Yes, that is what one would see if there were someone there watching them, in the shadows.


And so I wait for their arrival.

I have perfected my masking techniques so that my prey can not detect my inhuman scent, though blending in with humans will never be my forte. I ask the putrid, toothless bartender with the braided beard for a shot of tequila and a beer, tossing several bills at him.

"Jesus buddy, you oughta get out sometimes...ya look like a fuckin' ghost," he chortles out as he slammed a shot glass down and fills it to the top with Cuervo.

Yeah. Thanks. I say nothing, as usual.

And there they are...the women. The slutty little biker bitches come to curry favour from the tall dark stranger, yet again. And look at that one, my God. Oh my God she's...lovely? Lovely in this place, this rathole? Yes, lovely. (AND SEXY TOO, HUH BOSS? WOULD YA LOOK AT THOSE TITS? OH YEAH- BRING THAT SWEET ASS OVER TO DADDY!)

I am too distracted to even try to repress my parasite this time. She sees me and her eyes have the spark of curiosity. Oh please don't come over to me, please.

Here she comes.

Under the brim of my hat I watch her approach. She has on a 'wife-beater' tank top and it appears rather sheer. Apparently she has no undergarment on and of this she seems quite proud. Her breasts are amazing, large and firm and her nipples seem to become more protrusive with every step that she takes towards me. I swallow hard and try to contain my breath. Unconsciously I lick at my lips.

She has long blonde hair, shiny and fresh smelling. Big blue eyes and a sweet pink mouth. She is a centerfold, every man's dream...any man's dream. Mine. I toss back the shot and wipe my mouth with my gloved hand. She doesn't say anything...this is odd. She just stands there. And then she reaches over and grabs my beer bottle. She holds it to her mouth and tongues the rim for what seems like an hour though it is only a split second, then quickly swigs back a cold draft.

I can't help it. I can't help it. I see the liquid at the corners of her lips and I wipe her mouth with my knuckles. I feel her lips part, feel the wetness on my skin. She catches my hand in its fingerless glove and places one of my fingers in her mouth. And then she lets her tongue ride up and down my extremely long finger while looking into my eyes. She removes my finger and lets me watch her lick it in plain sight. Showing me her juicy wet tongue and all she wishes me to know about what she could do with it. She then takes my slippery fingers underneath her tank top. Riding up and up, so that first I would feel the underside of her large round breasts...and then she places my fingers on her erect nipple, where I feel for the first time what will be the beginning of my undoing. Oh how that nipple feels, the skin somewhat more resistant than the soft buoyant flesh of the breast itself. And it moves and rolls under my palm, stirring my interest to an even greater degree. I look from her lips down to the way my hand looks underneath her shirt and back up to her lips again. And as I pinch and release I can smell the fluids gathering from the musky recess between her long slim legs. Driving me mad. I feel myself hardening. I start to ache.

I rip away from her...humiliated. I turn and walk away from the bar, to a darker corner. There is nothing in my demeanor that gives her any sign that she should follow me. And she doesn't.


Ugh, not now hand.


At the very moment that I realize what the parasite is saying, I immediately brace myself and lock my protective aura about me once again. And not too soon at that because within seconds of his warning I feel as though some sort of hypodermic needle has been inserted into the depths of my brain and has begun it's long slow withdrawal...as if my mind were this tiny little entity and something huge and monstrously powerful was sucking it out of itself. And I know what is happening. Vampires. They are here. They are walking into the bar. Like a wave of radiation after a holocaustal blast, their power enters the room and I almost fall off my seat.

I've never known anything like this feeling before.

And then I see him.

So this is the infamous vampire Lestat? And that one right beside him...that must be Nicolas. Two birds with one stone, I tell myself. But why such power? And coming from both. They are infants compared to me...but then again, they are vampires and I am not. No, I am NOT a vampire.

I adjust myself to the new atmosphere. Just looking at them, well I guess I could only marvel. Vampires were notoriously beautiful but these two... Man what lives they must live!


Rubbish. I'll kill them as swiftly as they would an innocent victim. But first I want to observe them.

I find myself reaching for the hilt of my katana. Just to grasp it. Not to kill with. Just to feel it securely within my hand. I certainly wouldn't do it here in front of all these people. I will wait patiently and when they are weakest, I will strike.


