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If you wish to use fan art from this site, please ask the creator's permission. Where possible, I have included contact information with all fan art.

Artists are alphabetized by first name or nickname.

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Amanda Berman Gallery

Here is a computer graphic of D by Amanda Berman.

Angel L. Natal Gallery

Angel L. Natal created a lovely sculpture of D based on the design for the new movie.

Ann Kemushi Gallery

D's Childhood by Ann Kemushi, submitted through her friend Gaallo.

Berit Jurda Gallery

Characters from the first movie by Berit Jurda.

Lamika Lee.
Rei Ginsei in the Green.
Rei's Expression (a bit depressed).
Tired Chibi Rei.
D image created solely with the Paint program.
Dracula, inspired by the first VHD movie.

Chloe Gallery

A pencil sketch of Ramika by Chloe.

Deitra Hicks Gallery

Original and canon characters as portrayed by Deitra Hicks.

Two-pairing image: Rei and Christine; D and Sabriel.
Original characters: Takami (Rei's son) and Feoraona (D's daughter).

Djake Gallery

Fics by Djake available in the fanfic archive have been illustrated by the author.

Adrea, from "Vampyre Hunter D."
D in modern dress, from "Vampyre Hunter D."
D and Blagden Nash, from "Enemy Mine."
D in battle, from "Enemy Mine."
D with his sword.

Dori Hartley Gallery

More images by the artist are at The Art of Dori Hartley.

A rendition of the "alluring sultry sexy scary freaky elfin gorgeous cold hot Hunter D" by Dori Hartley.

Hunter D with Katana in Hand by Dori Hartley. The artist comments, "I really love the way this guy holds his sword."


"D Is For Dreams"

"Hunter", an homage to Yoshitaka Amano.

D's Girl Gallery

Portrayals of D by D's Girl.

       Portrait 1 (210 K)        Portrait 2 (179 K)        Portrait 3 (175 K)        Portrait 4 (176 K)

Erin C. Gallery

Works by Erin C.

Portrayals of D

Holiday D

A special holiday presentation of D the way we want him: under the mistletoe!

D and Doris


Moondance, an image of Meier and Charlotte.
Illustration for "A Tale of Two Hunters" (VHD/Vampire Princess Miyu fanfic).
Image of Rei Ginsei.

Gaallo Gallery

Portrayals of D (and other characters) by Gaallo are just as remarkable for their variety as for their quality.

D in Amano's style        D with a cross        "Crushed" (B/W)        "Ruins" (B/W)
D in Amano's style (B/W)        Lamica (B/W)        "Loneliness"        "Poppy Infusion", a story illustration (B/W)
Foreshortened D       Meier Link

Superdeformed Meier and Charlotte in the style of a cartoon by Russian director Hitru
D vs. Alucard (Hellsing)

Gaallo reveals Count Lee's most embarrassing secret in an animated gif.

More of Gaallo's art is in the fan art section of his site, around-of-Vampire Hunter D.

Heather Bruton Gallery

Rei and Ramika

The cover of VHD: A Verse Adaptation

Kanrinin Gallery

Kanrinin's site Bark at the Moon has more of Kanrinin's fan art.

Portrait of D.

New year's greetings for 2005.

Another portrait of D.

Kanrinin's D images for 2006:

New Year's greetings 2006.
An image celebrating 30,000 hits at Bark at the Moon.
Vampire Hunter D BB Project.

New year's greetings for 2009.

Karen Koehler Gallery

The author of the Slayer novels doesn't just write; she produces truly cool fan art, like Give Me Light by Karen Koehler.

Lorna H Gallery

A dynamic portrayal of D by Lorna H. More of her work is at la muse. (Use the site map to navigate if you're on a slow connection.)

Merageshu Habuki Gallery

A portrait of D by Merageshu Habuki.

Merxe Gallery

Fantasy images by Merxe.

Catherine, Meier and Charlotte's daughter.
Lovers, Catherine with D.

Metaloonie Gallery

By Metaloonie, the artist formerly known as Roxyjoy.

D as a boy with a photographic background.

Rei as a young mutant.

Rei a little older and wiser.


Splattered, an illustration for the artist's in-progress Evil Dead crossover.

Mistress Kurumi Gallery

Portrayals of D by Mistress Kurumi. You can see more of her art at her DeviantArt page.

Temptation        VHD - Beginning Dream        VHD - End Dream       VHD - Found
VHD - Midnight Forest Dream        VHD - No Face        VHD - Satisfied Moon

newtype_nemo Gallery

A stylish portrayal of D and a monstrous adversary by newtype_nemo.

