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AX June 2000

The June 2000 issue of AX, a Japanese anime magazine, included a two-page spread on VHD2000. A full page was devoted to a few large pictures of D snapping that arrow; the other page had pictures of several other characters. Click on the "title" in the list or on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

Kevin Leahy has kindly supplied translations of the Japanese captions on these pictures:

Meier Link portrait.
Double picture. Charlotte and Meier; Charlotte running. Caption: "This time it's Meier Link and Charlotte that are the central characters. What could their relationship be?"
Leila. Caption: "Leila of the renowned Marcus clan Hunter team. She's also an accomplished marksman."
Grove Marcus in astral form. Japanese text incorrectly labels him Borgoff Marcus. Caption: "Borgoff, leader of the Marcus clan. He's after not only Meier Link's life, but D's as well."
Meier Link and D face off, sword to "wing." Jeff Bussel has kindly provided an enhanced version of this pic. Thanks, Jeff!
Leila watches a mostly buried D. This also appeared in the trailer. Caption: "The beautiful Vampire Hunter D. Battle and grief are his constant companions."

Animage December 2000

In December 2000 Animage, another Japanese anime magazine, offered a few new visuals as part of a two-page spread on the new VHD movie. In addition to portraits of the Marcus clan (versions of which are already on this web site) there were more portrayals of D and a charming illustration of Meier Link and Charlotte sharing an intimate moment.

D in a quiet moment.
Meier and Charlotte.
D wields his sword—closeup.
D backlit in a doorway.

Several 2001 Japanese anime magazines include publicity images and stills from the movie. The VHD2000 merchandise page includes links to these images. I hope to add them here eventually.

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