As soon as Lestat enters the room, heads turn. He looks to be a tall slim man of considerable strength. His arms are well built, exposed and freely grabbing people. He clearly likes to touch people, to caress them as he walks past them, occasionally bending his head towards their necks to apparently inhale them, or something. He seems to be a very playful sort of fellow, staring into the eyes of the young women, fixing them in thrall, watching them watch him take his time as he licks his lips and then whispers in snakelike fashion, "BOO!" The spell then breaks and off he moves to find another playmate. And he likes to be touched too. Hmmm. One moment he's begging some pretty little (filthy) thing to massage his scalp and the next he's flexing his biceps at an arm wrestling match saying, "come on fucker, try me" to some chaps-wearing biker brute. But no one ever fucks with him and that is the interesting part. They all seemed to know something instinctively about this guy: he is different and a whole lot stronger than he appears. To receive his glance is to be told secretly, "I have the power to wreak your obedience." And it is a 'no questions asked' affair.

A mass of soft shiny brown waves and a face- the very face of mischief. He is the Prince and the Pauper all in one. The highest of high devils...out for sport.

But for all of his perfect beauty one characteristic stands out above the rest. His eyes. And if I am to be the one who takes his life than I will have to look into those eyes. They are on fire. Deep deep brown, long, Mediterranean...he is almost swarthy in complexion and his lashes make him look like an ancient pharaoh, pulling his eyes to an even wider set. At one moment he looks like a Roman emperor, the next, a French whore at the Moulin Rouge. His eyes...well, in a word: diabolical.

More irony as I sit. Why is it whenever I actually could use the companionship of my left hand is he gone, mute? Whatever D. You're really up against something now aren't you? Never had this particular conflict. Ah, Lestat.

It's not possible that I just said 'Ah Lestat', is it? No. Good. I didn't.

But for the sake of the hunt... There's Nicolas de Lenfent. V is for violin and vampire. And voluptuous. And virile. And very very. And vast vortex villain vagrant vacant VIOLENCE.

Another ridiculous beauty. This one's over at the bar. He just coolly walked up and asked the putrid one for a 'bucket o' blood'. This is what they find funny.

My goodness I could watch him forever.


But I'd just as quickly slice him into ruby ribbons.

I'm deep in the back of this shit hole dive, hidden beneath the underside of the staircase.

Lestat has made his choice. Nicki is by his side.

Lestat throws his arms around my ol' finger-sucking flame and whispers something nasty and profane in her ear. He looks over at Nicki, who looks her up and down slowly. Nicki gives her an extremely insincere puppy dog smile and lets his gaze gravitate to Lestat.

"So, pretty girl...may we go up to a room where we can ravish you? Ah ah ah...remember...don't answer, don't speak!" Lestat told her. He was flicking his tongue in her ear lightly as he spoke.

"Succulent whore..." he holds her tightly from behind as Nicki watches her tits bounce. "Tonight, my friend and I...we feel like...more."

Nicki pushes against her, rubbing his chest against hers, pressing her breasts just to see them crush. He sniffs over her shoulders and catches Lestat in a lick and a nip. Nicki winks at him.


Oh my. I've just pierced my own palm with my nails. Oh my my.


And anger. And loneliness. Unbearable loneliness. My palm is bleeding.


Shut the fuck up.


Well, maybe you've got a point.

As I watch the entrancing vampires Lestat and Nicki hurry the young woman up along the stairs I bring my hand to my lips. Deep breathing. Slow, don't go too fast now. Lick.

Lestat, kissing the girl on her open mouth. My mouth... open...

Tremors. Lick of fresh blood. Amazing. Nicki's ass is exposed through his ripped jeans. Delicious, my blood. Dhampir blood like wine. Tongue lapping. Bouncing blonde is terrified. Too good, my blood. Tingles. Suck it. Fangs lengthening. Lestat...bulging crotch. He's hard! Swoon. Tips in. Bite. Bite my hand. Bite my wrist...oh, my blood!


Yes. You're right lefty. Mmmmmm, wow.

I adjust my hat and look around to see if anyone noticed my little refreshment break. No. No one.

All right Lestat, Nicolas. It's time to meet your slayer.


The two vampires waste no time once in the darkened room. The women are clearly frightened, but she is used to fear and it has always attracted her. Perhaps she has a death wish. She is compliant.