Paws Gallery

Works by Paws.

Paintings inspired by the first movie:

D with Doris
D with his horse
D and the snake women
A portrait of Garou, the werewolf

Paintings inspired by the second movie:

D leaping
Images of Mashira: howling, smiling, with his symbiot, and on the bridge with a bomb.

Chibi images: Group 1, Group 2 (with coach and astral Grove), Group 3 (the Markus brothers), and chibi Mashira.

Illustrations for Jaded, Paws' fanfic about Valerian Rokes and D. Steelclaw threatens; D rescues Valerian.

Paws' entry in the "D Is for Draw" contest.

What we've been waiting for: chibi D in the nude!

A serious illustration in superdeformed style, inspired by the opening of Meier and Charlotte: A Beginning. Poor Meier <sniff>.

Our hunter is about to show his mettle against the snake women in the first movie. We've always known D had a little bit of Indiana Jones in him.

Mashira (now a bleach blond!) had a rough April Fool's Day!

In which it is demonstrated that sand mantas have feelings, too.

D's history of being hard on his horse goes back to when he was a very small dhampir...

For anyone who has seen the new movie, "Mashira, your stomach is growling!" needs no further explanation.

In an interview published in Animerica, John Rafter Lee (Meier Link) said, "I love, love voice-over work, because you can show up in your pajamas." So Paws gave us ... Meier Link in pajamas!

With a name like Meier Link, a certain vampire is asking for this bit of silliness.

PianoDemoniaca Gallery

Portrayals of D by PianoDemoniaca.

Lonely D
Portrait 1
Portrait 2 (inspired by the Hardpac mini-bust)
D in white
D's new look

Portrait 3
D with abs!
D with a friendly girl
D offering comfort
D with Lamica

An illustration by PianoDemoniaca for her story One Last Look.

Sandara 3 Gallery

Meier and Charlotte together by Sandara 3.

A chibi Meier and Charlotte by Sandara 3! Kawaiiiiii! ^_^

Shannon Hubbard Gallery

These works of fan art were created by Shannon Hubbard.

Entry in Diamond's "D Is for Draw" Contest; 222 K
Carmila 136 K
Carmila reclining 208 K

D with his horse, perhaps the morning he leaves the Lang farm; 138 K
D, Doris, and Dan 107 K
Pencil portrait of D with his cyborg horse 228 K; 800 x 1000 pixels
D on his galloping horse 48 K
D and the Snake Women of Midwich 146 K
D on a bay horse; 144 K
D at Leila's grave, many years later; 187 K

Portrait of Doris 46 K
Doris and her horse 107 K
Doris in her "bridal gown" 115 K
Luke, with Doris mounted 86 K
Another portrait of Doris 96 K

Ramika in the moonlight 124 K; 800 x 1000 pixels
Ramika on her horse 148 K
Ramika in profile 49 K

Rei — he's spotted something! 220 K; 400 x 500 pixels
Rei — just after the slap; 64 K
Rei in profile 154 K

Ramika and Rei 101 K
Rei and Ramika at their first confrontation with D; 92 K
Ramika and Rei in a fantasy scenario; 107 K

Count Magnus Lee: a portrait 89 K

What if Rei had achieved his dream after all? Here is a fantasy portrait of Rei as a Noble (87 K).

Can you imagine Rei with a baby? But here it is in a heart-warming illustration for Flamika's fanfic-in-progress, Legacy of Reiginsei. If the direct link doesn't work, go to then Enter, Lost Atlantis, Crossovers, Legacy of Reiginsei.

Shuki Gallery

Shuki cosplays D from Bloodlust but with an Amano flair. Shuki's friend Kozibot is cosplaying Meier. (Cosplay is fan art until I get enough cosplay images for a separate section.)

Taki Liagridonis Gallery

Taki Liagridonis made this functional sword based on D's weapon in the 1985 movie.

Trisha Cezair Gallery

If you like this bishounen D by Trisha Cezair, check out her work in the TrishaC Gallery at StarXade Media.

Zel Gallery

A graceful pencil sketch of D by Zel.

More fan art

D portrait by Toyoo Ashida! This appeared in My Anime 1985 No. 1 (10/20). Toyoo Ashida is the director of Vampire Hunter D.

The December 2001 issue of Diamond's magazine Previews included a D Is For Draw fan art contest. The three winning entries appeared in the January 2002 Previews. (Thanks to grand prize winner Crystal for the scan of the winners' page!)

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