Vampire Hunter D Doujinshi

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Manga doujinshi continued

Mercy! 2
Luna Mattino/Task, [1996]. A5.
Content pages 3-34
Mercy! 3
Luna Mattino/Task, 1998. A5.
Content pages 3-74
Mugenkai 5
1989. A5.
Content pages 3-74
About half text.

Only Time
Sagarifuji (Tamotsu Fujisawa), 2001. A5.
Content pages 3-42
Parodikku 4
Content pages 2-49
VHD content pages 13-2
Note: Explicit sexual content.
Kaminashi Neko, 1991. A5
Content pages 5-120

Earths Lab, 2001. B5.
Content pages 3-82
Kikyoutei, 1999. A5.
Content pages 3-42.
Suimu Futatabi
Kikyoutei, 2000. A5.
Content pages 3-34
Suimu Meisou
Kikyoutei, 2002. A5.
Content pages 3-26
Tasogare no Ketsuzoku
Shimizutani Doumei, 2001. B5.
Content pages 2-15
Vampire Hunter D: Tentai Yakou
Cafe Spring Garden, 2003. B5.
Content pages 3-54
Vampire Hunter D Unofficial Fan Book
D-Union, 2001. B5.
Content pages 5-138
Mostly text, some gag strips and serious illustrations.
Tasuku, 1993. A5.
Content pages 3-42

With D III: Shayou
Thirty-Niners, 1988. A5.
Content pages 3-66
Has a jacket as well as illustrated covers. Jacket image shown.

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