"Hold her Nicolas."

Nicki secures her from the back, forcing her chest forwards. Lestat circles her, letting his hand trail about her torso. When he arrives back in front of her he looks down at her body smiling.

"You love to show your breasts, don't you my dear? Mmmmm." Lestat purrs.

"You love to turn all the boys on...don't you?" And as he says this he grabs her face in his hand, "Don't you?"

The girls knows not to answer, not to speak. She is a good slave.

"Well...They make me want you." He looks over at Nicki. "And that goes for my good friend here, too."

Nicki nuzzled his head in her neck, kissing her softly. She began to moan with anticipation. Her hard breathing making her chest heave upwards.

Lestat lifts her shirt up above her breasts. His eyes dilate and he sucks in air through his teeth. Too much air, like a wind tunnel. He cups one of her smooth globes and lightly runs his sharp nail over the nipple.

"Mmm, so responsive. Does this mean you like us?" More hissing.

"Nicolas...come look."

Nicki releases her arms and steps to the front. The gorgeous blonde girl instinctively raises her arms up behind her head and starts to dance them a tittie dance.

Both vampires look at each other and then after licking their chops they each go for a hard bud of nipple. She's in ecstasy. Lestat and his expert tongue, catlike, superb, pulling and nipping...taking the whole breast into his hands and squeezing so hard that the nipple grows even larger, even more exposed and sensitive to his inhuman tongue. And the black haired beauty on the other, sucking hard and rhythmically as he slips his hand down past her belly button ring and into her short skirt. As he reaches his long fingers into her soft cotton panties, he feels Lestat's hand stop him abruptly. Lestat rips himself off the girl's nipple and hisses wildly at Nicki, throwing Nicki back against the wall by the sheer force of the hiss.

Slightly disoriented, Nicki smiles stupidly, brushes off his hands and throws himself on the bed. Kicks off his boots and gets naked. No problem.

Lestat spins the girl around and throws her on top of Nicki so that she lands with her back to him. She is reclining on him as he reclines on pillows. Oh Nicki's just fine with this and he sneaks in a few ultra grinds on her still clad ass.

"Pull her top off Nic."


Lestat leaps up to a standing position at the foot of the bed. Looking down at the blonde and the raven he slowly pulls his shirt over his head. His back muscles ripple and from the back his waist looks incredibly small. He stands with his arms spread to the sides, shirt still in hand....then tosses it to the side. With a tilt to his head and a smug smile on his lips he pulls his leather belt out from the jean loops. Holding the belt with both hands he places it around his shoulders. Shifting his weight from hip to hip he unzips his fly and shoves both his hands into his pants, bringing out the most gorgeous mass of cock and balls than anyone could ever have a wet dream over. Like an offering he holds it all up, his mouth widening with self-absorption. He wiggles his jeans down, kicks 'em off and just stands there preening for the two below. He's fully erect now and bouncing it around at his own will. He can make it dance, make it fly up and hit his own belly. He can make it twirl...and he can make it vibrate. This is no human being.

In a flash he's leaning over the girl and wrapping the belt around her neck, through the buckle. Nicki smiles and grabs the length of it, holding it firmly, but not enough to hurt her.

"Just so you don't run away, pet..." he whispers, as if she could possibly leave even if she were screaming and begging.

And then Lestat rips her skirt to shreds, rips her panties to bits. He flings open her legs and the scent of her hot sex floods the room.

And the erotic waft hits me like a bolt of lightening. Meanwhile my own bolt threatens to split my leather covering right through the seam. I am in physical pain...what on earth is in my pants! Of course I'd had trillions of erections, yeah I'd beaten off at least thirty billion times in the last couple millennium...but, but, but...sniffing that hot cunt and there's Lestat's bent over ass and his dangling balls (deeeeep inhalation) and whatshisname underneath the two of 'em with his pretty scarlet nipples and his lustrous black pubic hair.

I suddenly feel as though I am a prisoner in all this latex and leather and wool and metal and rubber and this fucking frontispiece GOD get it off....wait...they will definitely hear me if I move, they may not be picking me up just yet but they will hear me if I get my hands on my HUGE FUCKING ACHING COCK and beat it the fuck off.

