Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars

Stranger Comics will publish the first American Vampire Hunter D comic, Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars. This five-issue comic is based on "Message from Cecile," a short story by Hideyuki Kikuchi that has not been previously published in English. The comic is being published in collaboration with the creators of the forthcoming Vampire Hunter D animated series. Issue #1 is slated for release November 16, 2016.

The Kickstarter for the comic closed August 8, 2016, but you can still view sample art there:

Art for the comic also appears on the Facebook page for VHD: The series.

The e-mail list for VHD: The Series has sent out sample art. You can sign up to recieve future e-mail updates at

Various individuals associated with the comic have discussed it (and the forthcoming animated series) in interviews:

Interview with Kurt Rauer and Scott McLean (Unified Pictures) at Anime News Network:

Interview with Scott McLean and Kurt Rauer (Unified Pictures) at the Daily Dot:

Interview with Kurt Rauer and Scott McClean (Unified Pictures) and Joshua Cozine and Michael Broussard (Stranger Comics) at Comic Book Resources:

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