Lestat rests between the girl's legs, looking at her pink lips and her soft golden pubes. He takes his first finger and rubs lightly in a circular motion, just surveying the outer area. He brings his lips close and rubs his nose and lips on her, lightly licking...just a tease. Then with that same circular motion he brings in another finger and inserts them slowly into her. Slowly and then out, slowly and then again.

He moans deep in his throat. Hardly able to speak he whispers, "Ahhhhh, that's it. Wet for me. Wet and slick and ready for me. To squeeze me, to clamp me. Mmmmm. Wet for my tongue...to give me your juices, to..." he breaks off to lick her softly.

Nicki is moving beneath her, thrusting her pelvis upwards, his cock and balls up high and crushed under her ass. One hand on the belt and the other sadistically pinching her swollen nipple.

Lestat continues. A third finger now, in...and out slowly. Once again he bends his head to lick her, this time he captures her clit and revolves his pointy tongue all around it.

And as he begins to eat her with more and more passion he inserts his thumb into her. And right beneath her ass is Nicki's very own hole, just quivering for penetration. And so Lestat sticks his fourth and fifth finger deeply into his boy lover's anus as he thumbs his mortal fuck's cunt, licking her madly. Not to leave any finger jobless he lets the remaining digits tickle Nicki's squashed balls.

Just as the woman begins to convulse in orgasm, he gets up on top of her, looks Nicki in the eyes and rams his dynamic and unique cock deeply into her slit. She screams in pain. He is too big for her but her screams make him plunge harder. His eyes never leave Nicki's and Nicki pulls hard on the belt, strangling her, making her tongue pop out. Not killing her, just letting her know he could if he so chose to.

Lestat is lost in the act...he is going to drive them all insane. He is driving me insane. I want to fuck him hard. I want to fuck them all. And I want to get sucked, oh God, let me take this out...let me show them. I want to jump on that bed and show them my long blue staff, let them see what a man really is. Oh....I'm breathing too hard, I'm breathing too hard and sound is escaping me...and I don't care anymore. I step into the dim light, out from place in the shadows.

Nicki is the first to notice me. Then the girl. And as Lestat turns his head to follow the look in their eyes, he sees me...the mighty vampire hunter D.

Lestat is genuinely suprised by my presence. He leaps off the girl and rests besides the two. His slippery cock still jabbing.

Up on his elbow he asks me, "What kind of creature are you?"

Mmmmmmm. Lestat. What kind of creature am I? Let me show you. I believe I have waited all my life to show someone what kind of creature I am. All my life.

I remove my hat and run my fingers through my two and half feet of burgundy hair. I lift my katana and it's sheath up and around my neck. For one split second, I almost smile at them. I look directly into Lestat's eyes requesting acknowledgment for the peaceful gesture of setting aside my sword. Toss aside my black cloak.

"My name is D." I say as I let them look at my slim figure in its suit of black armour.

I remove my breastplate and all my protective shields, elbow, wrist, knee, shin, shoulder guards. Codpiece.

Without armour I stand in my neck-to-toe leather skin. I unzip it from the neck to the crotch. I'm safe as long as the sun isn't on my skin. And slowly I reveal my arms and chest, my pale blue nipples, my pearlescent white flesh with its tiny blue veins. My body is a warrior's body and my arms are that of someone who wields a very hefty sword. As I start to pull the lower half of my skinsuit down I see Nicki yank the girl harshly by the belt collar and toss her off of him. He sits up. He is very interested and his mouth gapes open.

And now, there we have it all. Hhhhhhuuuuuuuuhhhh.

"This is the kind of creature I am."

I stand there completely naked. Like a monolith of marble. My hair spilled out all over my shoulders and chest. Towering and confident. For the first time...confident. And in my hand there's my treasure...and everybody is suddenly looking like all eyes, all lips, all tongues, all lust...for me.

Lestat says, "You cannot kill us you know, it's impossible. You may serve us, but never kill us."

It didn't matter anymore what he said. I had crossed the line and I was going to get what I wanted.

"Oh you can slay me anytime you want!" laughed Nicki as he approached me. He was at least a foot shorter than me. He started caressing my chest and then my tight butt cheeks. And with a most seductive look in his eyes he said, "Why don't you? Why don't you slay my mouth..."

And he bends down on his knees and takes me into his deep throat. Ahhh! This is it. This is what I've dreamed about. Mmmm, I can't believe it...fucking vampire! Mmm, he gets those first little dribbles...ah he's so involved with the perfection of cocksucking! Sucking that monster cock, sucking it so far down...oooooh he's too good at this...all that practice on Lestat no doubt. Yes, Lestat...also approaching me. Touching my neck, licking my chin. Oh Lestat kiss me! Let me hold you, let me lift your gorgeous naked body in my arms...Oh Nicki...yess, suck deeply beautiful one, oh his hair in my hands...

And now you Lestat...push Nicki away...you suck me. Gulp it all down. Too big isn't it? I love how you love it. Ooh vampire lover...I can feel your sharp teeth scratching along my length...oh Lestat are you drawing blood? Are you tasting me...find out what I really am Lestat. Find out what I really AM. What I'm made of.

They bring me over to the bed and lay me down between them. I look towards the floor at the super-disheveled playmate. Lestat glances over at her and says, "Later...D."

The air shimmers and twirls and pulls at me and suck us all into a great whirlwind of darkness and brilliant sparks and I'm floating and Lestat is carrying me, and his angel Nicolas is there, just watching...but watching with awe and respect...And there is nothing in me anymore that wants to fight this and Lestat is soothing me, drawing me out...

They are caressing me and licking me. Lestat has found me to be a marvel and Nicki is wide eyed with awe. They are loving me. They are nipping at my flesh and sending me messages of deep love.

Through the vibration of Lestat's lips I heard, 'You are unique Hunter. You are remarkable... Half human, half vampire... Oh Hunter...you are a vampire. Give in to your nature and you will find happiness.'

I lay back, my arms extended, my head back. They stroke my long hair, spread it out over the pillow. They pinch me and tickle me, lick every inch of me. My body has never been touched, not in this way. They take turns fondling my balls, licking my thighs, sucking my toes.

Nicki gets up, gets the girl and throws her down on the bed.

Lestat holds her in front of me, once again spreading her legs, but this time he does it for me. And now I am going to fuck this mortal, maybe rip her, most definitely hurt her...and for all these reasons, I only want it more.

My cock is like a torpedo. That's an understatement.

Oh but I gotta stick my fingers in and taste. I do.

Let's do it.

She opens her mouth but cannot scream. She is beyond the scream. I am working it in. It's like...I'm going to pass out. She's tight and liquidy and I feel my nose twitching and itching and my upper lip, snarling. Fucking this woman, cocking this woman. I'm going to faint...and Lestat...so sweet he suddenly looks. So kind and doe-like, he feels the seizure of my ejaculation coming and it does...it does and I'm roaring and I'm deafening and my eyes take on a faint glint of neon blue... my fangs split my lip as I cry...and he slits his wrist and offers it to me.

I bite. I drink. I clasp his wrist so tightly to my mouth that I may break his hand off. But he is not worried. I have nearly destroyed the woman beneath me and I'm not worried either. Because I'm drinking the blood of the most amazing vampire that I have ever encountered, a true king. And all is being healed and even this mortal will be okay. Maybe.

I am no longer in the woman, I am in Lestat's arms and he is still feeding me. When he breaks his hand free Nicki bends over to kiss me, bites deeply into both of our tongues and allows the blood to pass back and forth. Lestat bites deeply into my neck, sending excruciating thrills throughout my whole body and Nicki replenishes me with his mouth.

I lay between them, my arms surrounding their waists. I kiss them both, so softy. Do they know? Do they know how all I want is love. To be loved.

Lestat touches my lips, traces my cheekbones, my nose. He runs his fingers over my brow, my forehead. Nicki curls his own fingers through my long locks, placing my hair to his lips. At once they both kiss me on my shoulders, my neck, my face... These vampires in my arms.

"You are the most beautiful creature that we have ever known D," whispers the king.

I close my eyes. I am melting in their love.

Once again he whispers, "A dhampir who drinks the blood of a vampire...what will that make you D?" He kisses me endlessly.

I do not speak.

He presses himself so close to me...they are both like ripe fruit and I am this big sweeping tree from which they hang. I feel love. And I think they do too.

Nicki softly asks me again, "What kind of creature will you be now, D? So much royal blood in you now?"

And as the blonde in the corner stirred, we were all three of us suddenly reminded that the sizzling and most luscious human blood was just a bite away.

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